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  1. Good morning! From now on, when you're youtubing Chelsea champions league trophy celebration, you're going to need to specify a year. Let that sink in.
  2. MATE. We never expected to win it once, let alone twice! Mind blowing stuff.
  3. BT Sport are showing it for free on their app tonight.
  4. https://twitter.com/chelseafc/status/1398550175514124294?s=21 I’m a wreck already.
  5. Gonna be a tough watch this after the last few performances, but it’s a final and anything can happen I guess.
  6. European Super League

    WOW. Fair play. We’ll still be hated regardless of this but it was the right decision.
  7. European Super League

    This is getting ridiculous now.
  8. European Super League

    They’ll just set up their own streaming service ala Disney+, go it alone and pull all the revenue from that as well.
  9. European Super League

    I do appreciate the sentiment of those who decide to go but only money will be the reason that any of this stops or not.
  10. European Super League

    Slightly different circumstances but I know where you’re going with it. Listen, good luck to you. I think maybe half my issue with my indifference to all this is that my passion for Chelsea and football has waned over the last year (certainly)/18 months and this is just another thing caught up in all of it. Like I care, but I don’t care because it doesn’t impact my life directly, as much as I love this club. Things will go on regardless.
  11. European Super League

    Will they though? I expect a lot of posturing will be/is being done but to say people would completely wipe their hands of Chelsea? I can’t see it myself.
  12. European Super League

    All these other clubs throwing out statements just seems disingenuous to me. Like if they were offered an invite to the league they would turn it down. Of course they wouldn’t. I still feel the same as I did yesterday. Would I prefer it if it wasn’t happening? Of course. But to think it was never going to happen at some point is just naive. It’s money vs. money and the fans lose regardless. Quick question: To those saying they’d go and support another club? Surely it would be a case of supporting Chelsea or no-one? I couldn’t ever think of a world where I’d support anyone else other than Chelsea...
  13. European Super League

    I think you nailed It @thevelourfog, I’m just indifferent to the news-was yesterday when it first blew up Twitter yesterday and am now reading the official announcement. Everyone has suddenly become a football purist and I’m not sure why? Football sold its soul a LONG time ago and everyone was happy to reap the rewards that came along with that so when said rich clubs have realised they can make even more money by doing it themselves people are now surprised? All these statements from the likes of UEFA, the PL and other leagues is just them scared that their cash cows are about to go bust. Now this isn’t me saying that I’m for the new SL-would I prefer it if everything stayed as is? Sure. But I’m not going to kick up a fuss about something that ultimately in the grand scheme of things (and especially after the year we’ve all experienced) isn’t really that important nor affects me on a day to day level. So yeah, just indifferent about it all tbh. All I’ll say is that those fans with ST’s and are that against this do give them up and that will allow fans that do want to go the chance to do so. (Chelsea fan, 1st match watched: March 89-just in case that needs to be referenced)
  14. Look forward to seeing what he can do with the team! Welcome Tuchel!
  15. Ridiculously sad but inevitable. Hate it when players come back to manage because we have the emotional attachment of those years to look back on. I knew this would happen right from the start-everything was fine when there wasn’t any money to spend due to the ban so there was always that to fall back on. The fact he got top 4 was a miracle. But the fact that he’d only had the one season at Derby before he took the job, his inexperience to manage big players on big money has now proven to be his downfall. We need to get the best out of Werner, Havertz whilst incorporating Pulisic and Ziyech and unfortunately the board have decided that Frank isn’t up to the job. Such a shame it got to this point. None of us wanted it. I’m sure he’ll come back further down the line.
  16. Transfer Talk Topic

    For all the good we did during that window-an amazing window in fact, Danny Drinkwater still stealing a living at the club is shocking.
  17. Official: Chelsea Sign Kai Havertz

    A world class signing befitting of our amazing football club. Welcome Kai-I/we looking forward to seeing great things from you over the coming years.
  18. Transfer Talk Topic

    This is quite possibly one of the greatest transfer windows in history. Absolutely made up with these signings. Exactly the types of players we should have been getting in the first place. What a statement we are making. The tears from opposing fans on Twitter have been flowing today. It’s been great to see.