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  1. I'm a Tuchel fanboy and wouldn't countenance supporting sacking him, but even I must admit his substitutions today were extremely questionable. We were getting carved open from midfield and it was obvious we needed a formation change earlier.

    Then again, he also has a serious limitation in the attitudes of many of our players. It isn't good enough. Some seem to be in the FA Cup final already, others in Real Madrid or Barcelona, and some are on holiday.


  2. I genuinely cannot see what was wrong with the Werner goal. I swear he's the most unlucky striker we've ever had.

     Admittedly I didn't celebrate the RLC goal because he looked offside and probably was the right decision. But seriously, how long did they need to take to come to that decision?


  3. Absolutely furious with this effort. Everyone with the exception of RLC has given about 50% today. Everton were always going to throw everything at this game and we've been turned over. No imagination, no effort, lazy. I can deal with losing when the players give everything but this was horrendous. 

    I think some of them are either thinking about the FA cup final, their holidays, or Real Madrid. Game isn't even finished as I write this but I don't care. 

    Learnt a lot about this squad today.

  4. 3 hours ago, McCreadie said:

    Given that he hit the woodwork 3 times, it should be acknowledged that he got himself into 5 decent scoring situations during the game, which is difficult for any striker to do in any game in the PL.

    Absolutely. With the chances he got early I was very confident he'd end up scoring at least once. 

    He probably wouldn't be able to get as many opportunities as that against Real. But it just seems to me that we need something different going forward against them. For all our poor defending, nobody was making runs in the first leg. Nobody was really testing or trying to stretch their defence. Werner's movement could be crucial and he will have undoubtedly got a bit of confidence from those goals on Saturday. 

    As was said earlier, Pulisic has also been very poor recently. I feel we might as well take a punt on Werner.

  5. 12 minutes ago, chara said:

    It's not often that you see the sheer pace that Werner stepped up with to actually go past his defender after giving him a start then chasing the ball down and an excellent finish,,,so unlucky today with about 1/2" away from at least three other goals....he gets stick..rightly so but give credit where due.

    Gratified to see Waterloo Defence tactics today with far less emphasis on the tippy tappy close to goal stuff.

    Only one defender goal and Mason with a hair cut........ 


    Mason only got two goals. If he'd shaved it all off he'd have got a hattrick. 

    Agree on Werner. Extremely unfortunate to not have scored at least two more, but it is an excellent sign. He also stayed onside!! Lots of progress.

  6. Excellent performance. We've seen so many games where we create these kinds of chances and don't bury them. This is the first time in months we've been genuinely clinical. 

    I hope, maybe naively, that this is the turning-point for Timo at Chelsea. 

  7. Very good performance. Werner has been absolutely superb. His goal is very much like the ones he would tend to score at Leipzig.

    I know this is boring, but I kind of hope we slow the game down for most of the second half. Need to conserve energy for Real Madrid and then the FA cup semi final. 

  8. 4 minutes ago, Aussie1979 said:

     Same as WBA last season hopefully it’s a freak result and we don’t let our season implode 

    At least we had a minor excuse of a red card then. This was just horrendous. We were totally outplayed.

    Still we saw some nice passing around all three sides of the opposition box..... 

  9. The Lukaku stat is appalling and unacceptable.

    As it happens, I decided to spend most of the game focusing on Lukaku. In his defence, there are times when he starts to make runs and there is a clear pass on for him. However, it almost never happens because either (1) our attackers are far too slow at making decisions (2) they'll not see his runs and instead pass wide.

    This said, it is simply inexcusable to only have seven touches. If he was really, REALLY interested, he'd have come in deeper and tried to link up play with Ziyech in particular. He might even have managed to drag defenders out and create space for Ziyech and Pulisic. There are moments with his back to goal where he looks like he could be pivotal in our attack. But it almost never happens and, really, he can't just blame everyone else.

    Speaking of blaming everyone else, I am beyond sick of seeing him gesticulate with frustration and looking at his teammates as if they are inferior to him.

    Not really sure where we go from here with him. He needs to fundamentally change to stay with us imo. 

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  10. I'm glad for everyone who was travelling today and didn't get the game postponed last minute, but it's a disgrace this is even being played.

    In terms of the game itself... yeah. We look shocking. I think we might well have to bring Kovacic on at some point. Just hope he doesn't get injured again