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  1. John Terry

    Unfortunately it seems in the modern game defenders are allowed to pull shirts and man handle players to the floor and not get punished, some of the Inter defending was shocking but you just know that penalties never seem to get given for that now. The ironic thing though is that the one time I have seen a penalty given recently for that type of foul in the CL was against us when we played Liverpool last year, was it Carvalho on Alonso? It just seems to be the way things have gone for us in that competition.
  2. Didier Drogba

    That's an interesting point with the basketball connection, I never knew he had played a lot as a youngster. I can see what you mean though, it does make sense, a big part of that game is sheilding the ball from the opponent.
  3. Didier Drogba

    Drogba and Rooney are the two best forwards in the premiership at the moment and both are having fantastic seasons, no question, the truth is that they are both great players and would get in any side in world football. There is not much between them, both are equally effective as the stats show. Rooney will always get all the press though because he is English and it's a world cup year, England will always have a chance with an in form Rooney playing, I remember when he burst onto the international scene in Euro 2004, he was superb and I truly believe England could have won that tournemount had he stayed fit. He is world class, simple as that. As great as Drogba is, he makes it so easy for people to shoot him down with some of his antics. I think he's a brilliant player but it's so hard to defend him sometimes when he's always rolling about on the floor, that said I do love the fact that all the Utd, Scouse and Gooner fans I know hate him, which goes to show how much they fear him. I really hope Drogba can beat Rooney to the Golden Boot, we need his goals if we have any chance of winning the Prem. A hatrick at Old Trafford would be nice!!
  4. Injury News

    Just seen this on the official website, three months out. This is a massive blow, he has been one of best players this season. I suppose we should be thankful we have Zhirkov but its still a big blow at the business end of the season, not good for his World Cup chances either. I ain't one to feel sorry for ourselves but we really don't get much luck, season after season these incidents happen to disrupt us.
  5. John Terry

    Very good point about the other key players also getting new contracts, that puts it in much better perspective. Not sure about the second point though. Yes of course we Joe Public, who are on everyday wages would jump at a job offering 50% more wages. But Terry lives in a different world to us, he is already a multi millionaire on a big money contract, he actually has the luxury of still being a very rich man without moving job. He also has the distinction of being labelled 'Mr Chelsea', one of very few players who are so integral to a club, so in my view if he ever considered moving to another club for money it would destroy everything that he's about, so I have to say no he shouldn't even be considering a move anywhere else. Not sure about the club expecting loyalty without anything in return, was'nt he on £120,000 a week? Still that said, he is staying and that is good news.
  6. John Terry

    Terry is a great player and has had a great career at Chelsea, and I am glad he is staying. But I can't help but be annoyed by these kind of deals, he had plenty of his current contract to run so why the new contract. Seems he has done very well out of the Man City interest. If he can stay fit for the season then he can help us win silverware, no doubt about that, but it kind of makes me laugh when I hear how loyal he is, the bloke was on £120,000 a week and that obviously was'nt enough for him to play for his beloved Chels.
  7. Ashley Cole

    Ash had a good game today as the MOM award recognised. The way he took that cross field pass down in the second half was class.
  8. New Kits

    I'm not that keen on the new kit, it did look better than I expected yesterday when they played in it for the first time but I still think the kit from a couple of seasons back was better. I don't like the way they have broken the three stripes down the arm, it takes away from that classic adidas look.
  9. Didier Drogba

    Fair play to Drogba, he was the voice for all of our frustrations last night. If he gets banned for a few games it's well worth it to stick two fingers up at UEFA. UEFA are stating they need to investigate our players after the game, think they need to get thier priorities right and investigate the ref. Anybody notice when the Drogba rant was shown live Andy Gray was talking over it so although you could make out what he was saying it wasn't totally clear as the volume of Drogba's voice wasn't top level. Then Sky just happened to show that 10 second clip of Drogba again 5 minutes later but with no Andy Gray and Drogba's voice wacked up to full volume. They immediatley apologized for the mistake, what a load of crap, that wasn't a mistake that was them stirring up trouble. Andy Gray was a disgrace again, in injury time he was gagging for Barca to score, almost willing the ball into the net.
  10. Michael Essien

    Essien was awesome today, best player on the pitch by a mile, he linked up really well with Lamps too.