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  1. No... it was me pointing out the bleedin' obvious! With Chilwell out, with James out, with Christensen out, with Chalobah out, and previously Silva out, I'm not sure who you expected TT to play at wing-back with games every 3 days when one of those capable of covering at wing-back is also having to play at centre back.
  2. Maybe it's because both first choice wing-backs are injured, one back-up wing-back sometimes has to play at centre-back and the other needs a rest from time to time? Or maybe TT just likes winding you up for the hell of it?
  3. If Martinez is favourite, then the bookies must be smoking crack cocaine. Leave the Belgium NT job with a World Cup on the horizon in order to take over at Everton for an owner who sacked you some 6 years earlier because the fans hated the boring style of football being played? Hmmm... let me see. Stranger things have happened at sea. 😉
  4. Chelsea's forward issues

    In which case Marina is going to be really busy, given we still have 3 defenders potentially leaving in the summer who will need replacing!
  5. Squad Status: 2021/22 Season

    We have problems everywhere except in goal. Some are of our own making. We started this season with four defenders - all regular starters - in their final year of contract. At least one will need replacing. We also need to get proper cover for our first choice wing-backs. So that's at least three defenders for starters. In midfield we need someone, like a Fabregas, who has the vision sorely lacking in our current three. With Gallagher returning from loan we would then have 5 strong options. Up front seems a mess, but with all the other problems - and taking into account we've already spent £300m over the last few years on attacking players - we just have to hope that something clicks next season, otherwise it requires a big clear-out of big ticket items on high wages and finding replacements who we can but hope do better. Maybe one can be sold this summer (Ziyech? Pulisic?) without the need for an immediate replacement. Perhaps integrate Broja, who we own, to keep costs down?
  6. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 0

    Mount certainly looked sub-par against Spurs. I felt then something wasn't quite right with him. As you say, the press and armchair critics have no idea of the actual fitness of players, so, in the case of Saturday's game, Pulisic and Ziyech picked ahead of Mount and Werner, for example, is seen as a sign of madness on Tuchel's part rather than possibly him starting with two players in a higher state of fitness than the other options. If Kepa hadn't taken that little step to the right just before de Bruyne shot, and Lukaku had gone around Ederson instead of trying to shoot over him, we might have been celebrating a 1-0 victory rather than a 0-1 loss. We weren't brilliant, but the game could have gone either way. If we had won 1-0 people would be saying that it was the sign of champions to win when not playing well. Apparently losing 0-1 when not playing well is a catastrophe!
  7. Italy is an unlikely destination (Lukaku's astronomical wages aside; who could afford his supposed £375,000/week?) due to the tax system there. Foreign players are able to pay lower rates of tax, but only on their first contract (one reason why Lukaku was happy to sign for us, rather than extend a contract with Inter). He would be eligible for the lower rate again, but only after two full years outside of Italy. So if he leaves in the summer, it won't be for Italy.
  8. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 0

    Given how angry Tuchel looks on the touchline, I suspect these were not his initial instructions.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Gilmour would be behind Gallagher. There's a case to be made that Gallagher could challenge for a starting spot alongside one of Kanté, Kovacic or Jorginho even in the biggest games. Will Gilmour be OK with being 5th choice and the game-time that suggests (injuries/suspensions not withstanding)? Gilmour needs at least one more season on loan to get the experience required to play as the CM metronome he looks like becoming. Even if Tuchel changes to a 4-3-3 type of formation going forward, that change will more likely see Mount drop back from the front 3 to the middle 3 rather than giving greater opportunities for Gilmour.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    "In the case of transfer rumours, it is well known that the media always like to add a little more salt and pepper to make the headline a bit more explosive and bigger. Accordingly, you will not hear from me until the day of the final decision. We still have a lot to do at Chelsea this season, and my full focus at the moment is on the City game. My agent is currently taking care of everything else." - Antonio Rudiger
  11. Chelsea 5 Chesterfield 1

    I find Werner by far the most frustrating of all our players
  12. Chelsea 5 Chesterfield 1

    Impressed with Lewis Hall
  13. Chelsea 5 Chesterfield 1

    Looks like a 4-2-2-2
  14. Chelsea 2 Tottenham Hotspur 0

    Any win over the Spurs is welcome, but that really should have been five or six nil. Good to see both Sarr and Saul playing well and showing there are decent players in there.
  15. Chelsea 2 Tottenham Hotspur 0

    Confirmed Kante and Thiago Silva have Covid
  16. Transfer Talk Topic

    That has to be the most pathetic excuse I've ever heard... it's worse than 'the dog ate my homework' excuse. As I said earlier. You shouldn't be allowed near a keyboard.
  17. Transfer Talk Topic

    No I don't... but no-one was calling you that! You've invented that slight in your head and then using it against someone else. Just like you accused me of calling you a lesbian when I did no such thing. You shouldn't be allowed near a keyboard.
  18. Transfer Talk Topic

    Seriously?For someone who keeps complaining about ad hominems, you seem particularly keen to dish them out!
  19. No doubt those that couldn't be bothered reading the transcript of the original interview won't bother watching this, either... but I'm OK with what he says here.
  20. Chelsea 2 Liverpool 2

    Yes... almost as if they don't have the "Protestant work ethic" of white, Anglo-Saxon working class males! Strange, isn't it? Completely at odds with the sort of headlines to be found on the front pages of those very same newspapers. Oh, wait...
  21. Media / Press

    The one disappointing thing to come out of Tuchel's press conference was him NOT mentioning that Sky had sat on the interview for three weeks and released it just before the Liverpool game. Positives are that Lukaku has apologised for doing the interview and that for those that really matter (ie Tuchell), all is OK as the bits reported in the UK media in no way matched what he was seeing from Lukaku in training or in the games he played since coming back from injury and CCovid. In other news, Werner did a full session yesterday with no problems, and if he does a full session this afternoon, he should be on the bench tomorrow with the hope of giving him some minutes. Christensen a doubt. Chalobah out (as are, of course, James and Chilwell)
  22. Transfer Talk Topic

    Certainly the dialogues contrasting perception and reality from The Cave come to mind.
  23. Transfer Talk Topic

    Trying to see where early strands of metaphysics falls into the Klopp argument.