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  1. Go. Hopefully this window. If he stays he'll kill every build up, every attack and the team as a result. Should never have been signed.
  2. Hopefully PSG. I want to see Messi pull this face on his arrival.
  3. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 0

    Christ. Absolute dross. I remember the Chesterfield compilation too. Find a bin. Throw him in it.
  4. He needs to point less rather than be pointless.
  5. Nope. Get rid. Don't care what he did at Everton six and a half years ago, I care about what he's giving us now. He's not a focal point, he's not an opportunist. He's not a magician. He's just a fat waste of space, farting about the pitch.
  6. Manchester City 1 Chelsea 0

    Thought this was a 5.30pm game - nearly choked on my Cheerios when I saw the time. Front three need to be on it today.
  7. I've always had misgivings about him as a footballer (his all round lack of dexterity and deftness troubled me as much in 2011 as it does now), but I actually think I was trying to give him a chance - in my mind I'd kind of squared it as "he was onto a good thing in Italy, he didn't have to come back to the Premier League but he did to help our cause", etc, so that made even me overlook things like the six games without a goal (pre injury). And while I don't think I was particularly rattled by his interview, I do think my attitude towards him has hardened to "you think you're a star player - time to show it. Score goals when it matters. No more excuses". Coming up we have Tottenham, Manchester City, Brighton, Tottenham again and the Club World Cup. Some big games there and if he's worth his salt, he'll step up for us and play his part.
  8. He has, by and large, because he's scored 7 goals. It's an ok tally, verging on half-decent in all fairness. He's not in the bin with Casiraghi and Chris Sutton. But because of that tally, instead of properly scrutinising his "efforts" when it goes to pot, people are wilfully overlooking the anonymous performances against the decent teams and are instead choosing to thrash about in the excuse network (injuries/covid/teammates not passing to him when he's doing that pointing thing), so when he bags against Aston Villa (again) or Zenit (again) it's justification for them and they carry on with the belief that he'll bulldoze his way through the next decent team we play. And then the cycle starts again. One of the most popular bets on Wednesday night was for Lukaku to score a hattrick. I love outlandish bets, but I haven't seen anything in Lukaku to justify that level of faith. Many do though.
  9. Agree - 100%. Unfortunately, we're lumbered with him farting about the pitch and doing just enough to escape scrutiny, but never enough to take us to the next level. When it truly counts, he'll let us down. Again and again and again.
  10. Chelsea 2 Tottenham Hotspur 0

    Great first half, a bit wasteful at times and a decent £97m striker puts it to bed, but I suppose 2-0 keeps us alert and on our toes.
  11. Disappointing. Reminds me of when our council changed our bin day from weekly to fortnightly.
  12. Damage is done. Get him out now before he stinks up the place and this becomes an ongoing soap opera. Straight swap for Harry Kane would be great. Or palm him off to a desperate Newcastle - he might appreciate the slimming vertical lines on their home shirt.
  13. Chelsea 2 Liverpool 2

    Great comeback and very good performance overall - 0-2 would have been a travesty at HT, so we can proud of righting that wrong.
  14. A swap (probably most likely for a defender) is the only likely way out of this. Don't care where he ends up, wasn't even particularly outraged by his interview - I just don't rate him and never have done. What we did in the summer was the equivalent of spending the entire budget on a first floor ceiling, when we had planning permission for a second floor extension.
  15. Never been a fan (ten years of posts back me up on that), but I don't see too much wrong with the interview - he's just being Belgian honest. My question is why was he bought back in the first place?