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  1. Casting my blue tinted glasses aside for a minute, would anyone have been surprised if Cahill had been red carded for that tackle?

    Personally I thought a yellow card was fair and it was nowhere close to the Welbeck tackle late in the match, but I can think of several ref's who may have sent him off.

    It was also the first big call for Atkinson to make and if Cahill had been sent off, the match may have changed dramatically.

  2. I don't necessarily think its Drogba bashing, its the logic of playing him ahead of Remy that I didn't get.

    Didier has been injured, hasn't played much and if he was going to take part it should have been later on. The other mystery is why he wasn't subbed a lot earlier, I think he played around 70 mins?

  3. We can all argue the toss about if Drogba played ok or crap as I saw it, the question that needs an answer, because for me it defies logic is why Remy didn't start.

    Makes no sense at all, Drogba has been out injured for a while, Remy comes on for 15 mins against Swansea and scores, go figure that one.

    The other concern for me is Ivanovic, his cavalier attacking style has paid off with goals so far,but for me he seems more intent on scoring goals than defending. I would actually like to see the full backs ( Apzi and Luis) play in their best positions and Ivan may have to accept that his future may lie in a center back/ full back position as an when needed. Just my opinion!

  4. Can't complain about us scoring 10 goals in two games but the defending has not been good, I personally thought JT had a mare, his positional play is normally top class but today it was well below par.

    Great to watch though, 3-6 and now 4-2, well played Diego amazing start to his Chelsea career

  5. Am I the only one not overwhelmed by this?

    The only positive I take from getting Remy is that we are going to save a lot money in wages and the fee itself. Torres I agree has been a huge disappointment, mostly because of the huge amount money we paid for him, but where has Remy proved he is going to do any better?

    We are still left with one class striker in Costa, then Remy, (who knows) and with all due respect to Didier a 36 year old striker.


  6. If Bony is better than Ba, then it's only marginally so. If we do go for someone like him as a back up, it begs the question, why did we sell Ba? Criminally under-used last season, and would have been a better 2nd option than either Torres or Drogba this season.

    As you say, Man City have four top strikers, and they all get game time. Whilst all of them no doubt believe they should be nailed-on starters, none of them seem to be causing ructions from the bench. If a team is winning, you can usually keep everybody happy (except Torres, of course, who was famously quoted as saying that he couldn't care less if we won or lost when he wasn't playing... great "team player"!!!)

    This season, after a couple of seasons without one, we finally have a striker who can lead the line... but just like the last main striker we bought, this one has suffered hamstring injuries in the past, played on while not fully recovered/fit, and has now suffered another hamstring injury. To back him up we have a 36 year old former talisman who may have the odd game-changing performance still in him, but you wouldn't want him to start 8 or 10 games in a row, and a busted flush (who was already a busted flush when we signed him) who is more likely to hit the corner flag than the back of the net from 10m out with no-one left to beat.

    We used to manage to keep Drogba and Anelka happy, whilst still giving Kalou game time (who, let's not forget, often managed to get vital goals from off the bench!). Compared to what we have now, that was an embarrassment of riches.

    Who thought Costa backed up by Drogba and Torres was good enough? Even if we do only play with one up front 90% of the time, whoever is leading the line must be being pushed by someone just as good. If Costa is a 9/10, then Drogba is a 6/10 with potential to sometimes be an 8/10 and Torres is a 3/10 who might rise to the dizzying heights of a 5/10. Simply not good enough.

    We've put all our eggs in one basket... and the handle is already starting to come off!

    Couldn't have put it better myself...Great post

  7. If I remember it was a hamstring that caused his problems with AM near the end of their season, the injury still hadn't healed properly during the WC.

    This was always going to be the worry, Costa gets injured, suspended and we have with all due respect Drogba and Torres, just not good enough when you look at other top sides in the PL and Europe

  8. In a nutshell I cannot rationalize Jose going into the season with Costa,Torres and with all due respect Drogba as our three strikers. One injury or suspension for Costa and we are back where we were last season relying on Torres??

    As for Bamford I presume he hasn't gone out on loan as yet as we are/maybe still looking for another striker?

  9. Not sure if Jose wants Lukaku back or not, but lets assume he doesn't rate him.

    Everton obviously would love to keep him, but would struggle coming up with the funds, how would you all feel if they tried to make the deal happen using Barkley as part of the deal? I ask because I think Barkley is an awesome talent and would be an ideal replacement for Lampard.

    Personally I think Lukaku is worth keeping, but if Jose doesn't want him the thought of Barkley joining us would be worth it.

  10. I think Luiz is an immense talent and we should not even think about selling him. I watched him last night partner Thiago Silva for Brazil, he was very very good. His long range passing and ball control is so good, I hope he stays.

    As for a new striker this lad Mitroglou who plays for Greece is certainly banging in the goals for club and country?

  11. My thinking is we drop Lampard and put Oscar into central midfield next to Ramires where I think he's better suited.

    We then have a decent platform from which our attacking players can work, with a blend of creativity and pace from two deep midfield players capable of pressing and putting a tackle in for 90 minutes. That probably gets Mata into the team alongside William and Hazard/Schürrle who work well defensively on the flanks and have the pace to counter. It also gets De Bruyne one spot closer to coming on. Having said that, Kevin still looks poor in his defensive work and needs to up his tempo to be a consistent and effective squad member.

    Lampard has his qualities but IMO he's looked awful this season. He seems a lot slower and is lunging into tackles more to compensate; both for us and in his England appearances. He shouldn't be an automatic starter on current form and needs to be removed from the match day squad. It's up to him to work his way back into contention on the training ground. I'd also drop both Cole and Ivanovic for Bertrand and Azpilicueta. I don't think we'd lose much defensively and Dave and Ryan are 'potentially' far more dangerous from wider positions than the current fullbacks are.

    The problem if we're chasing the game is that the 3-5-2 option then requires 2 subs instead of just one (unless you trust Dave to move across to the third CB slot).

    EDIT: Readability

    Dead right!

    The only way I see Mata playing in this side is as you describe, our pressing game doesn't work with Lampard, and it certainly doesn't work with Mata.

    But, if Jose is willing to let Mata do what Mata does best and just create, then Mata may have a future at CFC ( I know, sounds crazy doesn't it)