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  1. Ashley Cole

    Live on Sky News now... Makelele has just done a horrible diving tackle and taken out Ashley Cole's ankles. He has limped off the pitch. He is so important to us to stop Ronaldo. This can't be happening!!
  2. Didier Drogba I hope the French newspaper can't accurately translate what he is saying, but this is very disappointing to hear. We lose Drogba, and we may as well give up on any glory with our current squad. Even if he does stay, he will not be giving 100% which we need at the moment! As we have seen this year, he is our most important player and we are in a world of trouble without him
  3. Injury News

    JT is out of England game. His knee locked during training. Lets hope he has recovered for middlesborough as we will already look a bit shaky without Ashley