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  1. VAR and Chelsea

    That's exactly whats happening, VAR has allowed the total management of penalties awarded and goals being allowed or ruled out. With that level of control games can be decided on the VAR officials opinion very easily. It might not be so influential if a score line is 4-0, but as we saw with the Norwich away game it can turn a game that one side should be winning comfortably into a far more competitive affair. And in tight games it's crucial as will often decide the destination of the points. As you say, the media then wheel out ex referee's and biased pundits who then spend hours justifying these decisions and the behaviour of certain teams players, just so we are all clear there is no foul play. I'm wondering what it will take for them to criticise a VAR decision? I actually know the answer to that, when Chelsea benefit from something over a 'favoured' team.
  2. VAR and Chelsea

    As I said I do agree with the decision today, it wasn’t a penalty for me after seeing the replays. My issue is we saw a very similar situation only a couple of weeks ago when a particular team needed to keep their winning run going, and they were treated differently. The penalty was never going to be overturned given the circumstances and that can’t be right surely? With VAR we are seeing there really are two sets of rules depending on the team involved in the decision. And it allows even greater control to make those decisions. If they don’t want to give a goal they can hunt for the excuse not to give it, for example a foul or offside leading up to it, no matter how far back in the play, the rules seem to change to fit the argument each week. We have suffered from both those scenarios each already this season. If they want the goal given they just don’t bother looking. I think someone mentioned there was a foul leading up to one of Burnley’s goals yesterday. As long as certain teams continually benefit from VAR decisions those suspicions will be there. Do you honestly think we would see a VAR performance like we had to suffer at Norwich away with a certain team in red? Never.
  3. VAR and Chelsea

    So yet another VAR decision goes against us today, the ref gives a penalty and the decision is overturned. Watching the replays I don’t think it is a penalty. What’s frustrating is we have seen the exact same thing go the other way in other recent games, when it happens to be a certain team in red that will gain two points. No consistency in the decisions at all, with various reasons given each week to back up what ever outcome they see fit. I can guarantee now that we will see a softer penalty than today’s given very soon to a certain team, yet it won’t be overturned by VAR and the excuse will be there was the slightest of touches. Thankfully it didn’t cost us today.
  4. Official: Frank Lampard Sacked As Chelsea Head Coach

    Welcome home Frank!! Very excited about this but trying to be realistic as well, I'm just hoping Frank gets a solid first season under his belt without too many issues, establish something he can build on.
  5. Khobar's Legacy

    All I can say today is a big thank you to Man City, they put in an incredible run and saved us all from a torturous summer of hearing how the bin dippers are the greatest prem team ever. We will still have to put up with the champions league nonsense, but hey they’ve been ramming that down our throats for 30 plus years, 5 or 6 makes no difference and changes nothing. Them winning the prem changes everything and yet again they’ve been left heart broken, good stuff and long may it continue...
  6. Welcome to Chelsea Kepa. Probably best that Courtois moves on if that is what he really wants to do. Little point in trying to keep a player who wants to leave. We won two league titles with him so it didn’t work out too badly. Lets hope Kepacan also win trophies at Chelsea.
  7. New Kits

    Yeah that looks good. Nice and simple.
  8. Khobar's Legacy

    Yep we are here on this thread because they just keep giving us the very best in comedy lol I didn't know that about the gooners, didn't expect that from them either. True about Chelsea though, the club appear to think that saying nothing is the best policy when it comes to matters like this. What's their reasoning? Maybe they think it will show the club in a bad light if they complain, or maybe they think it will makes things worse for us with the media and FA, although I think we already know where we stand with both of them.
  9. Khobar's Legacy

    I thought you were joking at first or might have the facts wrong, so just had a read on a couple of sports sites. This is almost beyond believe even for them, can you think of any other clubs fans that would get a petition going to punish another player. You just have to laugh at them I suppose.
  10. Khobar's Legacy

    Was this linked to Littlewoods and 'The Pools'? I think I might have read somewhere that Littlewoods put money into liverpool back in the 70s and 80s, is that correct? And was it them that bankrolled them right back to the 50's?
  11. Khobar's Legacy

    Great post and some well put points. I never knew about those two clubs being bankrolled in the way they were in the 50s, so that's interesting to know. Pundits and commentators reinforcing their myths is also spot on, we are bombarded with it all the time, so effectively it becomes the truth. However, it's the hypocrisy of lfc that really grates. The club have even gone so low as to use hillsborough as a bargaining tool, remember when suarez bit Ivanovic, they released a public statement that he would be fined by the club and it would be donated to the hillsborough fund. Seriously, to use that as a guilt trip to try and protect suarez from a long ban, how low can you go. I wonder what the families of those that died felt when they saw that, it's not only an insult to them but all football fans.
  12. Khobar's Legacy

