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  1. 58 minutes ago, Everyonesallowedanopinion said:

    Some on here need to get their heads out of their backsides, we have signed no one, all targets are falling away, we've lost our main defender, we look like signing no one, Barca have just matched our bid for Raphiha so that's another target gone, Stirlings gone quiet, City could screw us big time by keeping him, our squad as it is, is not good enough for top 6 let alone top 4

    Look mate I don't normally comment negatively on posts, but your pointless drivel is driving me crazy.

    Just take a chill pill and relax.

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  2. Never been a big fan of Richarlison, spends most of time on the floor moaning to the ref, its just a personal opinion and I could be proved wrong in this Spurs team.

    Another one is why go back for Ake, good player but a squad player he will end up being, rather keep Colwill.

    Like Raphina but all I keep reading is that he prefers Barca in which case, piss off and go there especially now Barca have just received this 257 million euro from some media company.

  3. 2 hours ago, Ruudboy said:

    Had been looking forward to SB for the last game of the season, but my old man is seriously ill so did a hospital visit instead - couldn’t get the match on the hospital tv and no radio. Got back in time for MOTD only for there to be a power cut for the next three hours. Thanks for the commentary, chaps, hopefully the match was recorded on Sky+. Had the joy of translating “schadenfreude” for my sister’s Liverpool-loving boyfriend….won’t get a birthday card from him now, I suspect.

    Hope your dad improves very soon mate.

  4. I agree with Ham actually, thought we played pretty well, but as we all know until we find a way to put the ball in the net especially at home, we will always appear to struggle.

    Thought Reece was very good as was Jorghino, similar to his performance against Liverpool. Also thought Ziyech was very lively and worked hard, can't really get upset about the result we finish third and this team gets rebuilt next season.

    As for Leicester thought they were very ordinary.

  5. Based on the way Tuchel has handled these games recently with the strange subs he has made, the only conclusion that makes any sense right now is that he wants out of here. We all know he has been amazing at times, but since the defeat in Madrid he has not seemed himself, none of these substitutes makes any sense and I can only think that he has given up.

    Hope I am wrong though.


  6. 1 hour ago, ROTG said:

    Do not disagree that Boehly will provide funds for recruitment, however it will not be an open book like RA. 

    Do you know the way TT want the team to play. Because I am still struggling after a season and a half. 

    Couple of things come to mind reading your posts mate.

    Firstly if you look at what Boehly has already done with his investments in sports you will know he is very data driven and wants his teams to be the best, you could almost say it compares to the Fenway Group in Boston who have guided Liverpool over the past few years leading to much success and without wasting money on players that do not fit Klopp's way of playing. Their last purchase  was Diaz and he looks as if he has been there years, the other one that comes to mind is Jota, another raging success.

    Secondly you mention TT doesn't know how to get the best out of these players or how he wants them to play, I would suggest he is having to use players that have come in over the years via other managers and their systems. I think we should see how this summer shakes out and hopefully new players will be purchased that fit the Tuchel way of playing.

  7. 10 minutes ago, Mark Kelly said:

    Just turned on the BBC and to be honest it's sickening the fawning and adulation they're dishing out to the two sides in the Liverpool V City semi final .

    Firstly the palpable sense of excitement which other than desperately wanting Palace to beat us won't be on show tomorrow.

    Then we had Hillsborough followed by  how TTA should be England's right back as he's "redefined" the position.

    Presumably he's redefined the position by being unable to defend.

    An absolute joke of an organisation , they should scrap the license.

    As you said Mark. Sickening, I am muting it.