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  1. Conte just said at his presser that Barkley cannot play in the FA Cup because by all accounts we signed him in the evening and not earlier during the day....WTF!!
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    For me I agree with James re the board, they have left it very very late and although we may still look back after window closes and be satisfied, it still doesn't alter the fact that the new signings will need time to adapt to Conte's fitness levels and style of play. This season I don't think we have the luxury of time to do this when you take into account how strong the two Manc clubs are, so any points deficit we may incur while this happens will be so much harder to make up this season, just my opinion.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Spuds have a very tough draw as well, of course United get a nice easy one as do City really.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    Guess our beloved transfer committee better get their act together after that draw!
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Now we have Roma as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Seems we are doing like for like replacements, Morata for Costa, Baka for Matic and Cabellero for Begovic. When are we going to actually increase the size of this squad with quality who will push Alonso and Moses? Yesterday watching Kante trying to fill the midfield hole the size of the Grand Canyon was ridiculous, for crying out loud spend the money and get the players we need, for a start Sandro, and an upgrade for Moses, that would help!
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    Where have you seen that?
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Just read on Twitter that Fiorentina have confirmed that Bernardeschi has put in a transfer request. Seen this lad quite a few times and he is very good and scores goals on a regular basis.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    I had the same thought!!!
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    I was not impressed with Baker at all, at times he was just invisible. Couldn't work out what position he was playing, the Baker I remembered was a box to box midfielder with a lethal shot on either foot. I did not see that tonight or in previous games he has played. As for Chalobah he hadn't recovered from the groin injury against Poland.
  11. Paris Saint-Germain 1 Chelsea 1

    How anyone can compare Mikel to the level that Matic shows on the pitch time and time again surely can't be watching the same match. Mikel has been a true loyal servant to the club and certainly has on occasions shown that he can perform at a high level. But the fact remains he doesn't come close to the player Matic has become, he has made such a difference to this Chelsea side this season. As for the match I suppose the ends justify the means, great result and we should beat them at the Bridge, but I just wish we could play as if we know we are a great side, rather than look as if we have an inferiority complex and play with such caution. I also think the ref didn't help much, he should have handed out a few yellow cards much earlier than he did, how he allowed Verratti and Luiz to commit so many fouls without getting a card much earlier is a mystery. Still a great result, and at least we came away in much better shape than we did last year.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    I guess Reus is now a non starter as the BBC are reporting he has signed a new contract with Dortmund, must admit that is a surprise considering all the speculation about him?
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    Just an aside to all the above, didn't Jose say some weeks ago that a new contract for Hazard was imminent? Hasn't happened yet so what is holding this up?
  14. Crystal Palace 1 Chelsea 2

    During that 10 minutes of Cahill madness does anyone think that because Ivanovic is so far forward a lot of the time teams have seen the space that is left open as a result. Therefore yesterday Palace just hoofed the ball into that space and Cahill got into a right mess? Oscar was brilliant, this team is brilliant, my only criticism would be that 10 v 10 we should have been out of sight long before their late goal.
  15. Media / Press

    Casting my blue tinted glasses aside for a minute, would anyone have been surprised if Cahill had been red carded for that tackle? Personally I thought a yellow card was fair and it was nowhere close to the Welbeck tackle late in the match, but I can think of several ref's who may have sent him off. It was also the first big call for Atkinson to make and if Cahill had been sent off, the match may have changed dramatically.
  16. Chelsea 1 FC Schalke 04 1

    I don't necessarily think its Drogba bashing, its the logic of playing him ahead of Remy that I didn't get. Didier has been injured, hasn't played much and if he was going to take part it should have been later on. The other mystery is why he wasn't subbed a lot earlier, I think he played around 70 mins?
  17. Chelsea 1 FC Schalke 04 1

    We can all argue the toss about if Drogba played ok or crap as I saw it, the question that needs an answer, because for me it defies logic is why Remy didn't start. Makes no sense at all, Drogba has been out injured for a while, Remy comes on for 15 mins against Swansea and scores, go figure that one. The other concern for me is Ivanovic, his cavalier attacking style has paid off with goals so far,but for me he seems more intent on scoring goals than defending. I would actually like to see the full backs ( Apzi and Luis) play in their best positions and Ivan may have to accept that his future may lie in a center back/ full back position as an when needed. Just my opinion!
  18. Chelsea 1 FC Schalke 04 1

    Bit fortunate really, definate foul on the Schalke player in the build up.
  19. Chelsea 4 Swansea City 2

    Can't complain about us scoring 10 goals in two games but the defending has not been good, I personally thought JT had a mare, his positional play is normally top class but today it was well below par. Great to watch though, 3-6 and now 4-2, well played Diego amazing start to his Chelsea career
  20. Transfer Talk Topic

    Am I the only one not overwhelmed by this? The only positive I take from getting Remy is that we are going to save a lot money in wages and the fee itself. Torres I agree has been a huge disappointment, mostly because of the huge amount money we paid for him, but where has Remy proved he is going to do any better? We are still left with one class striker in Costa, then Remy, (who knows) and with all due respect to Didier a 36 year old striker. Underwhelmed.....sorry
  21. Transfer Talk Topic

    If I remember it was a hamstring that caused his problems with AM near the end of their season, the injury still hadn't healed properly during the WC. This was always going to be the worry, Costa gets injured, suspended and we have with all due respect Drogba and Torres, just not good enough when you look at other top sides in the PL and Europe
  22. Transfer Talk Topic

    Its all very well getting shot of Torres but he was our so called number 2 striker, now are we saying that moving Drogba up to number two and having Bamford as number three we are fine?? I don't think so
  23. Transfer Talk Topic

    In a nutshell I cannot rationalize Jose going into the season with Costa,Torres and with all due respect Drogba as our three strikers. One injury or suspension for Costa and we are back where we were last season relying on Torres?? As for Bamford I presume he hasn't gone out on loan as yet as we are/maybe still looking for another striker?
  24. Chelsea 2 Real Sociedad 0

    This is a joke live here in Arizona, paid my subscription and no action!!!!