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  1. Chelsea 4 - 0 Tottenham

    thanks for posting that, Zidane. On train going home after the match, facing an obviously very happy Spud. That interview quite made my day. Probably best I don't share it with my travelling companion though.
  2. Fulham 1 - 3 Chelsea

    Might be a problem: not on Sky, BT or terrestrial. Needs a stream. Internet café? (Not sure about the "whore" though ...)
  3. Galatasaray 1 Chelsea 1

    Quite so: it was like a morgue for the Everton game - dontcha loathe it when they sign about the quality of our support?
  4. Galatasaray 1 Chelsea 1

    Quite agree, Mr Fillerywhereru. Jon Obi did what was required to shut up shop last night: a true disciple of Sir Geoffrey Boycott (or, more so, Chris Tavare, for those who remember him...). Might be boring as hell, but infinitely better than seeing a good lead wasted. The question now is whether our noble leader can come up with a cunning plan that will blunt Messrs Chedjou, Sneijder and Mancini, while making Didier look good enough to merit a return to the Bridge, but not quite good enough to win the match. 2:1 would do the trick. If that is what Jose wants? I look forward with trepidation.
  5. Would it be asking too much to bring back the Drog, but to sit him down with Lukaku (a similar style of player) and ask the former to teach the latter? Perfect solution, to my mind ..
  6. Galatasaray 1 Chelsea 1

    So much for "no English team has scored a goal yet"
  7. Chelsea Vs Everton

    Point taken: hadn't thought when setting up my account, and we'd just won the double as I recall, so once in a .... what else? How do you change your user name, anyway? Chelsea since I was in shorts, if it helps, and that's a long, long time ago (back in the days when balls were leather, and boots were heavy).
  8. Chelsea Vs Everton

    Greatest respect, chaps, but I thought we were supporters? Lot of negativity here, and all due to a cock up at the Etihad. Hell, two out of three against the alleged best team in the league ain't bad, and we ought to grind out a win at Everton. Come on, a bit of support here, please. Incidentally, odd how Mata and Ram were in favour until this year - how are the mighty fallen. I still get a lump in my throat when I see Juan in the wrong colour shirt, but what has gone wrong with Ram? Could it be his fault, like it was Juan's, or is it simply Jose doesn't know how to play some types of player?
  9. Manchester City 2 - 0 Chelsea

    Disagree. This little horse needs a thistle under his saddle. Dreadful display. They all played like they were totally uninterested in the result (well, 2-3 excepted).
  10. From BBC website: Asked why, apart from himself and Manchester City boss Manuel Pellegrini, every other manager is ruling out title success, Wegner responded: "It's a fear to fail." Mourinho said: "If he is right and I am afraid of failure it is because I didn't fail many times. Eight years without silverware, that's failure." Under Wenger, Arsenal have not won a trophy since the 2005 FA Cup. "He's a specialist in failure," continued Mourinho. "If I do that in Chelsea, eight years, I leave and don't come back." Don't you just love him?
  11. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Ah well, it was nice while it lasted. Why didn't Mata D'Or do that for us more often?
  12. Chelsea 3 - 0 Newcastle

    In the words of Dinah Washington: "What a difference Jose makes / There's a rainbow before me / Skies above can't be stormy / Since that moment of bliss, we rarely miss" - chances of getting the Shed singing it? Hold on, Sheepshaggers, only another few minutes
  13. Chelsea 3 - 0 Newcastle

    well spoken, Harvz
  14. Chelsea 3 - 0 Newcastle

    what for? 'Painin the arse of the year'?
  15. Chelsea 3 - 0 Newcastle

    ... Ditto the NBC commentator
  16. Chelsea 3 - 0 Newcastle

    The NBC stream is as much use as Dawlish railway embankment ...
  17. Chelsea 3 - 0 Newcastle

    Spent the week travelling, hence I decided I was too knackered to get out my ST, drive 30 miles into the Bridge and see the Toon get a stuffing and Mr Pardew his nose bloodied, so I'm watching this on a stuttering stream. Ever seriously regretted making a stupid decision? Particularly in view of the awful commentary on NBC comparing Hazard with the Blessed Gianfranco? Although, come to think of it, not so far out - many good things come in small packages, as the actress said to the Archbishop - and speaking of which, much as I admired the Mata D'Or, I'd rather have Eden ... particularly at the moment. Anyone notice we're top of the lague? Come on Norwich (never thought I'd catch myself saying that)
  18. Manchester City 0 - 1 Chelsea

    Yo Chelsea; good play
  19. Official: Juan Mata Leaves For Man United

    well spoken, Mr Moly
  20. Official: Juan Mata Leaves For Man United

    looks like I better get out the gardening boots, then ...
  21. Official: Juan Mata Leaves For Man United

    My usual match-going shirt was so old that not only was I often approached for a copy of the Big Issue, but once I was actually prevented access to the sacred Shed by a goon who thought I was Everton (for shame). To save me from further embarrassment, my elder son bought me a replacement shirt labelled "Mata" - his hero. My adoration of the mighty Eden prevented me from ever wearing it, but I shall swallow my better judgement and wear the aforementioned Mata shirt on Sunday at the Stoke game in homage to the tiny, bearded wonder, before reverting to my rags. I encourage everyone else to do so, before our one-time Mata-dor graces Moyes' dance card. The emotional pain of supporting this club is becoming more than I can readily bear: to say farewell to Robbie, "hello and f*** off" to that FSW, and to witness the resurrection of our Lord And Master in just one year was hard enough; but to see the little man benched and then wrenched off to the dark satanic mills of OT is more than I can bear. I haven't felt so emotional since the blessed St. Gianfranco left our shores. Jose might be right in the overall scheme of things, but selling Juan Mata is close to sacrilege. Next thing, he'll be parting with the three apostles, Saints Petr, Frank and John (perish the thought). If he sells Hazard, though, that would be a different matter: I might seriously consider returning my ST and spending my weekends gardening. Jose, you have been warned.
  22. Chelsea 3 - 1 Manchester United

    Yup. Not playing. No Wayne Rooney, and no Robin van Persie.