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  1. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 1

    In case someone is colour-blind?
  2. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    What a great way to spend the weekend. Now for a win tomorrow ...
  3. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Nice play from the much maligned Vic Moses at QPR today, gifting Diouf and the Stick Insect a couple. Too good for Stowk, for sure. Spudulike 'arry looking about as secure as Pardew these days ...
  4. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 1

    ... with Bran up front, and Petter as holding midfielder? What are you smoking down under?
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    Looks like it's a shared fantasy. When will these journos get a grip?
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    Any truth in this?
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    It could be free pasta or a lamborighini as far as I care, but delighted to see the man has a future, and that it his days at SB are coming to an end. It has been frustrating for us, but it must have been a nightmare for him. So long, NAndo, and thanks for all the ... misses?
  8. Khobar's Legacy

    My favourite quote: "Atmosphere Sunday was painful. For extended periods of time I could clearly hear all the players' shouts on the pitch. Can't recall a single song except Saints' supporters "Is this a library?"" Presumably the "you ain't got no 'istry" section.
  9. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Great start to the season, Man U go bottom onf the Premiership, and Bournemouth stay top of the Championship. Wonder what odds Ladbrooks would give for the two changing divisions next season?
  10. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Which one, though?
  11. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Reminds me of Edgar in Men in Black for some reason ...
  12. Burnley 1 Chelsea 3

    No deal. More likely Torres subbing, missing a sitter then being snubbed by all and sundry at the final whistle.
  13. Chelsea 2 Real Sociedad 0

    Try as well
  14. Squad Status: 2022/23 Season

    My guilty secret has been discovered.However, all the movement and presence in the world won't help when faced with the absence of a bottle opener, the lack of ability to use it when it finally emerges (and no, I'm not drinking that fizzy muck or red wine), and total inability to work out the change from a twenty for two beers.
  15. Squad Status: 2022/23 Season

    Does his contract include penalties for not playing him? If not, perhaps he could serve in the Shed Lower bar instead. Service there has been awful for years
  16. I knew this was a laggy stream, but your post arrived before the freekick, Stokerino. Sod it, might as well read about it in the paper tomorrow
  17. Frank Lampard: Legend.

    At risk of dissent, I still think he took umbrage at not getting an extension to his contract (and who could blame him?). We may have cause to regret that ...
  18. Common land is owned collectively or by one person, but over which other people have certain traditional rights, such as to allow their livestock to graze upon it, to collect firewood, or to cut turf for fuel. It is not state-owned or public land, but land owned by individuals or corporations. Eelbrook Common is registered under the Commons Act 2006, and its owners enjoy largely the same rights as other landowners. It was probably originally a Bronze Age mound - although in 1883 and 1891 Fulham FC played their home games there; and in 2008/2009, an astroturf pitch for the community was created, sponsored by Chelsea in association with Adidas (residents complained that it was blue, not green ... ). Which suggests that CFC wouldn’t be eager to undo all their good work, and so upset the locals. Also, a right of common can cease to exist if it is surrendered by its owner (once it has been delete from the commons register) or by being extinguished under law (it’s not that easy to get rid of a common). I suppose that SB could swap status as common land with EBC, but it's cost a fair bit in legal fees, let alone anything else.
  19. Need more than new lights to improve the refs' vision. And sorry, but most of them only seem to be able to see blue.
  20. Mohamed Salah - In and Out!

    Like the term "inverted winger". There's finally a term in existence for the position occupied by Stevie "Me" Gerrard
  21. Squad Status: 2022/23 Season

    Serious brain damage? He ain't got no serious brain to damage!
  22. Squad Status: 2022/23 Season

    Personally, I think he should aim higher ...
  23. Transfer Talk Topic

    If Romelu could reproduce his form at Everton and West Brom, why would we complain? His first period at Chelsea was when he was unfamiliar with the English game, but what of 2013/14? Maybe these were performances against lesser sides? Only if you include Everton, Liverpool, Man Citeh, Arse in "lesser sides" (which we all do, but you get my point). Give him a year as Didier's understudy, then say farewell if it doesn't work. CLUB FROM TO FEE LEAGUE FA CUP LGE CUP OTHER APPS GLS APPS GLS APPS GLS APPS GLS Everton 02 Sep, 13 12 May, 14 Loan 29 (2) 15 1 (0) 1 1 (0) 0 0 (0) 0 West Brom 11 Aug, 12 20 May, 13 Loan 20 (15) 17 2 (0) 0 1 (0) 0 0 (0) 0 Chelsea 18 Aug, 11 £18,000,000 1 (9) 0 0 (1) 0 3 (0) 0 0 (1) 0