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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    FYI the AFCON is now held in the summer so that’s no longer an issue
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    I read that we had picked up an option for one more year, so looks like we actually will make a few £ on him.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    While the financial part is important, we are in fine shape in regards to FFP and all things money related. The bigger issue is one the pitch, and that's where Torres has hurt us more. We can take his entire remaining FFP hit this summer and be fine. We need his spot in the first team filled with someone who will make a bigger impact for us in attempting to win silverware. I think supporters nowadays worry too much about the finances. Sure no one wants the club to foolishly spend on players who aren't worth it, but this club is now showing how good an understanding they have on all things financial in this FFP era. Let them take care of it, like they are. Let us fans focus on how great it would be to have an impactful #2 striker this season, potentially helping us lift multiple trophies, something Torres can't do at this point. Give him away for free and pay his entire wages for all I care. We can take the hit. I want someone wearing a blue shirt that can help us on the field.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    The way I look at it I'm guessing that kalas and Omeruo got to spend time at the club last season training with Jose and the 1st team to really learn what's needed and required to make it here and then needed to go get minutes. Zouma will now get the same treatment. He obviously needs to work on some fundamentals so they can catch up to his physical gifts, and then next season he'll go on loan to get the minutes as well. Unless he proves to be ready. The club seems willing to have these guys lose 6 months to a year of playing time if it means growing in other areas, but then they know minutes are required after that. If that is the plan then I'm fine with it as I think it's a sound way to develop them.