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  1. Media / Press

    No great fan of gambling or, for that matter, many of the shirt sponsors. It’s just a shame that the club doesn’t seek sponsorship from companies who represent club values - and I truly don’t believe that gambling, cars, fossil fuels, aeroplanes, drinks, tobacco and electronics (most of the current sponsors) fall into that category. Better we make a positive gesture by inviting sponsorship from companies whose products and services actually benefit society and promote health etc.
  2. Media / Press

    I’m shocked to the core - biting? - embarrassed that managers at the club I love could behave this way, and nothing was done by the Executive. If that is what RA tolerated, thank God Boehly arrived.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    "Eddie Beach, he knows what to do Eddie Beach, wearing Chelsea blue" (repeat)?
  4. Thought this was some sort of oblique swing at one of the more esteemed members of this forum - thank God I Googled it before reacting - "Strawberry flavoured ice cream and chocolate flavour ice cream centre with chocolate flavour coating and sugar balls." Don't think I'll pursue that any further.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    “Fabregas is magic, he wore a magic hat He spent a while in Monaco and then said “no, f*** that”. He might go off to Newcastle or somewhere else as s****? But if he comes back to the Bridge we’ll sing his song all night”. Well, someone had to say it….
  6. Media / Press

    Really? Never have guessed …
  7. Thanks for the quotes and wistful reveries, Bob - looks like we might be in for another game-changing season.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    At this rate, they might end up in defence ...
  9. Nothing on the website … agreed, you’d have thought they would be a priority. Maybe our new owner wants the accounting systems to align with his corporate standard? That could take a while …
  10. Khobar's Legacy

    Dicktim: when you act like a dick, then act like a victim about it. Why do I keep thinking about the North-West of the country?
  11. Asked around, and I understand that Guy Laurence announced his retirement at Christmas, prior to sanctions and sale. He agreed to stay until the sale was complete and has now left.
  12. Missed that one - is he staying or going?
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    Introduce him to Lukaku or the England team - I hear he is an accomplished raiser of the dead. Failing all else, maybe he could do something about the beer in the Shed Lower bar?
  14. Normal business practice is for new owners to let things run on for the rest of the financial year, and then make changes, which makes it a bit uncomfortable for the incumbent management team. Most sensible managers make plans to jump ship the moment new ownership looms. I know I did ...
  15. Who, precisely? This is European court, and the action taken that led to the sale of the club was by HMG, surely?
  16. New Kits

    Sums up 3 rather well, doesn’t it? Something you’d rather forget …
  17. New Stadium Plans

    Totally agree: can you imagine Liverpool allowing part of its precious Kop to be occupied by competing clubs? How did we get to this appalling state of affairs? But where to move the away support? For me, the East or West Upper, at the back, but others will have their own views …
  18. A slogan first used on the coronation of King Charles VII of France ("the Victorious"), who recovered Paris in 1436 and reconquered Normandy in the 1440s using a newly organized professional army and advanced siege cannons. Sounds a promising augur to me - looking forward to the newly organised professional army, let alone those siege cannons!
  19. Khobar's Legacy

    In view of which perhaps Nadine is right: a full review would be beneficial to us all. A full review ….
  20. Musical Tastes

    How did you guess? Great man …