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  1. Chelsea 2 Wolverhampton Wanderers 2

    If you tapped the receiver rest the requisite number of times for the STD code and operator, then the next STD code/operator etc., you could go from exchange to exchange for a long way. I used to call my folks in Cambridge from Exeter - all for free. Serious fonefreakers used electronic noise boxes to phone overseas ... When I was a feckless youth, we used to call Mr Jacobs to ask if we could borrow his ladder...
  2. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Well, uninspiring is the kindest judgement I can think of
  3. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    Scouse mate said the same ……
  4. Totally agree, @CarefreeMuratcan: there is nothing worse than watching the FA Cup Final surrounded by genteel families, TV supporters and The Silent Majority, who complain if you stand, shout or - horrors! - sing.
  5. While I know who you are, assuming your nom de plume isn’t a bluff, you have no idea who I am. Nor do you know a blind thing about my world view or opinions, or whether tongue is in cheek. So kindly keep your presumptions to yourself. For the record, I do not like Liverpool as a team, but would never mock them should they - or any other team - ever be subjected to the level of vilification to which we have been exposed. That being said, I do take great pleasure when they are at a disadvantage on the sporting field, and was delighted when Villarreal went ahead after 3 minutes. But then, I am sure you shed a tear for their misfortune.
  6. Ok, so that’s the last time I watch him. Agreed, chaps?
  7. Just got mine. CAT2, whatever that means, but could it be behind the goal for once? Just for once?
  8. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Hole in one, Chrisb!
  9. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Howay the lads, actually, but seriously hoping for this. In fact, I’d love it
  10. Boehly
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    So what happened?
  12. Khobar's Legacy

    Damn it. Hexed that.
  13. Khobar's Legacy

    Decided to watch on the off chance Villarreal do them over. Schadenfreude. Reminded scouse mate that it’s Demba Day, and reminded him: no slips….
  14. Khobar's Legacy

    I never did like those cults - should think he's pretty choked. Often wonder whether we pay our PR department enough ...
  15. Chelsea 1 West Ham 0

    Loads of criticism for the support on these pages. Personally, I have a sore throat. Shed lower was quite noisy, but this season has sort of fizzled, so not surprising the Bridge was subdued.
  16. New song? Lots of words 😆

    I think his casters need oiling
  17. New song? Lots of words 😆

    All we need is Goals from Lukaku, Goals from Lukaku, Goals from Lukaku … (won’t get ‘em, mind … )
  18. Chelsea 1 West Ham 0

    With you on that, Chara. Her upstairs has been saying we need a holiday.
  19. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 4

    First intensive gym session in five weeks (thanks, covid) so decided to miss the match and slob out in front of the telly. Couldn’t believe the team sheet - was this total disrespect for a misfiring Arse squad or was there a cunning plot? Alas, the first. Or ineptness. At any rate, the defence was a disaster waiting to happen - not one of our senior defenders present, and WTF is Dave doing as wing back when James is available? Midfield disconnected and that Sack of Potatoes up front. Jesus Christ almighty. At least I didn’t have to trudge home over the fields after. Will be at Wet Spam this weekend unless I take up the offer of a free ticket to watch Pool play Lampard’s Lot. believe me, after last night it is tempting.
  20. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 4

    That’s that game, mate. Sod them. Let’s do spam Sunday.
  21. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 4

    Yes it was. Joining scouse mate for Pool Everton this weekend. Need to refresh my hatred of all thing North Western
  22. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 4

    Not feeling well tonight, so decided to give the ST a rest. The only good thing about this match so far is that Sky is lagging sufficiently that I can either brace myself or relish the moment.
  23. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 4

    Just being catty.
  24. Chelsea 2 Arsenal 4

    Cat astrophe
  25. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    What are the odds he’ll pop up at Everton when they drop down to the Championship?