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  1. Thank You Roman

    Nobly, I said this best kept at a PM level, but try looking at recent and planned hydrogen developments. I’ll shut up now Jane. Just had to open a door.
  2. Burnley 0 Chelsea 4

    Actually pretty fair. Mentioned it, statement for Tuchel. Agreed with Tuchel. Praise for goal scorers. I kept waiting for the bombshell of snide remarks … and it never came.
  3. Thank You Roman

    Sounds more like the lady is merely expressing an opinion, Pat, not forcing it upon anyone.
  4. Thank You Roman

    We're going off topics again - but while we're on the topic, climate science is quite clear on this - that simply isn't an option if we want a long term future. Sorry ...
  5. Thank You Roman

    I've been working in Europe on this for the last two decades, and the only barrier is money - "green energy" (= renewables) cost a lot to deploy, but they recover it over time due to zero fuel costs. Current rises in gas/oil prices, along with the impact on the climate of fossil fuel, make renewables more attractive. believe me, there is a lot of interest in deploying more renewable plant, both in government and among consumers large and small - and an awful lot of big money is available. The current EU target is 32% renewable energy by 2030 - if only the industry can stop bickering about the detail. Now, back to the football ..... and Roman.
  6. Thank You Roman
  7. Luton Town 2 Chelsea 3

    One for the gipper
  8. Luton Town 2 Chelsea 3

    Well. Werner, Saul and Lukaku. Who’d had ever guessed …
  9. Luton Town 2 Chelsea 3

    I do think my eyes deceive me …
  10. Thank You Roman

    Never thought I’d say this, but RLC may be the best Chelsea on the pitch. At least for trying …
  11. Thank You Roman

    I’ll second that. In 30 years of supporting the club, I can’t think of anything that RA has done that is not to the benefit of the club. Nor have I ever heard any substance to the repeated accusations of “his corrupt activity and practices” (Chris Bryant). God bless you Roman, we will not see your like again. PS What is the legal penalty for shoving a microphone up the back end of a commentator? Shearer, Lineker and that other fool …
  12. Thank You Roman

    Also page 42 of this week's Private Eye (not on the website yet) is of interest, as it gives a summary of Roman/CFC money flows - but nothing new.
  13. Media / Press

    I know, lovable little rascals, ain’t they?
  14. Media / Press

    “Apparently” it was Chelsea fans booing the Scousers for singing YNWA over the anthem. Make of that what you will.
  15. You and me, brother. Perhaps for once, we get a ref with eyes and a brain.
  16. Thank You Roman

    Looked at Jane’s profile photo? (Nice one, Jane - yours I presume)
  17. Thank You Roman

    Seem to recall Dubcek going to peace talks back in 68. What happened to him …..
  18. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Thanks Ham. For a nasty moment I thought you might be referring to one of my local clubs: Aylesbury vale Dynamos. To me, ADFC is a wallpaper club: there, but you never notice them. A bit like buying a 911: you might have the best, but it’s not exactly a statement, is it?
  19. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Sorry - being thick - Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad-Club? German cycling club?
  20. ManUre might not be too happy with a Pool win?
  21. Thank You Roman

    and good for her!
  22. There will be enough anti-Russian jibes without anything else. You think they'll actually use tickets? Not simply charge through the gates? Wow, they're getting sophisticated these days ......
  23. Beware. My mole in a Scouse bar tells me that apparently there are a lot of reds in the Chelsea end for the cheaper prices, given that a seat in the Dipper end is >£1k. Mind your wallets.