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  1. There is an increasing number of people ruining the flow of the Match Day threads by posting continuous request for streams. This stops now. There's three main websites used to find this information, please bookmark them rather than begging for them in the live threads each week. They are, (Not currently available, Feb 2011) and LiveFootyDoctor. Use the websites above to find any stream information you may require. You may discuss current/related match streams in this thread and this thread only. Anyone making stream requests or posting stream information in the live match threads will find their post deleted, repeat posts will result in a suspension from the current live match thread. The information you need is here, don't ruin if for others. There are no excuses. DISCLAIMER: This thread contains links to websites and streams that are not operated by us or by anyone on our behalf. We do not control these websites and as such are not responsible for their content. Our inclusion of these links to such websites and streams does not imply any endorsement of the material contained on the websites or of the activities enacted by them.
  2. has set their status, but it's not that interesting....

  3. John Terry

    Blimey Bert, you've got a good memory!
  4. Gael Kakuta

    FFS James, get a clue will you? I note you dodged replying to me here on exactly the same points; Still waiting....
  6. Quick Jokes

    Some of these will have you crying with laughter, some worse.
  7. Didier Drogba

    He'll be back as soon as we lose a game...
  8. Gael Kakuta

    It's not, it's a forum. There is a difference.
  9. Gael Kakuta

    Bigger than the Premership wins? Get a grip.
  10. John Terry

    My old man's bigger than your old man...
  11. John Terry

    Another nice piece from Collins;
  12. John Terry

    Maybe it's a ploy. We sell him to City next week for £30 million, then buy him back the week after for £50million! Hey, we make the marquee signing everyone is on about and he's only the England captain too!!! We also massively weaken one of our 'rivals' by nicking their defensive linchpin and boost our defence at the same time! It's a flawless plan.
  13. John Terry

    I know Simon Johnson, he's generally quite well connected at the club via both official and unofficial means, and has given me a few heads up in the past. He's also a 100% Chelsea man too, and likes to put a positive slant on where possible, which is unusual for a journo!
  14. John Terry

    JT to make statement;
  15. John Terry,17033,8...5429397,00.html
  16. John Terry

    From F365 (I know, but it's all quotes, for once).,17033,8...5429397,00.html
  17. John Terry

    Is correct IIRC. Lampards goes up to £150,000 this season, £135k the next, then £110k then £100k in the last year (or a similar sliding scale) whereas Terry earns a consistent £135k a week over the full term.
  18. John Terry

    We've got a few dotted here and there.... some in the media too who can be equally useful, once you've sorted out who's worth listening too.
  19. John Terry

    Not overly - no-one is as bad as the Scousers. Hands up, how many of you took the piss out of your Gooner colleagues or mates when Roman bought us? I gave a few 'We'll have Viera & Henry thank you very much' type comments and wound them up no end. It was fun. Let the City supporters dream their dreams, any realist knows they've a fair bit of ground to make up yet and just throwing money around doesn't work, you can't build the roof before the walls and foundations. We had much of that in place, they don't. Whatever happens, it'll be interesting to watch from the other side.
  20. John Terry

    Can I just add; the sh*t is flowing directly from City stadium onto the streets and into the gutter press. Literally;
  21. John Terry

    The Mail really dislike us, so them furthering this bollocks doesn't surprise me in the least. I can't see anything of the sort...
  22. John Terry

    Why should he have to dance to your tune each time one of your owners or manager is on the wacky stuff? He did say exactly that, only a few months ago - yet that's not good enough for you, is it?,00.html Follow this up with Chelsea's most recent statement and also JT's comments about Ancelotti. 50/50? Hmm...
  23. John Terry

    Slightly off on a tangent, nice to see JT getting some kudos where deserved.
  24. Didier Drogba

    Only the comments that suited them, naturally. I think it's us as a club they hate, and they find reason to make everyone else do so too. I feel they are trying to drive Didier out of English football, mainly because he makes us so damn good - he's got worse press than Joey Barton, and that's a disgrace, not to mention the hypocrisy about the diving issue. They hate Ashley and are actively trying to split him and the nations favourite Geordie lass up, which would never had happened had he still been at Arsenal (look how Abedeyors wage demands were handled compared to Cole's, hardly a word said about him but Ash has been 'Cashley' ever since). They've gone after Lampard recently with Elen, and Terry with.... er anyone in a skirt. They had vile stories ready to go on Grant and I'm surprised Mikel didn't get a bigger pasting in the media than he did... the list goes on and on.... I believe it's also due to the combination of Roman, Kenyon, Greenberg and Simon Taylor - not a name many of you will have heard, that are the root cause. Roman doesn't play their game, and they don't like it. Greenberg plays them at their own game, and often wins - and they really don't like it. Kenyon, well... I like the bloke but I think everyone else's views are well documented. Simon Taylor used to be head of media at Chelsea and handled all the day to day press, and not one journo I ever met ever had a good word to say about him, in fact most left briefings, interviews and conferences cursing his name - which meant they weren't in a mood conducive to writing nice things about us. Thankfully he's been moved sideways now and the new head of media is a far warmer and more welcoming bloke - yet it doesn't appear to have lessened the vitriol that much more.
  25. Didier Drogba

    Maybe we should make Drogba director of communications? Couldn't be any more of a f**king disgrace! :)