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  1. Had been looking forward to SB for the last game of the season, but my old man is seriously ill so did a hospital visit instead - couldn’t get the match on the hospital tv and no radio. Got back in time for MOTD only for there to be a power cut for the next three hours. Thanks for the commentary, chaps, hopefully the match was recorded on Sky+. Had the joy of translating “schadenfreude” for my sister’s Liverpool-loving boyfriend….won’t get a birthday card from him now, I suspect.

  2. 2 hours ago, kratos said:

    We all have them to some extent Chis.

    I myself suffered a breakdown in January and have been in therapy since.

    I'm alot better now but that darkness is crippling at times.

    To what extent AC might suffer from it is a mystery but does funny things to your head and perception of everything.

    As the best, Kratos - you'll get there - keep the faith - all things must pass.

  3. 5 hours ago, NoblyBobly said:

    Do you mean the ones you had to wind up? Jesus Chara old are you? 

    It was in the fifties as I recall. Phreaking wasn’t really going then - that started with STD (yup, Subscriber Trunk Dialing, not a naughty disease) in ‘58, but didn’t really get going till the 60s. I discovered it the following decade and made full use of it. Back to football.

  4. If you tapped the receiver rest the requisite number of times for the STD code and operator, then the next STD code/operator etc., you could go from exchange to exchange for a long way. I used to call my folks in Cambridge from Exeter - all for free. Serious fonefreakers used electronic noise boxes to phone overseas ...

    When I was a feckless youth, we used to call Mr Jacobs to ask if we could borrow his ladder...

  5. 27 minutes ago, Bob Singleton said:

    Funny how the "anti-woke" and "anti-cancel culture" are the first to be offended when a joke is made about them! If it were Liverpool in this situation and the joke was about their fans you'd be lapping it up. What a hypocrite you are!

    While I know who you are, assuming your nom de plume isn’t a bluff, you have no idea who I am. Nor do you know a blind thing about my world view or opinions, or whether tongue is in cheek. So kindly keep your presumptions to yourself. 

    For the record, I do not like Liverpool as a team, but would never mock them should they - or any other team - ever be subjected to the level of vilification to which we have been exposed. That being said, I do take great pleasure when they are at a disadvantage on the sporting field, and was delighted when Villarreal went ahead after 3 minutes. But then, I am sure you shed a tear for their misfortune.