    That's a good point, I've never really understood that. The other thing I've never got is if you do follow Man U or the scousers from down south, does it not feel a bit strange when going to a game and being surrounded by people who sound and talk totally different to you. In my head it just seems strange, to be a Londoner and go to a game in Liverpool and be around scousers at the game and in the pub, maybe it's me but I would find that weird. Although I suppose the very fact that their fan base comes from all over the country, maybe it's not quite how I imagine it is?
  13. Khobar's Legacy

    Well I suppose it will always come down to our own individual experiences. I have generally found the southern/London Man U fans to be far better, maybe I have just met some of the better ones? My old boss was an exception, he was an unbearable Man U supporter, never been to old trafford but was awful when they won anything, this was through the 2006 to 2014 period. I took so much stick from him but to be fair you could give it back if Chels beat them, he hated the fact we won the CL. Luckily for him he left the company around the time fergie retired so escaped the humiliation of their downfall. But I know plenty of Man U fans that I can have a decent conversation with and their not idiots. Maybe I have just met a disproportionate number of scouse idiots? In my experience a high number of them are awful football fans, just delusional, probably because they believe everything they see and hear in the media? I have so many examples I could give of just idiotic behaviour from them.
  14. Khobar's Legacy

    The funny thing is the scouse fans we are talking of as being unbearable idiots are not actually scousers at all, that's half the problem. The people I am thinking about have all grown up and live in the south of England and have rarely if ever been to liverpool. I have always been around wanna be scousers who seem to make it their mission to make your life a misery if they win anything. I have worked with so many of them over the years, and nearly all of these fake scousers have the same irritating traits, there is something about following that club from afar it seems.
  15. Khobar's Legacy

    Good post and absolutely true, the media not only spin it that way but it's the relentless volume of rhetoric that just brain washes many. If you actually look at their path to the final, they were very fortunate most the way, one of the easiest groups, then they get Porto one of the weakest teams. The first challenge they really faced was citeh who seemed to just fall to bits at that part of the season, plus a few decisions went their way. Then Roma some how come back against barca which they benefit from as I don't think they would have beaten barca over two legs. Then the final, which was hilarious!!
  16. Khobar's Legacy

    Spot on. I never watched the game, I never watch them unless it's against Chels. However, I couldn't resist watching the highlights when I saw the result. The commentary was stomach churning, he even had the nerve to say 'Mmm I don't think you can call that dangerous play' about the first goal, I shouldn't think so as he was couple of yards away from the keeper? The commentator starts before the match with, they have had a great season can they make it even greater. They finished fourth and won nothing? The bbc even put a dalglish documentary on tonight, on prime time Saturday evening, unheard of, no other club gets treated like them. Although fair play to the Comedy Channel as they are re-running the final every night next week lol
  17. Khobar's Legacy

    I think you can forgive the keeper for the two howlers but he really should have saved that overhead kick lol
  18. Khobar's Legacy

    That's exactly how I feel, just relieved. Relieved I haven't got to endure a summer of them idiots rubbing my nose in it. No other fans bother me like them, they have this need to make your life a misery if they win, I've never understood that. Lets all think ourselves lucky!!
  19. New Kits

    Don't think much of the new home kit, very uninspiring and just looks dull and boring. If that yellow kit is for real is really nice, will look great on the pitch.
  20. Media / Press

    RIP Ray Very sad news, I just read the article on the official Chels website, worth a read. Had a quick look on youtube to watch the goal he scored for England against Belgium, classic goal. And the chip against Hereford for Chels. I always enjoyed watching him as a pundit as he was one of the few that actually gave a balanced view of Chelsea. Sad loss, gutted about this, he seemed like a top fella.
  21. That's why I'm thinking we could get somebody else in midfield which would allow us to only use Baka in certain games to try and build his confidence up and help him improve. It seems a bit extravagant but I don't see what other option there is other than sell him or loan him.
  22. After another poor performance yesterday I don't think we can afford to play him in any of the remaining games this season as every one of them is important. What about next season though, do you loan him out or get another midfielder in and use him as backup and try and get him to improve slowly but surely? I hate the thought of giving up on him but we need to see some signs of improvement.
  23. The question remains though, what is happening with Ross Barkley at the moment? Is he injured or just not fancied by Conte? He doesn't even make the bench does he?
  24. Yeah but I thought he was on the mend, he played a few minutes in a couple of games then nothing?
  25. What's happening with Ross Barkley, seen nothing of him?