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  1. Everton 0 Chelsea 1

    I think the same line up . Get a result under our belt & then the first big test next week. I can see the top 5/6, not sure about Man U, taking points of each other. A very interesting season ahead.
  2. Nice Statement from Roman just now. As a fan for the last 57 years, I can only thank him for how he saved & turned the club around & the great moments that his ownership brought us. The start of a new beginning on Monday but the memories of the great players we saw at the club & the finals (whether won or lost) under his tenure are ours to keep. Next game back at the bridge should show a spontaneous round of applause for the guy with the screens showing the highlights of his ownership & stuff the press & their views. Funny how the tv pundits were quick to comment & give their views on the chant of his name at our games but didn’t comment on the booing of the National anthem by the lot playing tonight. Come on Real Madrid.
  3. Chelsea 2 Watford 1

    Same old. right to the end of the season
  4. The Times reporting that the loan now needs repaying. David Dean asking for some of the fund intended for Ukrainian people should be invested in grass roots football. If this saga carries on much longer then the club could be in trouble as the license runs out at the end of May. I hope that these are rumours & that the sale gets its approval, whether to Boehly or Radcliffe within the next week. It may just settle things down on the playing side too, but that’s a whole new problem.
  5. Everton 1 Chelsea 0.

    Expect the same post match comments from TT. Yaaaawwwwnnnn!
  6. Talk sport say Man U.
  7. Chelsea 2 Crystal Palace 0

    Sky will then spend the summer making special programmes on how Liverpool did the quadruple, how Klopp succeeded where others failed, is the greatest team ever? &o no & on & on. You must be bonkers! Let’s hope they win naff all.
  8. Chelsea 7 Norwich City 0

    They scored 5 goals between them as well.
  9. Chelsea 7 Norwich City 0

    A point that tv will forget to mention no doubt.
  10. Chelsea 3 Southampton 1

    I am a bit baffled why some on here think that Romelu Lukaku hasn’t made a difference. They are of course entitled to their opinion but I’m certain that he has given us a weapon that we didn’t possess last season. He is an enormous irritation to opponents centre backs, always jostling them & giving them something to think about which we didn’t have last year. He scores ( not every game as some seem to think he should) & he is providing the opportunity for others in the side by simply being a huge presence for the opposition. It doesn’t necessarily mean that he has to play every game or that we have to play the same system up front but it’s another string to our bow & a very strong one in my opinion. VAR. The disallowed goal was a complete nonsense. Both the referee & his assistant were close to the incident & neither thought that an offence had been committed. Why then does a guy sitting in a remote location deem in necessary to draw the referees attention to an incident that occurred some moves back. That is not what VAR was intended for. Anyone listening to the Chelsea commentary will have heard that Jason Cundy thought that the referee allowed himself to be bullied by the VAR official on both occasions . I wouldn’t use the term bully but I do think that by notifying the referee, he asserted an unnecessary pressure. On the subject of the commentary, Jason’s take on the VAR sending off incident was hilarious. He must have changed his mind half a dozen times on whether it was going to be a red card or not whilst we waited on the decision. Thank you Jason, that made me chuckle. By the way I thought that the referee got it right first time & allowed doubt to creep in by the VAR official again. We’ve had them go against us I know, but it was a game changer.
  11. Chelsea 3 Southampton 1

    I recently saw the documentary set called Six dream ( done a few years ago) which featured Saul. He seemed a main player at Athletico Madrid. He seems to have found the pace & intensity of the Premier league hard to adjust to. I’m wondering if TT is breaking him in as a substitute rather than see him struggle as he has done. I think that there is a player to be had in him. I hope that I’m right. It’s a long tough season & we may well need him.
  12. Africa cup of nations

    9th Jan to 6th Feb is the AFCON. It means we may be without Mandy for City, Spurs & Brighton. We don’t need that. Others are affected as well but that is a key position for us.
  13. Chelsea 2 Bradford City 4

    Jose 'is ashamed'. So he should be & the all the players that represented Chelsea today. I hope that he gets that through to the squad not only for Tuesday & next week but for the rest of the season. Then remind them what an opportunity they are wasting for themselves , the club & the fans every time they slip into easy street mode. I've watched Chelsea since I was 12 (1965), this squad has talent & they shouldn't be tossing it away. A humiliating day for Chelsea. Well done to Bradford. Jose, earn your corn now & lets see something special from Tuesday on.
  14. Chelsea 1 Sunderland 2

    Rednapp look pumped up knowing is was the result his boys wanted. His opinion on the penalty was wrong & he made himself look silly & I think Hoddle knew it as well. No complaints if we don't win the league, it's not refereeing decisions but results like today, palace, stoke, west brom, west ham! Lets hope for a good CL semi & look forward to finding someone lethal up front. for next season.