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  1. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    It's clearer than ever that they have impunity. FA Cup Final is going to require us to do more than what is required to win.
  2. Chelsea 1 West Ham 0

    We have won 8 PL home games all season. 4 of them have been late winners.
  3. Chelsea 1 West Ham 0

    Yes it looks like the members are where the atmosphere is generated from based on these past 2 games.
  4. Chelsea 1 West Ham 0

    Every final 3rd pass or decision is brain dead.
  5. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 4

    Definitely, agreed.
  6. Chelsea 1 West Ham 0

    You are disrespecting the August 2021 Champions!!!
  7. Manchester United 1 Chelsea 1

    We have a similar problem with these lot as we do with Arsenal. Worst they have ever been but it feels like we have barely beat them in the past couple of seasons.
  8. Manchester United 1 Chelsea 1

    Don't forget making goalkeepers look like prime Buffon :)
  9. Manchester United 1 Chelsea 1

    Remember when we helped Lukaku a few seasons back.
  10. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 4

    Is there any word yet on what exactly the exchange was being Azpi and the fan in the West Stand?
  11. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 4

    I recently had this thought too. Add to that Fulham coming up and unlikely but potentially Millwall or QPR as well, with no London teams being relegated this season. There are barely any "normal" games for us. Next season the Manchesters, Liverpool, Leeds and the 6 other London teams gives us 20/38 games that are basically "derbies". 22/38 if another London team wins the play offs. The Manchesters and Liverpool have each other and the only extras are for Liverpool there's Everton and for United there's Leeds.
  12. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 4

    Frustrating because this is something we used to excel at in the Mourinho 1 through to Mourinho 2 eras.
  13. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 4

    He was good when called upon in the the CL Final 2021 so thought he had turned a corner, but against Madrid he made mistakes on the magnitude of his mistake against Barcelona in 2018 that cost us that Last 16 tie. At this level you have to be consistent.
  14. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 4

    Before Arsenal went 3-2 up, he so very nearly broke through Arsenal's backline but for the skin of the Arsenal defender's teeth. He was looking very energetic. He did a wonderful dribbling move and then switch long ball in the first half as well to set up Alonso for a shot.
  15. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 4

    Sods law that just as he hits form, errors elsewhere cost us defeats against Madrid and Arsenal.
  16. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 4

    I must be honest, I now change my mind about the Cups and fighting all fronts. We don't have the squad for it, and even if we did it's a very tough ask to compete on all 4 fronts. Going forward I wouldn't mind us to prioritise the League and CL, and play rotated squads in the cups unless we get to the finals themselves.
  17. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 4

    A friend of mine summed it up nicely: "Why do we always look like Arsenal against Arsenal?'
  18. Chelsea 1 West Ham 0

    Because their eggs will be in the Thursday Night basket, I'm a bit more confident than that. But I'm in a daze at the moment and not sure what lies ahead. We saw Liverpool and City breeze to 5-0 and 3-0 victories, while we looked like Arsenal against Arsenal.
  19. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 4

    Kante in recent games seems to have totally lost his instinctual decision making. He daudles on the ball or is slow to react to the 2nd ball. It's painful to see considering the standards he has set. Which brings me to a point about yesterday. Arsenal were far better than us on 2nd balls. When their attacks were snuffed out, they won back loose balls better than us and continued the pressure. When we attacked and were snuffed out we were nowhere near the 2nd ball, our anticipation was awful. In fact Arsenal's 2nd goal started from us making this mistake.
  20. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 4

    Ah yes, the wake up and still feel bitter about the result demon. We meet again.
  21. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 4

    Absolutely. The focus is on clubs like us and City, but it's a problem across English Football.
  22. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 4

    I see. So it went from massive attendances due to "unlimited" capacity, to the all time low period, to the modern all-seater era we now live in.
  23. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 4

    "Where were you when you were ****?" "Beating you when we were ****!"
  24. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 4

    Fair enough. Though I doubt most of those chanting it were around themselves to see it. But what about for big games and games against big teams? Because Arsenal were as bad as us in 92-93 right so probably wasn't a big draw?
  25. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 4

    Arsenal fans were singing: “There’s nobody here, just like the old days there’s nobody here!” This is literally false isn't it. They are creating a strawman version of events that were never true and idiots among their fanbase and other fanbases will lap it up. I've seen the Bridge in the 70s and 80s on The Big Match Revisited and it looks absolutely jam packed, same with Premier League Years in the 90s and I remember myself from late 90s onwards. Not to mention the Stamford Bridge attendance record: 82,905, for a league match between Chelsea and Arsenal on 12 October 1935.