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  1. Al Hilal SFC 0 Chelsea 1

    Just got a coffee and a cookie and returned to see that Lukaku had scored. Wondering where Mrs R bought those cookies ...
  2. Kurt Zouma

    That'll make the cat feel better ... they're creatures of habit, and the change of location is probably stressing it as much as the kicking ...
  3. Kurt Zouma

    Might be the “internal action” they boasted of?
  4. Kurt Zouma

    “Despite the disgust at the player's actions, Sky Sports report that the Met Police will not be investigating the incident, despite tougher punishment for animal cruelty coming in last summer.“ Apparently the RSPCA will, though. Good luck to them. Yet again the Met fails in its duties. As a long-time cat owner - currently with a “teenage bride” and her kitten, both rescues and nuts - and despite the wreckage whenever I leave them unsupervised - I cannot conceive of hitting either of them. It doesn’t work with cats anyway - they only react to positive vibes. To the extent that I considered naming the tom Oddball ….
  5. Kurt Zouma

    Sonofabitch. Give me a chance to kick him. I’ve always been a fan. Not now. No way. Bastard.
  6. Chelsea 2 Plymouth Argyle 1

    Marcus Alonso - thankyou
  7. Chelsea 2 Plymouth Argyle 1

    Is there any passion in this side? They really don’t seem to give a feck
  8. Chelsea 2 Plymouth Argyle 1

    Fixed that for you
  9. Chelsea 2 Plymouth Argyle 1

    Ho ho ho
  10. Non Chelsea: Domestic Cup Competitions

    Pearls before swine, my friend. Always had a soft spot for Mata. A gent. Unlike the geezer who, as Chara reminds me, missed a penalty. A fading memory of a player?
  11. Non Chelsea: Domestic Cup Competitions

    Well, that was fun. United 7:8 Boro penalties. I’ll sleep well tonight
  12. "You only win, when it's snowing ..."
  13. A warm day in Tromso?
  14. Al Hilal SFC 0 Chelsea 1 FIFA will try out a new 'robot referee' technology to make automatic offside decisions at the Club World Cup. As a consequence, Chelsea will be the first Premier League club to trial it. The system will use up to 12 cameras in the roof of the stadium to capture the movement of the ball and the players. It will also create an animated skeleton of the players through 29 data points. This can be assessed 50 times per second to establish the players' position. Once the technology finds a player to be offside, it alerts the VAR operator within half a second. In case the trial is successful, FIFA intends to implement the system fully at the World Cup in Qatar at the end of this year.
  15. Tennis

    Come on, Chara, that’s a load of balls …
  16. Sorry to hear that, @r.bartlett - my sympathies. Puts it all into perspective. And agreed, pampered show ponies don't get my respect, either.
  17. Transfer Talk Topic

    Tricky one, Chara. Part mystification - why isn’t he performing? - part patience - not the irritation every time Sutton ran out, or for that matter that defender who, together with Kante, “never gave the ball away” … until he kept doing so … I think it’s the patience one has with a much-loved son when he’s being a [email protected] … a desperate hope that he starts firing on at least three out of four, but a recognition that maybe one has missed something. Or that he really is a ……. For myself, I can’t convince myself that he got what it takes, but let’s give him till the end of the season to prove his worth. I may be wrong, and he is indeed a weapon worth having, but can we wait until he finds the trigger? Silva? Adored. Obviously. But I can only speak as one of many, and as I see it from the huddled masses in the Shed Lower.
  18. Chelsea 2 Tottenham Hotspur 0

    Actually yes, Bob. Chap next to me and I were discussing it this afternoon. Concluded its a reverse Sampson complex.
  19. Frankly, nowadays I totally ignore posts that descend into verbal fisticuffs, abuse and simple rudeness. My mental image of this place is a Fulham pub, where it's not a good idea to be rude to someone's face, or drone on for hours validating your views. Or maybe you do in your chosen hostelry (in which case I shall avoid it)? In my local, the pub bore is well known and ignored, and you'd risk a "forceful disagreement" to rudeness. Here, all you can do is pop next door (it's crap) or ignore them. In which case you miss out on their more acceptable views. In any case, this continual rudeness and bickering bores the bejasus out of me, and I am sometimes amazed the mods don't just pack it up. I've had the decorators in for weeks, we've had builders next door for 18 months making a row building an eyesore and I'm grumpy as hell, but you get my point. As an old mate used to say on the odd occasion someone rambled (as I am admittedly doing now), "if you can't be amusing, then at least put it nicely. And be brief."
  20. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    I was there too, sandwiched between Japanese waving iPads in front of me and Russians chanting Roos-eye-ah. Both learned some useful colloquial English phrases, and at least one oriental gentleman left the match reflecting on whether an iPad would actually fit where I had proposed. The crowd were not exactly helping matters, but Lukaku was quite as Nobly recalls: looked like a lost little boy, hoping someone would tell him what to do. His gait was as described, leaving me to wonder whether he was carrying an iPad himself. At the end of the match I returned to my hotel. The bar was closed and there was just a small can of Heineken in the minibar. Summed the evening up. Shame. The bar had been fun before we walked to the stadium, but that’s where the fun stopped.
  21. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    Apart from Kepa, I can't think of one player who should sleep well tonight. Disgraceful.
  22. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    Mason is totally out of wind, Lukaku can't hit a sitter, Jorge's brain farting like an ageing labrador ... not one member of the team looking sharp except - arguably - Ziyech ... either covid has hit some of our lot hard, or there is a feeling of "PL gone, second place unlikely, 3rd and 4th tenuous, what the hell...".
  23. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    Still think so?
  24. Media / Press

    ^ I recall a couple next to me being apprehended by the stewards at Goodison park for making an obscene gesture at Everton fans singing this chant. They were naturally concerned at ejection from the ground and possible loss of their season tickets, so I suggested that they use the homophobic chanting by Everton supporters as justification for extending the traditional clenched fist and two raised fingers. Result? They were released and apologised to, and I got a big kiss from the lady in question. If the Stewards knew then (2010?) and accepted it as justification, why did they allow it to continue in further matches?