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  1. Euro (2020) 2021

    England were pretty lucky against Germany and have been lucky with the draw. You just know they fook it up against Ukraine or Denmark though.
  2. European Super League

    It was Chelsea fans who stopped this, the protest last night made the board change their minds and it caused a domino effect. Good to save Chelsea saving football, a sport in Liverpool are actively trying to destroy. Liverpool need restrictions or their next attempt to destroy football for their own means might actually succeed. It needs to be a 30 point deduction, transfer ban, ban from the CL.
  3. Season expectations/predictions/peculiarities 2020/21

    Oh did he take a wicket? Lost interest in cricket over the last few years. Snooker is my sport now and I find Ronnie O'Sullivan to be very overrated who only wins because the current snooker era is so weak.
  4. Season expectations/predictions/peculiarities 2020/21

    Predictions Premier League: 1. Chelsea: 106 pts 2. Man United: 78 pts 3. Man City: 76 pts 4. Liverpool: 64 pts 5. Wolves: 62pts 6. Leicester: 61 pts FA Cup: Chelsea - Winners League Cup: Chelsea - Winners Champions League: Chelsea - Winners
  5. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Will go straight back down...
  6. Favourite Chelsea Matches

    You must not have watched the 2005 Final. Or the 2008 Final. And although it had goals, the 2006 Final was extremly low in quality. 2000 wasn't all that bad.
  7. Favourite Chelsea Matches

    I was too young to follow football then as I was only 5 in 1997. But I remember 2000, that was the first cup final I watched.
  8. Favourite Chelsea Matches

    I think we'd have won it if we'd beaten BArcelona. RM were poor that season, they'd finished 5th in La Liga, 3 positions behind Barcelona and were very lucky to end up as CL winner. Valencia were major CL chokers and only went far due to a lucky draw.
  9. Favourite Chelsea Matches

    And don't forget the joke that was 2019. How can a team get so lucky that they get to play Tottenham Hotspur in a CL Final? What next? Cyrstal Palace in the CL Final? Middlesbrough?
  10. Khobar's Legacy

    Was he heck, he was overrated and lucky with few hit and hope shots that happend to fly in. He had no skill, tactical knowlegde or positioning and would charge about like a bull in a china shop flying into people. People only rate him because he looked good in a very poor Liverpool side. Put him in the Chelsea squad from 2005-2008 and he probably doesn't even make the first team.
  11. Favourite Chelsea Matches

    Yes a momentous match for both Chelsea and Arsenal. Since that day Chelsea have always been better than Arsenal and we have been the favourites to beat them. It signalled Chelsea's emergence as London's most dominant club and Arsenal's decline.
  12. Favourite Chelsea Matches

    That one was a joke, there was a foul in the build up with one player pushed to the ground, Eidur new this and was expecting a penalty but the referee for some odd reason didn't award it.
  13. Favourite Chelsea Matches

    Nor 4-0 wins against Liverpool.
  14. Favourite Chelsea Matches

    For me it just shows how lucky Liverpool were to win the CL in 2005. That 2001-2002 team was miles and miles ahead of that 2005 team , they finished 2nd and a Chelsea team that was nowhere near its peak completly humbled them 4-0.
  15. Favourite Chelsea Matches

    I disagree, I thought we dominated them and played some outstanding football and they were lucky to get away with only 4-0.
  16. Favourite Chelsea Matches

    He was terrible. I started watching football in 2000 and Benitez is the worst manager I've ever known at the club. Should never have been allowed.
  17. Coronavirus COVID-19

    There's not likely to be any football until August 2021 at the earliest. Next sesson is going to be completly cancelled. This season will be considered null and void with all record expunged.
  18. Favourite Chelsea Matches

    And don't forget Rafa Benitez, the worst manager in our entire history.
  19. Favourite Chelsea Matches

    We were by far the best team in England in 1998-99 but United fluked their way to another title. As for CL, yes, Chelsea should have at least 5 by now, the luck seemed to always go against us in the mid 2000's. Should have won in 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009 to add the one we did win in 2012.
  20. Favourite Chelsea Matches

    Chelsea won so it can't have been that bad. I remember it being the first cup final at New Wembley so it was sigificant.
  21. Favourite Chelsea Matches

    It was the 2005-06 season, when we won the league for the 2nd time in a row. Reina was sent off for punching a Chelsea player in the face (I think it was Robben).
  22. Favourite Chelsea Matches

    That Chelsea team from 2005 to 2007 was surely the best PL side ever assembled. Can't believe we didn't win the European Cup in 2005 and 2007.
  23. Favourite Chelsea Matches

    Chelsea 3-2 Liverpool, CL 2008 Liverpool 1-3 Chelsea, CL 2009 Chelsea 4-2 BArcelona, CL 2005 Barcelona 2-2 Chelsea, CL 2012 Bayern Munich 1-1 Chelsea, CL 2012 Liverpool 1-4 Chelsea, PL 2005 Chelsea 2-0 Liverpool, PL 2006 Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea, CL 2004 Valencia 1-2 Chelsea, CL 2007 Chelsea 5-0 Manchester United, PL 1999 Chelsea 2-1 Liverpool, FA Cup 2012 Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal, LC 2007 Chelsea 3-2 Liverpool, LC 2005 Chelsea 4-1 Arsenal, EL 2019 Chelsea 1-0 Manchester United, FA Cup 2007 Chelsea 8-0 Wigan, PL 2010 Chelsea 3-0 Manhcester United, PL 2006
  24. Coronavirus COVID-19

    Does anyone know when this going to clear up and we can get back to normal?
  25. Khobar's Legacy

    Yes, this is probably the only solution and what will happen. Looks like my prediction about Liverpool not winning the league is going be correct despite everyone on here saying they would...