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  1. Another misleading element of the club's cost breakdown is with regard to the cost per seat. It does account for the inevitable corporate seats/ boxes which will inevitably be added on to any expansion.
  2. I have looked at the club's presentation carefully and I have two concerns: 1) they keep using the "Green Guide" to stadium design to justify their contention that the rebuilding would be impossible or un-economic. HOWEVER, the Green Guide has no statutory force and just indicates good practice; and 2) the figures used seem a little dubious. Also, why would adding an extra tier to the MH stand require the closure of the stand for two years?! Seems a bit much.
  3. "Stamford Bridge is Chelsea's historic home and the council believes it should be their future home," said the council's deputy leader Nick Botterill in a statement. "We want the Blues to stay at Stamford Bridge and, if it can be done sensibly without negatively affecting local people, increase the ground's capacity so they can retain their position as one of Europe's top clubs. "We cannot comment on the financial conclusions CFC (Chelsea FC) have drawn but it is very likely any move away from Fulham would cost far more than either the 600 million pounds ($948.96 million) the club claims it would cost to rebuild its current ground or the cost of upgrading and expanding the existing structures." ($1 = 0.6323 British pounds)
  4. Quite - but if the council wants to help, the point is that physical construction issues shouldn't inhibit an expansion of the magnitude that I describe above. The sticking point is the H&S certificate to accomodate the additional fans. The CFCnet article simply requests ideas to improve capacity. I think the third tier to the MH would be the most effective solution on that front. Seperately, the MH stand has a capacity of c.11K. with the addition of another tier, this would be around 17-18K. Arguably the largest "home-end" stand in the country. After the emasculation of the Shed, that would be fantastic. Compare that to the Kop (c.13K), Holt End (c.13.5K) and the Stretford End (c.14.2K).
  5. I enclose a link. As you can see, the upper tier of the MH stand almost entirely overhangs the lower tier. You will be suprised to see that the footprint of the upper tier only adds c.2m to the footprint of the lower tier. In other words, the addition of a third tier would only required c.2-4m of additional footprint. This third tier could easily accomodate c.6K-8K because its distance from the pitch would enable the corners to adopt a larger radius than the corners of the existing second tier. To reiterate, the picture below illustrates quite how little floor space an additional tier would need. This addition alone could increase capacity to 48-49K.
  6. Yes KPF will make a presentation to CFC. The next opportunity for a share buy-back will be the January CPO AGM (provided the resolutions are issued 21 days before) where the designs could be revealed to voters.
  7. This looks great (imagine with a proper stand to the left). Apparently KPF have prepared a design already to put to the CPO AGM in Jan.
  8. "I ask again" Yes. I did. I was in the Shed Upper next to the away support. I have no agenda. I want Torres to succeed obviously. Its quite possible he meant it sarcastically. I will be at the game tomorrow and hope he scores a hatrick. What's everyone's problem with what I said?
  9. I am pretty sure he did clap them. I was in shed upper near the liverpool fans. Of course, I could be wrong since some people say he did not. He was definately all smiles at the end with Lucus. Why do our players warm up at the away end? In fact, why are the benches the wrong way round. Surely, Chelesea bench should be at the MH end?
  10. I think seeing Torres warm up and the Liverpool end and clapping their fans said it all. No passion for Chelsea. I paid my £56 to support my team and that left me with a sour taste in my mouth. I save up, I pay my stupid amount of money and I want my team to try. I want our players to look like they want to win. I don't want to see them hugging the opposition players. I want to see some bottle and fight. I want them to care.
  11. Back from the game. Furious that torres spent his warm-up at the liverpool end clapping their fans. FURIOUS. Hell, even Nico walked up to the MH during the second half to raise the spirits.
  12. Voting yes. I trust the club. Have not seen a convincing reason to say no. Very little attachment to Stamford Bridge. Like the location but don't want to adversely affect the team's ability to finance itself. Most importantly, why make Roman feel that the fans expect him to pay money hand over fist to finance us with very little gratitude from the fans.
  13. Fans attend matches to support the team if they can afford to go. If they cannot afford to go, where will the 'support' come form?
  14. The Boycott Genk movement might help here. Genk is the last game before the EGM. The club will struggle to sell a 65k stadium after the lowest attendence of the season.