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  1. Frank Lampard: Legend.

    Not necessarily. Bit of luck he'll meet Jaws when the Dippers play Barca. Can't knight a man with no head. Another reason for abolishing the monarchy ...
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Ah, beg pardon, wrong end of stick there. I think you mean this Still seems to suggest Torres will finally take the hint. Hoping.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic happened - mentoring Drogs mentoring Lukaku sounds a good move to me. Give it a year, if it doesn't work, nothing lost. And further sidelines Torres, which can't be a bad thing.
  4. Frank Lampard: Legend.

    Will be in NY in September - anyone know when the American season starts? Would dearly love to welcome SFL with a chorus of 'scored 200 / against the pikeys'.
  5. New Kits

    Hopefully the designer will die, too. Execrable.
  6. Media / Press

    Probably reminded them that we had had terrorist attacks in the past, some allegedly funded by .... Americans? Oops, sorry, non-PC there.
  7. Wycombe Wanders 0 Chelsea 5

    I was right behind Schwarzer: he was wearing the armband. Nice evening, nice day, nicer still to see some promising and talented young players. Most impressed with Brown and Boga, Zouma pretty good too.
  8. Khobar's Legacy

    Like a barber's pole, do you mean? Bloodletting and bandages? I fear Barcelona has those colours now ...
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Oddly as ex-PWC myself, I'd always thought that bookkeepers report, accountants report and advise. A simple distinction.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    I still do not think Moyes was an error, but simply SAF's attempt to handle the transition to a new world without ole' Whisky Nose. I'm not the only person to observe that Fergie is a great follower of Machiavelli. One of the most famous passages in Machiavelli's "The Prince" concerned the government of the Romagna province. The Prince, Alexander, knew that weak government had allowed all manner of crime and violence to flourish there, which needed cleaning up so that he could govern it more easily, so he appointed a harsh deputy governor to punish criminals and crack down on law-breakers. The new governor did his work well. Alexander, however, knew that his deputy’s harsh measures were both necessary and hated by the people (no one likes a cruel enforcer of the laws). So, after Remirro had successfully wiped out most of the crime in the Romagna, Alexander “had him cut in half, and placed one morning in the public square. . . with a piece of wood and a blood-stained knife by his side.” In other words, Alexander used Remirro to take care of his dirty work, then earned the “thanks” of the people by executing him. Suddenly, Romagna was both free of crime, and well-disposed toward Alexander’s rule. Funny that the Prince is called Alexander. No matter ... The same principle applies at Moan U. SAF knew that whoever took over from him would fail - or be seen to have failed - and would swiftly lose popularity, so he appoints someone who looks like he can do the job, in full knowledge that he will fail (but not be blamed for failing in what is an almost impossible task). He then has a brainwave, and replaces him with a man who comes as a welcome relief to the Moan U faithful and further cements his reputation as a brilliant strategist. This also works for Moyes, who is applauded for his bravery (rather than being cut in half and left outside of Old Trafford, which might have been amusing), and is therefore to go on to new challenges (let's face it, he must have been desperate to leave Everton after how long running on a shoestring and not winning anything?) ...
  11. Media / Press

    I think you're replying to the wrong person, and to a different point than I made. My point is simply having seen them on the telly and at the Bridge many, many times, I decided to see them in the flesh and at home. Based on that visit to the Nou Camp (perhaps unrepresentative) I found "the Barca experience" to be hugely uninspiring, and certainly not a patch compared with an in-form Bridge crowd and the normal standard of Chelsea personnel and play. Not that I "hate" Barca - they're a top achiever in the game, that is undisputed, and can be entertaining when they put their minds to it. I just found them - and still find them - uninspiring. Never did I talk of them outclassing Moan U at Wembley, nor did I say Messi is overrated (just tedious for much of the match, with occasional flashes of sublime brilliance), and never did I say La Liga is weaker than the PL (although - for the record - I believe that it is, except at its apex). Looking forward to Messi being contained by a German defense, and further humiliation for South America. Not got over the behaviour of the Argies in 1966, me ...
  12. Media / Press

