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  1. Non Chelsea: International Football

    Rubbish. Your probably jealous becuase your country the United States (Population 300 million) couldn't beat England (Population 50 million).
  2. Non Chelsea: League Football.

    How bad was the referee today? First he gives Burnley a goal when the ball didn't cross the line then he gives offside for Preston when he was a mile onside. Then when Preston are easing to a victory he decides to sent a Preston players for absolutely no reason at all. Then if that wasn't the lot, he then ignores Iwulumo's blatant handball which lead to the goal. I was expecting him to head in Burnley's winning goal at the end. Burnley are a very poor team who needed the help of the Referee to win. Preston will rip them to shreds at Deepale (Assuming it's not the same Referee).
  3. Non Chelsea: International Football

    Yes it probably was the reason. Why are you getting tired? How am I desperate? The young German team wouldn't be able to cope knowing they had given a 2-0 lead away in 90 seconds. We would have ripped them apart if that goal had been given. England put the ball in the back of the net two times before half-time but the Ref cheated us out of it. Well perhaps you were jealous of England becuase Wales didn't qualify for the World Cup and got eliminated in the group stage of the 2007 Rugby World Cup but thanks for saying I've got 'cutting wit'. Not good enough? you mean the team that won 9 out of 10 qualifying games. Face it, we were cheated out.
  4. Quick Jokes

    - It turns out it's not just MP's expenses that are being investigated now, Aparently the cleaner at Liverpool FC has been claiming for silver polish for the last 4 years. - (Q) What's the only ship that hasn't sailed into the port of Liverpool? (A) Premiership - More match fixing allegations emerged today after Blackpool players were accused of deliberately playing s**t for the last 54 years.
  5. Non Chelsea: League Football.

    Burnley v Preston is on BBC 2 on Saturday. Fantastic. The whole nation will be able to see Preston rip Burnley apart in their own stadium. Prediction: Burnley 0-3 Preston
  6. Non Chelsea: International Football

    Considering your location is Australia, the match would have been on in the early hours Australian time so perhaps you were tired and didn't watch the match properly. One decision that would have completely changed the match. If it had been 2-2 at Half-Time the German team would be totally demoralized and we wouldn't have had to chase the game. Germany didn't create much at all. They only scored four becuase we had to chase the game. I think your jealous becuase England got to the last 16 and Australia didn't get past the group. Plus England beat Australia in the Ashes last summer and beat you in the last Rugby Union World Cup. It's a good job, for your sake that we don't play Aussie Rules!
  7. Non Chelsea: International Football

    Did you watch any games? Did you not the Lampard goal that wasn't given? We hit the post and dominated Germany and they were very, very lucky. We were cheated out and it's as simple as that. :(
  8. Quick Jokes

    Yeah but Somerset have already play Pakistan. Pakistan won by 8 wickets.
  9. Quick Jokes

    ??? What's the differance between Liverpool and Wigan? One of them is a small, pathetic club that hardly ever win anything and the other is called Wigan.
  10. Non Chelsea: International Football

    Yes it was as I got the prediction spot on.
  11. Non Chelsea: International Football

    I think we will easily beat Bulgaria tommorow. We were very unlucky in the World Cup and in my opinion would have won the World Cup if we hadn't been cheated out. My prediction is England 14-0 Bulgaria.
  12. Non Chelsea: Champions League

    What are you on about? Diego went to Wolfsburg.
  13. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Unfortunately Sent off? Is this a joke? He was the last man it was a certain red card. Blackpool were lucky that Arsenal missed many chances it could have quite easily have been 10-0.
  14. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    Did anyone see the Paintsill own goal? Typical lucky Blackpool. When will their luck run out? Lets hope soon as no-one wants that pathetic, small, two bit club in the Premiership.
  15. Non Chelsea: Premier League

    I see Liverpool got a vital three points in their relegation battle.