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  1. Everton 1 Chelsea 0.

    Hopefully front 3 has ANY goals in them
  2. First leg Tuchel and Mendy howler cost us the progression. It was always too much to ask to get a perfect 3-0 away at Madrid. Awesome from Alonso, Kova, Mount and Werner. Don’t want to see play for us again - pulisic, hakim, and I think Kante needs to make way for Connor. RLC not great but his physicality is what gave us bit of an edge at first. overall… gutted.
  3. Wolves 0 Chelsea 0

    We are pretty rubbish in front of goal but in our defense last game we didn’t have bunch of strikers available due to bloody covid!
  4. Wolves 0 Chelsea 0

    Most likely to be postponed. I mean should really be.
  5. I say its time for Billy to go to Italy for a loan.
  6. Defiantly, he fancied Sotton in first half. Maybe had a bet going or something.
  7. Chelsea 3 Southampton 1

    Suddenly the pressure is on. Who would have thought? We were a future title winners just a week ago. This one is A must win.
  8. It will take a 2012 miracle for us to win this one. Man City had a wonderfully dominant season and is a better team than us at the moment. I don’t count our two close victories this season against their B sides as a estimate of where we stand. While our team been proving that it’s falling short in the business end of a season. Looks glum but it’s only one game and anything is possible. A decision going our way, a moment of madness from a player or a brilliant strike from our attacker. So we will see I suppose.
  9. Champions League 2020/21

    You got it all Mr Prophet
  10. Really? I believe Alonso, he has been a great servant to this club. It's not a secret now that Frank lost the dressing room. He is always been legend of a club but never been a "Mr Nice Guy". Lampard is gone now, do we still need to dislike the players he personally fell out with? Is that his managerial legacy?
  11. Transfer Talk Topic

    Fun line up but defenders and central midfield are very weak .
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    I blame Sarri for the situation . CHO doesn’t want a sign contract because there was no faith shown in him by the manager . Recently it seems Sarri was briefed to give some words of encouragement and promise some game time , but it’s a little too late and CHO is not stupid . A very good young player , Bayern Munich are well run club and must see something in him which Sarri failed to spot.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    Losing him was such a non issue. I think Kepa is playing more or less on the same level as TC did ( in Chelsea shirt) for us. If not better, he is also younger and suits possession football more. H
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    Getting Icardi would be similar to City's purchase of Aguero. A top player with several years ahead oh him. Proven in tough league and has massive heart for a fight. A captain material . Saying that will obviously never happen and we just sign another Demba Ba.