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  1. Liverpool 1 Chelsea 1

    That was over the disabled Chelsea fans and their helpers in the east stand at Old Trafford. The bulk of us were in the Stretford End. Disgraceful
  2. Finally got the result from my Day 2 test….negative!! Happy days 😀
  3. I’d love to do both but suspect that Belfast will be more achievable 😉 and certainly less expensive. Robinsons, The Crown and Laverys - had some great nights out over there…..
  4. Belfast is a cracking night out these days, well pre covid etc. I need to check with the finance director to make sure she’s not booked us away somewhere, but if not I’ll do my best to get there.
  5. Yeah, I was on a different flight too. I had a scan back through the thread and you’re right….you were no help whatsoever 😉. My bad……it was Erland Johnson 😂😂 Sorry EJ
  6. I was just thinking the same…. I checked the Eurofins website and my day 2 test says “awaiting results” Overall though I’m feeling Champion 😉
  7. Fernandinho is a liability for them. How he’s not red carded every week beggars belief
  8. Ok, ok - give me some time to recover fully. My flight didn’t land until 5.30am ish. Got the first hoppa bus back to my hotel, slept until 09.15, then got the train home, walked through the door at 2.30pm. Intending watching the full game later today, quite possibly with a bottle of port…. I’ve got to say thanks to you @East Lower - without your persistence about the pcr test dates I might well have made a mess of the travel requirements and had problems getting out there. I owe you a beer or two fella. Feeling just CHAMPION this morning after a full nights sleep
  9. Thanks mate. I’ve got my itinerary now and yes I’m going to have to do a different test on Thursday. Bloody hell! Hassle I could do without. Oh well, I’m sure it’ll be worth it when I’m sat with a beer in the sunshine soaking up the pre match atmosphere….. Anyone want a Boots test kit? seal been broke but all components still in sealed package inside 😉
  10. On the myhealthchecked website I saw something that said 99% returned inside 36 hours. If I do the test tomorrow I should be ok for getting out. I’m going to pay extra to get it couriered for a 09.00 delivery slot. Coming back you need the day 2 test, I think. As you said “what a faff”
  11. Boots sell the myhealthchecked kit for £65, so £15 less than the myhealthchecked website. Available in most stores from stock. Well, they were around here this morning. Government website gives a list of places that will do the day 2 return test starting at £45. Sounds okay but a lot are sold out today. Absolutely buzzing that I’m booked on the Sportsbreak trip. Kept expecting an email saying, sorry not enough points.
  12. Aston Villa 2 Chelsea 1

    And if he wasn’t a footballer would drive a Citroen Saxo with a body kit 😉
  13. Aston Villa 2 Chelsea 1

    Well I’m glad that’s over and done with. Good job Spurs were up for a fight. Embarrassing to have to thank them. came to the conclusion that Grealish is a horrible, sneaky, conniving scum bag and shouldn’t have been still on the pitch. But that’s a different subject. Worrying how little desire we appeared to have trailing 2-1 with 10 minutes to go when we knew we needed a win. I don’t get the lack of commitment from some players. Onto Porto for the big prize. Let’s hope they’re all right up for it and Tommy Tactics conjures up the miracle. KTBFFH!
  14. Chelsea 2 Leicester City 1

    Oh I’m sure VAR will have a helping hand for the Dippers. Must win game Sunday