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  1. VAR and Chelsea

    We've seen ample evidence this season that VAR does nothing to eliminate referee bias and crappy decisions... because it's run by those self-same crappy biased officials who seem to just make up the rules as they go along. Why wasn't that handball outside the box reviewed again? Why does a red card get reviewed but not a second yellow? Why do some goals get disallowed because there was a foul 20 passes back but others don't? Magure blatantly kicked Batshuayi in the groin and VAR decided it wasn't violent conduct, yet Kovacic gets a second yellow card for having his foot stepped on and nothing can be done about it. He'll probably get a ban for violent conduct next season too. We've had goals wrongly disallowed and goals wrongly given against us. And it definitely has not evened out. A referee who screwed an Alex Ferguson team like that would be officiating in League One the following week. And he wouldn't get another United game for a year. And Fergie would get a grovelling phone call from Mike Riley. Next season we'll probably get Taylor in our opening match, just to rub it in.
  2. Media / Press

    What a pity Clattenburg didn't take "the good of the game" into account when he was sending off Ivanovic and Torres for much lesser offences against the Mancs at the Bridge in 2012. Truth is he was a mediocre ref in the tradition of Graham Poll, more interested in preening for the cameras and fluffing up his own ego than the good of the game.
  3. When does it ever not end acrimoniously for a manager at Real or Chelsea? Virtually every manager here and there in the past decade has left because of any combination of poor results, player unrest or friction with the board. The difference is most of the others haven't been successful enough to crash and burn three years into the job, because they're long gone by then anyway. Mourinho's success in context is that Real have won La Liga once in the past eight years, and that was with him. We've won the league four times under Abramovich and three of those were with Mourinho. Our only league title in the past six years was with... Mourinho.
  4. A season which seems to be getting airbrushed from history. According to that poster, a manager in decline won the Treble with Inter and La Liga with Real Madrid before returning to Chelsea to win another Premier League title, all in the space of five years. If that's a manager in decline I'd hate for us to be up against someone who isn't.
  5. It seems Mourinho's standards are now so high that winning the title in the two strongest leagues in Europe in the past four years is "unremarkable". It's sad to see him at United, not only because he should still be here, but also because most of us expect/fear he'll be a success there, given no FFP constraints, a less interfering board, a less hostile press, and all the benefits that come with being the home team at Old Trafford. Anything else is just wishful thinking.
  6. What did you want, to go hell for leather in a semi-final? Guardiola has just lost three CL semis in a row, having also lost two with Barca. Imagine what folks would say if a Jose team lost a CL semi 5-0 on aggregate or chucked away a 2-0 lead at home against ten men.
  7. Real also broke the La Liga goals and points records with Mourinho in 2012, and outscored Barca in 2/3 seasons. If you want negative tactics, how about the way United always set up at the Bridge under Fergie? Pack the midfield, one up front and kick everything above grass. Not exactly the mythical United Way. It's funny Mourinho being called negative when his teams almost always go for the win. His various sides have set records for points, wins and goals. You can't do that with a parked bus.
  8. The media u-turn didn't take long. He hasn't even been confirmed in the job and I've already seen a slew of positive articles about him. I must have imagined the years of negative articles about 'parking the bus', 'enemy of football' and so on.
  9. When Mark Hughes was playing for us, he said he had to adjust to being penalised for things he routinely got away with at Old Trafford. Jose will experience that in reverse.
  10. Always feared he'd end up there. He'll have limitless funds, a non-interfering board, a less hostile press, and a more compliant FA and officials. Next season just got that much harder for us and Conte.
  11. Media / Press

    Ridiculously over the top coverage of West Ham leaving Upton Park (when did it become the "Boleyn Ground"?), a middling also ran club that most people don't give a damn about. Martin Tyler's commentary was cringeworthy ("the last substitution at the Boleyn Ground..."). Still it was quite appropriate that their biggest claim to fame, their hooligans, are what everyone will remember about their last game at Upton Park.
  12. Media / Press

    Or when Spackman slapped him and he collapsed like he'd been hit by Mike Tyson. What credibility can he have when talking about diving, cheating or thuggery (other than it takes one to know one)?
  13. Khobar's Legacy

    Remember near the end of the Slippy Me game when the camera panned across the crowd showing Carragher, Rush and all the gang looking like they were sucking on lemons? Loved it.
  14. I had nothing against him moving on (though personally I'd have been happy to keep him and sell Courtois). Just not to Arsenal. I'd rather he didn't help them win the league, and I'd rather we hadn't helped their chances of winning the league by selling them Cech and strengthening a position they've been weak in for years.