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  1. Chelsea 7 Norwich City 0

    They scored 5 goals between them as well.
  2. Chelsea 7 Norwich City 0

    A point that tv will forget to mention no doubt.
  3. Chelsea 3 Southampton 1

    I am a bit baffled why some on here think that Romelu Lukaku hasn’t made a difference. They are of course entitled to their opinion but I’m certain that he has given us a weapon that we didn’t possess last season. He is an enormous irritation to opponents centre backs, always jostling them & giving them something to think about which we didn’t have last year. He scores ( not every game as some seem to think he should) & he is providing the opportunity for others in the side by simply being a huge presence for the opposition. It doesn’t necessarily mean that he has to play every game or that we have to play the same system up front but it’s another string to our bow & a very strong one in my opinion. VAR. The disallowed goal was a complete nonsense. Both the referee & his assistant were close to the incident & neither thought that an offence had been committed. Why then does a guy sitting in a remote location deem in necessary to draw the referees attention to an incident that occurred some moves back. That is not what VAR was intended for. Anyone listening to the Chelsea commentary will have heard that Jason Cundy thought that the referee allowed himself to be bullied by the VAR official on both occasions . I wouldn’t use the term bully but I do think that by notifying the referee, he asserted an unnecessary pressure. On the subject of the commentary, Jason’s take on the VAR sending off incident was hilarious. He must have changed his mind half a dozen times on whether it was going to be a red card or not whilst we waited on the decision. Thank you Jason, that made me chuckle. By the way I thought that the referee got it right first time & allowed doubt to creep in by the VAR official again. We’ve had them go against us I know, but it was a game changer.
  4. Chelsea 3 Southampton 1

    I recently saw the documentary set called Six dream ( done a few years ago) which featured Saul. He seemed a main player at Athletico Madrid. He seems to have found the pace & intensity of the Premier league hard to adjust to. I’m wondering if TT is breaking him in as a substitute rather than see him struggle as he has done. I think that there is a player to be had in him. I hope that I’m right. It’s a long tough season & we may well need him.
  5. Africa cup of nations

    9th Jan to 6th Feb is the AFCON. It means we may be without Mandy for City, Spurs & Brighton. We don’t need that. Others are affected as well but that is a key position for us.
  6. Next year’s draw shows us in pot 1 with pot 2 opponents from Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, PSG, Borussia Dortmund or Sevilla. How mouth watering is that? No fears now though.
  7. After a night to reflect & let the euphoria calm down, some thoughts. What a difference it makes to the game when you have a proper ref who makes his decisions & sticks with them. No ridiculous VAR decisions ruining the game. 11 players on each side finishing the game toe to toe. A defensive performance of immense proportions from everyone. Was I the only person who wanted us to get out & attack more in the last quarter? All the players stepped up but if I’m honest I didn’t think Dave could play like that any more ( he proved me wrong & I’m happy to admit it). A commanding keeper giving the defence the base it needs ( needs to kick better though) What fantastic support from the Chelsea fans at the game. Next season we have to find a goal scorer ( my ageing heart doesn’t cope with how we sat back). We need another strong midfielder. It’s going to be a long season with so many games to fit it ( but that’s what happens when you win things). For the rest of the weekend, no make that the week I will sit & bask in the sheer delight that we won & are champions of Europe! I will continue to read the comments on here because I just enjoy the wide ranging various opinions of us all. ( oh by the way, that was City’s A side). ENJOY THE REST OF THE WEEKEND EVERYONE!
  8. Absolutely first class. Just what the game needed.
  9. Just finished putting the dining room units together so now I can get ready for tonight while the missus fills the units. I don’t have BT sports but will watch it on you tube. Blooming ridiculous I’m 68 & still get jittery watching us on the box. I’d be less nervous there to be honest. Anyway if 56 years of following Chelsea has taught me anything it’s that you just never know what’s going to happen, good or bad.I’ll get down if we lose for a day & then think about next season or alternatively I will be happy for the rest of the week if we win. Whatever happens I’ll be reading the various comments on here. If I knew we could tuck a couple of the chances away then I’d fancy us but it’s our Achilles heel. Think positive, we make chances so we are going to finish a couple & defend like we know we can. Stuff all the media that want city to do it ( even if I know what a good side they are). We beat Spain’s top two on the way here so we have something about us. I believe!
  10. I’m thinking Havertz, Mount & Werner as the starting 3 up front.
  11. Good luck to all the contributors on here that are going to the game, I do so envy you. I always found myself less nervous at the game than watching it on tv. Have a super time.
  12. I just watched the slow mo replay of when we won the CL on the Chelsea site. Wow, when Drogba headed that ball it was the greatest header of all time & that was the greatest memory as a Chelsea fan for me. The players were giants when you look back at it. Can this side match them? Not man for man but if they get shown that film then they will know what they need to be & what it means to Chelsea fans. I read that Leicester showed what the owners meant to them by getting the son onto the pitch after their cup win. Watch the film & see what the players did to Roman that night in the stands. Whatever happens TT has to get them to play to their limits as individuals & as a team. COME ON CHELSEA!!
  13. Aston Villa 2 Chelsea 1

    The one common thread amongst all the comments is the lack of a goal scorer. Let’s hope that this is addressed in the summer but don’t think that we haven’t been here before when we bought forwards. Robert Fleck, Tony Hatley to name just two. Chelsea seems to have that effect on some forwards. We’re also lacking the bite of former players. Can TT sort this out in the summer? I don’t know but to retrieve what he has for the season from where he started deserves some praise. So for now I think it’s time to stop slating the guy & give him a chance. What happens next week, who knows? If Mendy is out then I fear for us. As for the media & ref bias accusations, leave it alone it just eats you up, if we’re good enough it won’t matter. Onwards & upwards!
  14. Aston Villa 2 Chelsea 1

    I think Spuds supporters are more concerned about finishing about Arsenal than caring about helping us out.