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  1. It's not only the hotel, there is also an apartment block next to the hotel. Another minefield of ownership (like CPO) left by Uncle Ken to protect the Bridge from future redevelopment.
  2. Next CPO EGM is 23rd July. Doubt if there will be any news though.
  3. Move to a site on or close to the M25? Move the 'franchise' to Moscow?
  4. New Kits

    I see that the new Chelsea kits already bought by the fans is out of date already. Chelsea have added a gold star over the badge to signify the CL win!
  5. New Kits

    This changed a few years back and please note, it isn't just a new 'home kit' every year. Its a new 'home kit', new 'change kit', a new '3rd kit' and new training etc kit EVERY SEASON. If people have so much disposable income, Chelsea/Adidas plus every other club and manufacturer will take it from the mug punters, sorry I mean customer.
  6. Report from the Guardian on-line: http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2012/jan/20/chelsea-pitch-owners-block-relocation?newsfeed=true
  7. No such thing as far as CPO concerned. Basically the "disputed shares" and other proxy votes held by the chairman passed all the normal business of passing accounts and election of officers. The two special resolutions failing effectively (I am advised) means that no shares will be sold to new 'investors' before any further resolution to the shareholders!
  8. CPO AGM today: Resolutions 1 through to 9 carried. Special resolutions 10 & 11 rejected.
  9. Exclusive? Nothing much new here. All this has already been released by the SAYNOCPO campaign over a month ago!
  10. Not quite sure that this is correct. If the CPO decide to invoke the clause to 'retain' the Chelsea Football Club name, the club would need to change name and (with the approval of the FA) would keep their position in the league pyramid. eg Wimbledon to Milton Keynes Dons
  11. Well unless things have recently changed, Bob Sewell was holding 9 shares (30/6/2010) and Steve Frankham 30 shares (30/6/2001). I haven't seen anything regarding Rick Glanvill, but I would be very surprised if he doesn't have any!
  12. Confused, why? Interesting result, no! There is a clear difference between naming individuals which will be against the DPA and the publication of statistical surveys and breakdown of democratics. This is something virtually all companies and organisations do and doesn't name anyone!
  13. I have this undertaking from herr hilter Bruce Buck peace in our time
  14. Well Imperial Wharf is not east of Battersea. I can only think that perhaps Nine Elms/New Covent Garden (or the Industrial Estates to the east of the Power Stations)
  15. Yes, 75% required to pass the motion. Have this morning received a letter from the Electoral Reform Services, who have been called in by the CPO to oversee the voting & registration processes. They request that you E-mail them to advise if you are attending and of course bring phoo ID. It advises that "due to the expected number of attendees the meeting will now be held in the Great Hall, West Stand (Spackman entrance). CPO shareholders or their proxies only, NO GUESTS.