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  1. Chelsea Reserve & Youth Team

    More importantly where is Kakuta? I haven't heard anything about him as of yet this season?
  2. Didier Drogba

    I hope he never pulls on a Chelsea shirt again. Yes in 2006/2007 he was different class. Yes he had his moments in 2007/2008 but is Drogba really the sort of player you want playing for us. He constantly moans and runs like a nob to the papers telling of his love affair with Mourinho and how he wants to leave. No player or coach is bigger than the club as we found out with Mourinho. Drogba's antics only separate the dressing room further. As for his performance in the champions league. He ran 40 yards to get involved in something that had nothing to do with him, got sent off and instead of still being on the pitch to take the 5th and final penalty he was in the dressing room feeling sorry for him self. The man is a disgrace and all I can say is good riddance!!