    Second that - just barfed all over my keyboard. I was exiled in Barca for a fortnight during the "Icelandic volcano" incident in April 2010, and so I visited the Nou Camp for a Barca v Deportivo. It was one of the least inspiring evenings of my life - alcohol free beer in the stadium, two old boys next to me chatting about this pensions while smoking huge cigars, virtually no crowd noise apart from 10 minutes while the inevitable goals went in, and frankly Messi left me uninspired. Their results might be great, but my overriding impression of the football was one of disappointment to say the least. Can't see what all the fuss is about.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    But has anyone calculated the profit made from farming herds of young footballers? Sounds to me likely to be more profitable than dairy or arable,and less interference from DEFRA ...
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    That's three Croatians now (Delac, Perica, Pasalic - all from different clubs, first tow on loan), unless I am mistaken. What's this with Croatians? Good performance / payment ratio?
  15. Quick Jokes

    Just told this to a party of Germans, Belgians and Austrians - went down very well. Thanks Bob
  16. Musical Tastes

    Hadn't heard Sixto Rodriguez until I downloaded "Coming From Reality" out of curiosity, earlier today - and frankly (and without intending to be offensive) I'd say he sounds more like Bobby Goldsboro than Bob Dylan - although with infinitely better lyrics than the former (and apologies to the hosts of Bobby Goldsboro enthusiasts who I've now offended). Personally, I retain a strong affection for the Canadian 60s blue band McKenna Mendelson Mainline, who worked the UK club circuit with Fleetwood Mac and Led Zep, but only released one album: "Stink" in 1969 and then returned to Canada before disbanding. A true minority band, the only other follower of theirs I have ever met was a lady from Zurich who - on hearing the sounds blasting out of my windows one sunny day - knocked on the door to ask if she could rip my vinyl. At least, I think that's what she said.
  17. Transfer Talk Topic

    Which seems to be as good as saying "we're poor when it comes to raising home grown talent, so let's give up" - or do I misunderstand you? There is no reason why a first class facility like Cobham etc. shouldn't be breeding amazing world-class talent - after all, Barcelona aren't magicians. Of course we shouldn't flood the field with kids, but we should at least put Roman's money where our collective mouths lie and field some of them on occasion - they'll never be world class if you don't take a risk on them. Or are you saying that Atsu, Ake and co. are so poor that it's not worth giving them a chance; in which case, what is Cobham for ..... ?
  18. Transfer Talk Topic

    Take your point, but this still concerns me. Sounds like we've lost our way as a club, although maybe as a business CFC is doing all right. Big clubs aren't just about winning trophies, and developing youth talent is more than farming young players for sale on the market. The number of young players coming through into the first team is virtually zilch, and that shouldn't be the case.
  19. New Stadium Plans

    Funny, I seem to remember the match days in the 70s, when the away end was just that: full of away supporters. And the atmosphere was rocking. What's the problem? (And Wembley's closer to my house, but that's another issue)
  20. Mark Schwarzer

    ^ you and me both, mate. Now, about Mark Schwartzer .... I think the discussion was about him before the fascinating topics of funds management and investment strategy raised their delightful heads. (Incidentally, at what other football fan forum could such discussions as this take place? Latest topic for the Dippers is whether Markovic or Shaqiri is better value for money; if I may quote from the Mancs "Now all I can think about is Perez ******* Vidal with a dildo up the a*** and Vidal going "Aaaaah" like in the pic". I kid you not. No, second thoughts, please go back to football finance. I'm proud to be a member of this club, it's got class ...)
  21. Squad Status: 2022/23 Season

    Minus "/ Torres" and you have a point ...
  22. Mark Schwarzer

    +1 - suggest you sent up your own topic: "Implications of FFP"
  23. Media / Press

    And there I was thinking Suarez hadn't moved on yet ... PS It's pronounced "kotch" - still amused me, though ...
  24. Transfer Talk Topic

    always was impressed by a winner. I have a simple view of life.
  25. Transfer Talk Topic

    Watching France:Nigeria, and pogba has just impressed me ...