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  1. Paint? What’s wrong with breeze blocks and plasterboard? Mickey Thomas would have the officials room, of course, carefully converted …
  2. You mean my rare British Guiana 1c magenta stamp was acceptable? I’ve can run off some more, if it helps …
  3. Champions League 21/22

    Don't underestimate Modric.
  4. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    The odd thing, though, is that I had to turn them back on to find out what the chap who ziplocked his neck to the goal post was up to, and what motivated him. As usual, Messrs “Melton” Mowbray (pork pies to the gentry) and “Sheep” Shearer had nothing worth saying to add. So no change there (“Mendy clears the ball, Azpilicueta collects and passes to Lukaku, who trips over his bootlaces…” which we can all see for ourselves. How do they keep their jobs?).
  5. New Stadium Plans

    Perhaps because it’s starting to look a bit, well, homely for overseas telly viewers and visiting corporate sponsors? After all, we don’t want to remind anyone of the old Boleyn, do we? Add a bit of vanity for the owner … and a way of getting more fans into the ground for pre-match overpriced beers … and a wow factor ….. how’s that for starters?
  6. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Glad I didn’t.
  7. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    First time I’ve ever seen that - or a pair of bolt cutters that big. What were they for? Unchaining ships in the Mersey docks?
  8. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Just watching Newcastle vs Everton on Prime, commentators Mowbray and Shearer. Amazingly, they have said nothing with which I have disagreed. Because you can turn them off. Why can’t we do that for every match, and ever channel? I’m rediscovering my enjoyment of the televised game!
  9. Middlesbrough 0 Chelsea 2

    And slightly lower, Hull, Gosport and Aylesbury
  10. Lille 1 Chelsea 2 (1 - 4 on aggregate)

    Well, that’ll do nicely lads!
  11. Lille 1 Chelsea 2 (1 - 4 on aggregate)

    4:1 agg gonna miss Azpi
  12. ^ Which of the big PL clubs has the biggest management challenge?
  13. You mean, put the club into administration (I've been there, it's not a nice place ...)? Can't see why they don't do so - maybe they're trying to allow the lack of income to render the club insolvent, in which case an administrator will have to be appointed and the decision made whether to declare bankruptcy, enter a period of administration or seek a deal with creditors. Sounds to me like HMG is using this as a threat ... either way, I agree - Eton and Oxford is no education for real life out of a rarified atmosphere.
  14. Hope they don't seat Thiago in the middle row of seats - nobody could get past him. Hope Barkley isn't reading the map
  15. And Lukaku complaining nobody is serving him drinks
  16. If it helps, there was no chanting of Romans name today, apart from a little towards the end - and some chanted Slava Ukrainia instead …
  17. Chelsea 1 Newcastle United 0

    Well, let’s hope he stops off at the ‘Pensioner for a pint after …
  18. Chelsea 1 Newcastle United 0

    So you wouldn’t celebrate past players - “When Wise, went up …”, “Double double double…”, “Born is the king of Stamford Bridge”, “Gianfranco Zola”, “Supe Frankie Lampard”, “Fabrigas is magic”? What next? No more “Blue is the colour” (dated), “[email protected] (rude, and silly), Liquidator (pinched from W Brom and shouldn’t knock the opposition), “***k ‘em all” and “Carefree” (bad language), “One man went to mow” (nothing to do with football), “You are my Chelsea” (to close to the truth, makes me well up - I’ll sing that with a lump in my throat today). “We all follow the Chelsea” is about all that’s left. Chants are an important part of club tradition, perhaps because they remind us of past glories and our youth, and happier times in dark moments. It is the same with the nation - my Dad’s eyes cloud over when he hears Vera Lynn, like mine do when I hear “God save the Queen” (Sex Pistols version, I hasten to reassure you …). And yes, we are immature. Mrs Ruud swears all men are. There is nothing wrong with a paeon of praise for those who have gone before, and to whom we owe a debt we cannot repay, if kept in proportion. A whole match singing one song is tedious - as those present when the Shed became obsessed with “One Chelsea pigeon” a few years back - and the interminable song about Wenger’s presumed sexual predilections that bored us for match after match. So why not give it a blast of RA up front, and then STFU about it? Good compromise? Or sing it over “Blue” at the end? Nobody underestimates the tragic consequences of the war in Ukraine more than I, but there are two RAs: one is a dodgy oligarch, the other gave us as a club achievements to be proud of. Let us not forget that.
  19. Chelsea 1 Newcastle United 0

    If it is correct that Chelsea have only enough liquid funds to cover the next month or so, then insolvency and administration beckons - and with it points deduction. Probably what HMG were aiming for.
  20. Chelsea 1 Newcastle United 0

    I’ll be there in my usual seat in the Shed tomorrow, not sure what to expect: sadness, and whole load of anger. My watering hole (Finborough) now closed, so where to go for a preprandial beer? The Sobar, Pelican, Fox and others all now either gastropubs, closed, unavailable or unattractive. My only consolation being that I saw the ****-to-glory days of my club, the mighty Blues. Will I sing Roman’s name? Out loud. Will I express my disgust at Newcastle’s ownership? Of course. Will I ridicule Shearer? Naturally. Will I be saddened that it has all come to this? Well, for sure. But this club is greater than this. We may have been let down by an owner whose past seems to have caught up with him, but we have fought back from worse situations. We can still come back from docked points. We can still recover - and we will. KTBFFH!
  21. Media / Press

    Quote from a supporter of another club yesterday morning: "It gives me absolutely zero pleasure. Hope things can be worked out that allow Chelsea to remain the great club they are." There are decent fans out there, you just have to know where they are.
  22. Chelsea 1 Newcastle United 0

    I'd put money on it. They have a profound sense of irony in the North East.
  23. Thank You Roman

    I did read carefully, and then I googled, only to find that the Urban Dictionary confirms what I had feared. Odd lot, you Welsh ...
  24. Official: Chelsea Sign Kai Havertz

    Another take on "the flashing rapier of Anelka, and the swashbuckling cutlass of Didier Drogba" - "the intuitive panache of Havertz and the lumbering force of Lukaku"?