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  1. Yesterday was always going to be a dangerous game for us following an international break and missing two really key defenders, so yea we got lucky in the last 20 minutes and but for Mendy we may have lost this one, but we didn't and the three points was all that mattered in the end.

    The missing piece of this team is as everyone has mentioned is the lack of a creative midfielder that can score goals as well as create them, I am fed up seeing Kante and Kovacic always in a position to have the best chance to shoot, only for their lack of technique to let them down. I was hoping Mount would be the answer, but for all his talent and work rate he doesn't shoot enough or score enough goals, that of course could still yet happen. The answer of course are the players we already have, Ziyech, Havertz and Pulisic, all of which have the creative skills to make a big difference, but they are either injured or not living up to the potential we know they have.

    Still, top of the table and we can only get better.


  2. Maybe this will stop all this talk from the media how great we are and the title is ours. Yes the team is very good and will go close this season but Man City are a world apart and should win the league again.

    Considering our fixtures these past few weeks we have done really well without playing that well, the defence has been sorted out so no issues there, the ongoing dilemma continues to be the lack of form of Mount, Havertz and Werner and when you add in the glaring lack of creativity it's no surprise we are not the finished article.

    As for Mount, when he is on form he is a very important part of this team, but my personal issue with him is that he does not score enough goals.

  3. Positives are Chalobah and Reece, also pleasantly surprised how well Ruben is doing.

    I have seen enough of Saul with AM to know he is better than this and will adjust I am certain.

    Werner, Ziyech and Callum frustrate the life out of me, so much talent and no end product, usual story!

    Good to see Chilly playing and and looking  good considering he hasn't played in a long time.

  4. 16 hours ago, chara said:

    I was indeed....I would have been to your right sort of level or just above the penalty area line..I originally had a ticket from sister was at uni there but driving up the fan belt broke and to make a long story short the mechanic who came out asked if we had a spare ticket..the driver did but I gave him my ticket and got the Chelsea ticket..great memory..... 

    Wow mate, separated by maybe 25 feet back in 1970 and here we are now, you in Colorado and I am in New Hampshire, you can't make this stuff can you.

    I was working for the Post Office in Battersea and was due at work the next morning at 6.00am, turned up still wearing all my Chelsea gear with a huge grin on my face. As you said, these memories supporting our club live forever. 


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  5. 1 hour ago, chara said:

    I'm STILL smiling....fwiw...Phoenix Blue..where were you at OT?....I remember the feeling shared by  everyone around me when Ossie scored that we would win!

    We have now won the big'un twice....not many can say that...what we endure a lifetime of Chelsea highs and lows for...but as a certain Mr Kristofferson sings..."The going up was worth the coming down"..and we are on the up..

    I enjoy looking back but I don't live there....the way of a victory is as important in our memory bank as actually and who against!..same in the "away" game in Munich ..who scored and var rubbish..good refereeing and such a great team 90+ minutes...memorable goal against the "best side in the world" quote!

    And two fingers up to the media... oh and to put it to rest..yeah right...Chelsea beat Citeh's (as defined by the media)A B & C  sides....

    CHELSEA BEAT MAN CITY...not Citeh lose to Chelsea..not Pep's mistakes..not a lucky game...third victory over Citeh in 6 is lucky two is coincidence three?..I'm waiting for the media definition as the week draws out.

    I was behind the goal where Ossie dived to get our equalizer from a Cooke cross, amazing night one I will never forget.

    Were you there as well Chara?


  6. Everything has been said about this amazing win and the incredible job Tuchel has done in such a short space of time, but the thing that really stands for me is now, is that this young side have finally won a trophy, there is no doubt we are in for a very exciting period in our history now. The mental effort it took to win the biggest competition in the world has erased all the fears I had about this side not getting the job done when it really mattered.

    In my lifetime supporting this club with all the highs and lows, being at Old Trafford in 1970 to see us beat Leeds and win the FA Cup, the dark days during the 80's, travelling to Moscow on my own from Phoenix, AZ to see JT slip and miss his penalty which would have won our first CL trophy. Then booking a bloody cruise in 2012 because who have thought we would get to the final and then have to play Bayern in their own stadium, a cruise seemed a good idea LOL.

    I wasn't sure in my lifetime I would see us win Big Ears again, so last night was so special and I am made up for life now seeing our young side emulate the memory of 2012.

    I love you Chelsea, always have and until my last breath always will.


  7. 4 minutes ago, JaneB said:

    I just ask that the whole team gives 100%.  If they can't gear themselves up for the most important game in their careers then they can b***** off.

    Don't faff around at the back and PLEASE someone get some goals.

    Nobody wants us to win, we're very much underdogs in every way, so let's upset everyone else and give them the result they will hate.  Finals seldom go to plan and I'd fed up with keep losing them, so COME ON CHELSEA, LET'S DO IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!

    Well said Jane, my thoughts entirely.

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  8. Far be it for me to big up a Spurs player, but Kane is not only a goal scorer of the highest quality, his all round game is top class, his hold up play is very good and he also has amazing vision for a pass, would be awesome for us. That said of course it would be a miracle if Levy would agree to sell him to Chelsea.

    The other player I want to mention is Ziyech, we all know he is very talented but looks totally disinterested and sometimes out of his depth in the PL. 

    The player he reminds me of is Mahrez, I remember when he signed for City and looked completely out of his depth, but look at him now, given time he now is showing how really good he is and he is now one of City's most important players, maybe Ziyech might develop the same way?


  9. Late to the discussion with time change and all that, but was shocked and saddened by this news. I did think Frank would get to the end of the season before any decision was made :(

    We all love Frank as a player who was indeed a legend for us and this will always be the case, but there is no doubt in my mind that things on the pitch were regressing and there really was no sign of improvement, so although I wanted to see where this season took us before making any decisions, I am not surprised by it.

    As for Tuchel, I don't know, before he went to PSG he was an exciting young coach who seemed to know what he was doing, he did win everything with PSG except the holy grail being the CL trophy which for PSG is a requirement. The same can be said about Pep with City, won everything but not the trophy that City want the most. Of course winning everything in Ligue 1 is entirely different to the PL, but if Tuchel is the one we shall quickly find out how good or bad he really is, of course if he can get Werner and Havertz to play to their full potential that will be great for us.

  10. 36 minutes ago, Mark Kelly said:

    I think what we as a club need to do is buy players that suit the way the coach wants to play. 

    Werner was doomed to failure, sell him to Leicester or Wolves and he'd score 30 a season. 

    I was critical of Lampard at the start of the season for pressing the reset button and forgetting that Giroud had already proven he was a better fit for the way we play and reverting back to Tammy as CF. 

    It would have been forgivable if his big money striker was given the role but Werner hadn't had a chance and now he's in pieces. 

    We definitely need a new formation, one that gets the best out of Kante who is utterly hopeless playing on the edge of the opposition box and Mount who is too far from the opposition box, Werner and Havertz. 

    That's four quality players we are actively diminishing the effect of by playing to their weaknesses. 

    Lampard needs to wake up. 


    Well said Mark.

    In fact every time I see Kante  as the player who is the furthest forward or is in best position to shoot drives me crazy, in fact you can add Kovacic to this as well. I have no problem with midfielders getting a chance to shoot, but we know every time they do its miles off target.

    I always thought Mount would be our new Lampard by arriving late in the box and scoring goals, thing is Mason is a wonderful hardworking player but really doesn't score enough goals to come close to being compared to Lampard.

    Sorry about going off topic about Werner, but it just adds to my belief that the side is a total miss mash with no identity or rhythm.