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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    I liked the press conference. A bit more old school Jose.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    It's not Jose, it's the guys at Chelsea TV doing an impression of him! It's all just messing about, Regarding what he says about not taking questions on Rooney, it's the same guy doing an impression of I'm guessing the CFC press officer. I'm assuming they didn't realise the mic was on as they were setting up before the press conference. Suprising they didn't check before they uploaded it.
  3. Andre Schurrle

    I was actually being serious. I wasn't sure whether it hadn't been announced officially because the club might have had to wait until July the 1st.
  4. Andre Schurrle

    Transfer window isn't open yet?
  5. Totally agree with that Velour. They came to the press conference expecting the Jose of the past and when he didn't behave that way, they didn't know what to do.
  6. The one really great thing is the Jose has absolutely convinced me that he really does want to stay here for a very long time if he can.
  7. To be fair they asked questions about the squad and transfers but he didn't want to give anything away. They didn't ask about style of football to be fair but I think the mood he's in and the way he handled the rest of them he probably would have answered that he just wanted the style that would win.
  8. Gave absolutely nothing away there at all. Much more serious and subdued than usual. He says he didn't consider his time a Real a failure, and for most people it wouldn't be, but I think not winning the Champions League and not having a good relatonship with the Real fans hurt him this season. But we know what they say about a wounded animal. I think he made a decision not to steam in and make big promises and be cocky this time because he knows it will be tougher this time and he didn't want to put pressure on himself. Maybe he's tired of the media circus? At the end of the day his antics at times have been great but the best thing about him is he is a fantastic manager. That's all anyone of us should want really.
  9. A much more serious Jose than before. Either he's going to explode when the season starts or he's going to keep his head down and give it his all. This could be this start of something scary for other teams, if he's giving 100%
  10. Is the interview going to be on SSN? Edit: I think it is. Awesome.
  11. Looked very emotional at the end. Fantastic stuff. The basics of this is we have one of the best managers in the world. No dispute. United were desperate to get him. But not only that, he loves the club and because of that we'll get an extra 10%. I'm so optimistic for the season now.
  12. Definitely seems more subdued, I agree with someone who says he looks slightly tired after this season.
  13. Said he doesn't need a holiday, wishes he could start tommorrow!