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  1. This team it wasnt 'ready ' to win the league.I agree it is behind Man City squad wise but no way Liverpool have a better squad then us.I didn't expect to win anything this year,but the only progress I see has been defending and that at the cost of attacking .We are DIRE going forward.The only 'thing' Mourinho bleeds is just more Mourinho.Have some dignity Man,Carlo had more class in his eyebrow than Mourinho in his whole body.
  2. That is exactly how I see it.The 'Happy one' reverted to type when the pressure is on.The football has been pretty boring,regardless the lack of quality strikers.I bet he wont last another season.The club has invested huge sums on the brilliant academy and he hasnt given any of them a chance.I wont be too sad to see him go for good,had enough of his antics.