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  1. I'm not going to talk about his red. It's clear to the majority that he should have never gone. Just his form has been, yet again, some topic of discussion for the last 2-3 weeks. I just feel he needs a rest. His been an almost certain starter for the whole campaign and while his early form was very good it has tailed off of late. In fact I would argue that his form in the games since Nordsjaelland has been his worse since he joined the club. When he was having his bad run of not finding the net early in his Chelsea career and then yet again after he got sent off vs Swansea last season he was at least of still some value to start matches. I remember thinking with Torres, give him the ball - he might not have the confidence to bury one but he will always keep hold of the ball. Unfortunately he's not doing that. He's trying to take players on but is failing, something that has never happened in his Chelsea career. The guy needs a rest. Give Sturridge the reigns for a few games and then bring Torres back fresh for the Christmas fixtures. The Torres we saw from City to Arsenal this season is the best we've seen him but since then he's been completely unnoticable.
  2. John Terry

    Because he's not a quitter.
  3. Didier Drogba

    Testimonial vs Arsenal at Wembley? Haha
  4. New Kits

    Will that star become a permanent feature of our badge? It's not really an English thing but that'd make it all the better if we were to start it. Be a great way to remember that campaign and that final for how ever long our club lasts. Our grandkid's: "What's that star mean?"... "Well let me tell you of a story when Chelsea defied all the odds to become Champions of Europe".
  5. John Terry

    Won a double. **** everyone else.
  6. Didier Drogba

    A legend before Munich, now he is immortal. Its been said so many times but I have to add it here, what a way to end your Chelsea career. Many people forget that Didier has had just as much pain in this compeition as Terry so for him to win it for us, the fairytale that Terry's wasn't. It was destiny. Just makes you wonder how Cech, JT and Lampard will bow out on their Chelsea careers. Nothing can be bigger than Munich but wouldn't it be beautiful if we could relive Munich in a different city for a different legend!? I'm getting greedy I know, I just want to relive the weekend and the game! Dider Drogba - Thank You.
  7. No. He needs games now. Get him out there while his confidence is high and get him some more goals. A break will not do him any good and he doesn't need to be rested. Keep his momentum going. I say play him v City and Sp*rs and then get Drogba in for Benfica (unless of course Torres is doing so well that he can't be dropped - but I can't imagine that happening).
  8. Having read some comments it seems he's the marmite manager - you either loved him or hated him. Tbh, like my opinion on marmite, I'm in the middle and still undecided on what I think of this decision. For me, he will become a great manager - he is a great manager now regardless of people saying winning the Portuguese league and Europa league is child's work. I think he was just too stubborn. If player power has won, and I don't necessarily believe player power did effect the decison today, then of course that is a sad situation but I'm not led to believe that. AVB wanted to play his way, his project, his ideas but they didn't match those of the players. If he wasn't so stubborn he could have changed things. Gone back to how this Chelsea team knows how to play football - do that, we start winning, there would be no player power. I'm sure that in 10 years we will look at AVB and wonder why we sacked him. He's going to be successful, I have no doubt. He'll next go to a club that will give him time and the benefit of the doubt and eventually results will prevail. With age and experience he will also lose a lot of that stubborness that, IMO, led to his dismissal. For the short term, was it correct to sack him? Yes. For the long term, was it correct? Maybe no, maybe yes. I wish him the best of luck for the future - seems a highly determined, passionate and intellegent man and he deserves success. Chelsea and AVB became a marriage made in hell. Chelsea and Mourinho belong together. And that is the man we should set our sights to next - for both long term and short term planning. Di Matteo and Rodgers would do no better than AVB. Guardilola, Capello and Hiddink are great short term options. And what's wrong with short-term anyway? Nothing if they win us stuff.
  9. Exactly what I've been saying on this same page.
  10. Gael Kakuta

    It didn't work for him at Bolton. I can't see it working here. Maybe the PL is not for him.
  11. What do you mean our mental state? As far as I'm aware from my position in the MHL the far majority of Chelsea fans are still on Torres side and want to give him as much motivation as possible. He's mental state atm is poor, I want it to improve, when that happens Chelsea fans will be feeling happier too. I'm not going to sit back and just say "oh we paid £50mil for him, he clearly has levels beyond human capacity, I'm not going to try and help him he should do all by himself". I am more than aware that his contribution as been woeful for a striker, in terms of scoring, but in terms of keeping the ball with nice intricate, quick passing - well it's only Torres, Luiz and Mata who are any good at this. And that say's a lot. Your comment there has annoyed me more than words can say. The majority of Chelsea fans still want to give Torres our help and haven't given up on him. You're clearly different. I can't imagine his happy with being a striker atm. So much pressure on him from every angle cannot be nice. Playing him on the wing takes away that pressure and he can start to enjoy his football again. When this happens, even from the wing, goals will naturally come back to him. I don't know why you're talking about assists so much. But as you bring it up his record there isn't that bad and just emphasises my point why he should be played out wide. Torres - 9 Sturridge - 6 Lampard - 6 Drogba - 3 Mata - 11 Ramires - 3 Meireles - 4 Malouda - 5 Mata, unsurprisingly, the only one with more. I think it's well worth trying him out wide. Can't be any worse than what it is currently.
  12. What about playing him as a winger? Hear me out... I think most people here understand that Torres basically never gives the ball away. That's his main strength imo. He can pick a pass, has pace, can dribble past players and find space on the wings incrediably easy. His crossing ability is also absolutely superb. Mata v United and he put in 2 or 3 really brilliant crosses from the right wing against Bolton. It'll also be good for his mental state. Instead of being played as the striker where his main role in the team is to score, his main aims will be different and less focused on his scoring ability when he's played out wide. This will take his mind off just trying to score the whole time and then the goals could come back naturally. We've been crying out for a pacey, quick winger who can dribble past defenders. I think Torres can be that man. Could also then give an opportunity for Sturridge to be played through the middle and allow us to finally play Mata in the hole behind the main striker. Sturridge Drogba Torres Mata Lampard or Mata Sturridge Torres Lampard Essien Ramires I think it could work. Playing him as a striker, quite simply, doesn't. Not in this system at least.
  13. Ashley Cole

    If he does go why look to replace him. Give Bertrand and PVA ago ffs.
  14. Ashley Cole

    Can anyone see him getting back to his best? I can't. I don't think he has the attitude to do so. He's been a great player for us and a superb buy, one of the best in the RA era imo, but I feel it could be time to let him go. He's been absolutely terrible this season and if what the rag was reporting these last few days is true then perhaps it is best to sell him while we can still get some money. Put some trust in Bertrand. I think this kid is quality.
  15. Losing patience. It's annoying and embarassing. I'll always support him while he plays for us but I'd sell him at the end of the season and bring in a replacement from overseas. Someone who won't have the media pressure or any previous in England.