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  1. Chelsea Women

    Even better now, mate, 3:0 and they won. Well done girls!
  2. Chelsea Women

    what's your point? They're still leading 2:0 - might be better to say that winning is in the club's genes ...
  3. West Ham 3 Chelsea 2

    Who said Mason ain’t got no teeth?
  4. West Ham 3 Chelsea 2

    Second match in a row, Jorge. Why the sudden lack of concentration?
  5. West Ham 3 Chelsea 2

    Tiago, you beauty!
  6. Media / Press

    last line in Times report, overshadowed by Ronaldo spat with Pascal Ferre
  7. Chelsea 4 Juventus 0

    Blimey. McMananaman being complimentary?
  8. Leicester City 0 Chelsea 3

    Far be it from you to be subject to a wind up, Droy, but on this occasion …
  9. FFS please ….. enough, already ….. I’m losing my sanity here ….. can we call it a day, please? Next thing you’ll be asking whether Pulisic was habitually standing in the wrong place on the rare chance he actually played ….
  10. Doubt it. They don't seem to agree on much else!
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Not unless Adolphe Teikeu Kamgang joins the defence
  12. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Understand him wanting to leave bonny Scotland, but Villa? Is this another slip by Gerrard?
  13. Movies

    When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when you're feeling sad ... presumably?
  14. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Personally, I wish they’d go forth (and multiply). Horrid team. Quite, Jane. We’re three points ahead. Let’s hope we can keep it that way. 4th December should be interesting ….