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  1. Chelsea 2 Tottenham Hotspur 2 Hair pulling is not in the rules apparently. I'd advise Marc to get his hair cut now. They have opened a whole can of worms with this.
  2. Chelsea 2 Tottenham Hotspur 2

    100% No way we play like we did yesterday with Lukaku instead of Havertz for example. On another day we would have scored more. Yes we need a better goalscorer but not at the expense of how we played yesterday and therein lies the problem. There aren't many if any available and I'm a huge fan of Havertz so might as well just stick with him and see how he does through the season playing in this set up.
  3. Chelsea 2 Tottenham Hotspur 2

    I think it was such an entertaining game because we were so good. It wasn't a competitive game at all. We should have absolute smashed them.
  4. Chelsea 2 Tottenham Hotspur 2

    WE'VE GOT SUPER TOMMY TUCHEL!!!! What an absolute legend.
  5. Chelsea 2 Tottenham Hotspur 2

    Although, I'd only whisper this because Havertz is obviously not up to it, he was utterly brilliant today. Should have scored for sure but his overall performance was superb.
  6. Chelsea 2 Tottenham Hotspur 2

    Wow. It looked like the fella tried to snap his neck from where I was. Assumed it must have been something else. Oh well, absolutely battered them. **** the scoreline. Que the moaners..................
  7. Chelsea 2 Tottenham Hotspur 2

    Someone please tell me that Cucurella didn't have his hair pulled? If he did how the actual **** did that stand??????????
  8. Chelsea 2 Tottenham Hotspur 2

    But, but, but, but, but, but, but...........
  9. Chelsea 2 Tottenham Hotspur 2

    Pure domination. Miles and miles and miles better than them.
  10. Chelsea 2 Tottenham Hotspur 2

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Don't know if I'll have more fun ripping the Tottenham fans, or our own. Outrageous first half of football.
  11. Chelsea 2 Tottenham Hotspur 2

    Talk around the ground we will line up like this. James Koulibaly Thiago Cucurella RLC Jorginho Kante Mount Havertz Sterling. can't see it myself. UTC🍺
  12. Chelsea 2 Tottenham Hotspur 2

    Can. Not. Wait. Not looked forward to a game of premier league football as much as I am today for a very, very long time. Here's some interesting stats for you. They have beaten us once at the bridge in 32 years. We beat them 4 times last season. They have not finished above us in 5 years. They have only finished above us 4 times in 20 years. Their front three? **** them, we have Azpilicueta, Silva and Koulibaly to deal with Kane and the best two wing backs in the world to deal with their over rated wide players. Their midfield is absolute pony. Their defence and goalkeeper are an embarrassment. But, but, but, but they signed Bissouma and Richarlison and they look fit after beating an absolutely terrible Southampton side. They are a nothing club that win.......nothing. Ever. Enjoy the doom and gloom. I'm on it already and am beyond buzzing. See you tomorrow and mostly, try, just try to enjoy one of the biggest games in our season. You might actually like it
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    Looks like pretty good value when you compare it to those four
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    Or like Liverpool two years ago that lost one player and finished on 69 points, 17 behind City.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    Could say gone backwards rather than evolving. Both lost one of their key attacking players that ironically played the same position and replaced them with an old fashioned number 9, which is something most of the football world has gone away from. I don't see either getting 90+ points this season let alone both.
  16. Transfer Talk Topic

