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  1. Chelsea 5 Chesterfield 1

    Would have thought Pulisic would get a rest.
  2. Chelsea 2 Tottenham Hotspur 0

    Exactly. Conte playing politics already. Him and Levy. Can’t see that ending well.
  3. Romelu Lukaku returns to Chelsea on a 5 year deal

    He can sort his issues with the Board but he is going to need to be scoring otherwise it is going to be difficult with the match going support.
  4. Romelu Lukaku returns to Chelsea on a 5 year deal

    This certainly seems to have evolved into something more than we thought at first. What could we get for him is the question and where would he go. Didn’t Inter sell him as they had financial issues?
  5. Chelsea 2 Liverpool 2

    They just can’t call anything out against their own team. So boring.
  6. Chelsea 2 Liverpool 2

    Really pleased with that comeback. Hope we can build on this now. Always a good not to lose to that mob.
  7. Chelsea 2 Liverpool 2

    Interesting Ham. I have had lots of arguments with Utd fans about this. I think they have caused the issue with English football. Utd very skilfully flexed their marketing muscle around the world so that gate receipts became largely irrelevant where once they were everything. It left everyone else including Liverpool unable to compete. Arsenal banked by Fizman challenged for a while but they could not sustain it so in came Oligarch’s and others and we are where we are. Utd fan’s always say they generated the money which is true but they just became to powerful and rich for the rest of us.
  8. Chelsea 2 Liverpool 2

    Agree we were big spenders when Roman first took over and he propelled us to a level we could only dream about. I believe you have said we have been a long way from being title challengers the last 5 years. You are right but that is because we live within our own means largely now. As for Liverpool. We used to be accused of stock pilling players so other clubs could not but them. In the 80’s it was Liverpool doing that but was portrayed by the ever swooning media that they needed to learn “The Liverpool way”.
  9. Chelsea 1 Brighton 1

    Agreed. Running on empty. Really concerned about a two legged semi against Spurs being added to the mix.
  10. Chelsea 1 Brighton 1

    Indeed. But one with a two legged league cup semi doesn’t seem like ending anytime soon.
  11. Chelsea 1 Brighton 1

    Really disappointing result but the least Brighton deserved. They put in the same performance they did against the scousers.
  12. Chelsea 1 Brighton 1

    Everything going their way at the moment.
  13. Aston Villa 1 Chelsea 3

    True. But in the modern English game only Man City want the ball.
  14. Aston Villa 1 Chelsea 3

    It is in the rules is it not? Maybe I am wrong. A valid point Michael. If not the competition is seriously compromised and they should have called off all the games. On reflection, you are right Michael. The answer? The games need to be played well before the end of the season when teams have something riding on it. Man U played their reserves last years as second place was nailed on. The league ideally need to avoid this type of scenario.
  15. Aston Villa 1 Chelsea 3

    Indeed. We got stuffed last year with the Man U postponement of the game against the scousers. Played their youth team against Leicester and lost and then turned over by the scousers two days later. We have had to play on, fair enough, but the League need to make sure that teams play first choice sides later in the season. Any whingeing or moaning to be given short shrift!