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  1. No new members for over a year

    I can't say I'm surprised. I know that at times running this place - just owning it even - was pretty painful for him. Are you able to promote me to Root Admin at all, even if it's temporary? I'd like to have a dig around to see if there's anything I can do.
  2. No new members for over a year

    Yeah, the 'powered by Invision Community' thing is just something they use as a strapline on all the installations. Has Pete S offered any insight into this at all?
  3. No new members for over a year

    I can see the moderator controls now, but that's not going to help with the problems the site is experiencing, I'm afraid. If Invision own the site, do they also host it, too? If so, it's currently set up in a pretty irresponsible way - see my earlier comments - so they should at least fix that. Might be with asking them that if they're not prepared to support it, what can be done to take the site back from them. It should be possible to host the site for a reasonable cost - I'm not going to guess until I can see some stats - if it were stripped back to just the forums.
  4. No new members for over a year

    Where there's a will there's a way. I guess. Edit: also, this account does not have admin rights, so I'm no further forward in that regard, other than learning I posted 11,942 times here...
  5. Chelsea 1 Manchester City 1

    Bore draw. No controversial decisions by the officials. No goals. No injuries. Mourinho answering only football questions in interviews before and after the game. Nothing for Sky to talk about. Sky reap what they sow.
  6. Chelsea 1 Liverpool 0 (AET)

    You should never expect the atmosphere, you make the atmosphere.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    That's not it, James, as well you know. I want a C63 but guess what, I can't afford it.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Because whilst Messi might right now be one of the two best players in the world, and I'm sorry to break this, he's unproven in the Premier League and all its foibles. Many people before you have made the mistake that past performance is a guarantee of future performances and will continue to do so.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Brilliant logic. It's not about how good an individual player is, it's how he fits into the system. If we're to change that system, you're talking about a lot more money (and time) than the frankly ridiculous fees being bandied about for Messi.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    A miracle? That amount is a ridiculous stretch of the imagination by any degree. Where did you even get that figure from?
  11. Chelsea 3 Watford 0

    They'll never be reduced since they've effectively kept down the costs - such as that is - for years now. When ticket prices were frozen for some time for STs and day tickets, corporate tickets were not. It's a very significant part of the matchday income. Most people would be horrified if they knew how much corporate tickets are. Domestic cups will always have a loud away contingent since the allocation is much higher than for league games and home fans will get moved. Regarding moving the fans, East Upper is a non-starter because of segregation and safety issues. Egress from East Upper is slow at the best of times and it would be a policing nightmare. I'd like to see dugouts moved to the West Stand and put the away fans back in East Lower. Again, probably impractical.
  12. Southampton 1 Chelsea 1

    He's scoring at the same rate he did for Arsenal.
  13. Southampton 1 Chelsea 1

    They all know how to do that. Shoot at what, through what? Why do you think Southampton have conceded single figures at home this season, with almost 70% of their games being clean sheets? It's disappointing to get only a point, but they're a decent team, particularly at home.
  14. Southampton 1 Chelsea 1

    It's difficult I think. Southampton are a ridiculously stingy team - only us have conceded fewer and then only by one - and this is how they play at home. They love to soak it up. They made us look like Arsenal in the box at times because there was just no way through, and taking pot shots would have played into their counter attacking hands. I don't know what I'd do right now. Probably Willian for Schurlle then Mikel off a little later. Edit: that said, we're not taking advantage of the missing Clyne, so might be some interesting changes.
  15. Southampton 1 Chelsea 1

    I'm stating the obvious (to some) that those results are meaningless, as our results against Newcastle and Sunderland were.