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  1. There is a part of me that would like to keep Kalou, I have always loved his attitude and always gives 100% when called upon.

    But there is something very frustrating about him, we all know he has skill and has the ability to score important goals, but for all that he has remained stagnant over the years and really hasn't moved up a level. I do agree though he would make a very good squad player.

    That said, if we have lined up a real quality striker I would wish him well and hope his potential will show itself somewhere else (hopefully not Arsenal)

  2. Leave absolutely!!!!

    preferably asap, this would hopefully give us an opportunity to bring someone in this month.

    Don't think it will happen until the end of the season unfortunately.

    I wanted to believe that he could get back to awesome best, I was even prepared to forgive him after Moscow.

    Its obvious he doesn't want to be here, and his presence is having a damaging effect on the team.