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  1. Chelsea 1 Brentford 4

    Werner is a bottler for me, any 50/50 he he backs out of and when he has a chance to run at the FB he is so easily pushed off the ball. Also can anybody explain Kante's position, seems he is playing like a number 8
  2. Middlesbrough 0 Chelsea 2

    Glad we got the second goal because Ruben looks as if he is hiding
  3. Middlesbrough 0 Chelsea 2

    Twice he has almost screwed up
  4. Luton Town 2 Chelsea 3

    Its a freaking miracle...............Werner scores
  5. Luton Town 2 Chelsea 3

    You know this is so freaking bad I really don't care anymore
  6. Luton Town 2 Chelsea 3

    Must say I like seeing Ruben making these cavalier forward runs :)
  7. Luton Town 2 Chelsea 3

    You know something Werner is absolute crap
  8. Chelsea 2 Lille 0

    Horrific.!!! Please mate give me a break please
  9. Chelsea 2 Palmeiras 1

    Sometimes I despair on this forum, reading the criticism of the team and particularly Havertz just blows my mind, we have just become only the fifth side in history to have won every available trophy, the other four are Man U, Juventus, Ajax and Bayern Munich. Just let that sink in a minute and realize just how blessed we have been to witness all of this success and lets just enjoy it. Any of you that have played football should see the class and potential Havertz has, I agree he has not yet produced this on a regular basis, but there have been mitigating circumstances for a young lad in a new country, Covid and injuries obviously some of them, then the constant chopping and changing with our attack which has hindered all of them. So I appreciate all of us are entitled to an opinion, but lets just enjoy this win no matter what.
  10. Chelsea 2 Palmeiras 1

    Thanks matey, good luck for the future
  11. Chelsea 2 Palmeiras 1

    Put us in a final and we seem to always find a way to win it
  12. Chelsea 2 Palmeiras 1

    you can't make it up can!!!
  13. Chelsea 2 Palmeiras 1

    Do we really want to win this??????????
  14. Chelsea 2 Palmeiras 1

    I often wondered what it would be like to play walking football
  15. Chelsea 2 Palmeiras 1

    This really is woeful
  16. Kurt Zouma

    My question is how many times has he done this before in the privacy of his home, it doesn't bear thinking about. Horrible individual
  17. Al Hilal SFC 0 Chelsea 1

    This team used to know how to control a game, not anymore
  18. Al Hilal SFC 0 Chelsea 1

    Our passing sometime frustrates the life out of me
  19. Al Hilal SFC 0 Chelsea 1

    That miss sums up Lukaku this season
  20. Kurt Zouma

    West Ham have put him in their team tonight, utter frigging disgrace. Someone needs to give him a good kicking tonight.
  21. Chelsea 2 Tottenham Hotspur 0

    Never thought I would say this, but Ziyech could be the missing piece that lights up our forward line. I knew he had talent but I was worried for him and the intensity of the PL that we would never see it, now I do. His link up play with Mount was a joy to behold, I really think now he must start in that same right side position with the freedom to roam. That goal was a thing of beauty.
  22. Chelsea's forward issues

    One other issue comes to mind regarding our forwards is that along with our schedule, injuries and Covid, how much time has TT really had on the training pitch to address the issues we are discussing? With matches coming every three days they can only try to get it right on match days which as we can see hasn't worked.
  23. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 0

    Getting beaten by Man City for me is not the issue, they are far and away the best team in the PL, what galls me is the amount of points we have dropped at home to sides that we really should be beating. As @Original 21 pointed out the loss of Chilwell and shortly thereafter James has really hindered this team's quality and fluidity, their replacements have done their best, but they come nowhere near the understanding that James and Chilwell had developed. As far as Lukaku is concerned we have spent just under 100million pounds for a guy that was scoring for fun for Inter. One main reason for that was his partner Lauturo Martinez, he needs someone like that to make this work. At this time TT has tried CHO and Werner, today it was Pulisic and Ziyech, the one that comes closest is Werner and that is up for debate as well. So I don't know what the answer is but to suggest the club to get rid of him after spending that sort of money is not going to happen. Personally I really like TT, he has only just reached one year with the club and under an unprecedented run of injuries and Covid, he has somehow kept this team functioning by placing square pegs in round holes. Finally I hope the club provide him with a quality left wing back and not some fill in like Kenedy, sure Chilwell will be back next season but why can't we have 2 quality left wing backs as we should all over the pitch.
  24. Chelsea 2 Liverpool 2

    Agree mate, playing well and much the better side unless you offer gifts to them
  25. Chelsea 2 Liverpool 2

    Why try to head a ball that is only inches above the ground!!!!!!!