    Well, yes the time to judge him is after he has bought in some players and had time to build a team. Seems far too many have already made their minds up. What I really, really can't get my head around is all the moaning and people trying to prove a point. We have made three incredible signings. All three are top, elite level.Koulibaly has been one of the best centre backs in the world for years. Sterling, and I am showing my fickle side as I've never liked him but he's Chelsea now so can change how I look at him, is 100% elite in his position. One of the very best, statistically, in the world for 5 years. Cucurella was the best left back in the league last season and has just turned 24. I don't pay too much attention to transfer speculation but it looks like we are very much trying to sign Fofana who whilst being massively overpriced looks like one of, if not the best young centre backs in the world. Then there is De Jong. Now I don't know how much people have watched him or what they expect from him, I actually think some will be expecting something he is not but he is without doubt one of the best cm's around. He's absolute class. Add in Aubameyang, who whatever people think of him was utterly brilliant in the premier league and makes a lot of sense at this stage, a good tactical so going of you like, and you have one of the best transfer windows the footballing world has ever seen yet all I keep hearing is Tuchel isn't good enough, we play rubbish football and he's nothing but a cup manager, Tottenham and Arsenal are practically guaranteed top 4 even though between them they've made one signing that would get in our first 11 and we've been miles above them both for years, and if the window ends tomorrow we have improved more than them, let alone if we get one or two others. How some, a lot by the sounds of things, can't get stupidly excited about the coming season I can't get my head around. It's just moan, moan , moan. I'm right your wrong because I said so 12 months ago and will not back down. As a fan base we should be absolutely buzzing, this forum should be, the Twitter lot should be screaming from the rooftops that we have one of the best managers out there, had a ridiculous transfer window that looks like getting even better and should really be challenging City and Liverpool in the next 24 months yet we are seen as 5th place, at best, not just by the biased media and opposition fans but by our own too. I may be completely wrong but as a long term season ticket holder I have not been as excited about the next couple of seasons for 15 odd years. Thankfully I have managed to get Monday off and have not been looking forward to a game of premier league football as I have for this Sunday's game for a long, long time.
  17. Transfer Talk Topic

    Because they are both German. Absolutely no other reason to compare them. It's a bit weird to be fair but something he's done for quite some time. But like the 'tactical' signings he keeps going on about, he wanted us to sign Tarkowski, Connor Cody and Cavani instead of Koulibaly, Cucurella and Sterling. He rates the first three but not the three we signed. This forum is amazing at times.
  18. Transfer Talk Topic

    Were they contenders within 18 months of Klopp taking over or did they finish 8th, 4th, 4th and win nothing for the first 3 or 4 seasons? Were they contenders the year they lost Van Dijk to injury or did the finish on 69 points and 17 points behind City? Similar to us loosing Chilwell and James last season, no? How do you think they would fair if Trent played 1800 minutes and Robertson 500 throughout an entire season? Don't let that get in your way though.
  19. Transfer Talk Topic

    Took 4/5 years? And they've won it once. These arguments are getting worse by the day.
  20. Transfer Talk Topic

    Funniest thing is the same people lauding Pep and Klopp are the same that have already decided Tuchel isn't good enough.
  21. Transfer Talk Topic

    18 months. Champions League, Super Cup, World Club Cup 2 top 4 finishes. 3 domestic finals. Signed ONE player, a player he clearly didn't want before this window. Yet some don't think he's good enough. No wonder our fan base is so hated.
  22. Transfer Talk Topic

    We may well be a cup team like Liverpool under Benitez but look at them now. Look at how they backed their manager and how it went for them. We've had 18 months of a manager that took over a complete shambles. The whole club from top to bottom, not just the team, which was languishing in 9th when he came and we went on to secure two top 4 finishes, got to three domestic finals, and won the Champions league along with the super cup and world cup. Before this summer he had signed one player and quite clearly a player he didn't want. Really with the transfer window we have already had and the players we look very likely to sign we should all be mega excited about this season and our immediate future yet everyone seems to want to moan, argue and put a downer on it. Strange times
  23. Transfer Talk Topic

    Because it's Tuchel's team or because it's good enough for that?
  24. Transfer Talk Topic

    Bloody Conte's fault anyway.
  25. Transfer Talk Topic

    Quite like the idea of Aubameyang. Always liked him as a footballer. Can pretty much guarantee he'd be our top goalscorer by quite some way if he was to come.