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  1. Khobar's Legacy

    Ha ha that's brilliant!!
  2. Media / Press

    Wasn't quite how you are describing it either. The driver was not cutting up or blocking Carragher, he was driving parallel with him. Carragher was the first to lower his window, the other driver lowered his window in response. I have also seen people online claim that: 1. The girl was in the back seat. Wrong, she was sat in the front, you can clearly see her legs in the front seat. 2. Carragher spat water (as if that is somehow less offensive). He said something just before he spat so he did not spit water. 3. Carragher did not see the girl. Complete nonsense, if he can see the driver he would have to be able to see the girl sat right in front of his view. Agree that the driver is also an idiot for using a phone to film whilst driving, and should be punished appropriately. It doesn't excuse what Carragher has done though, very stupid and something I'm sure he will deeply regret.
  3. Media / Press

    I've just seen tommorows newspaper headlines... John Terry spits in teenagers face whilst impersonating Jamie Carragher!! I wouldn't put it past them lol
  4. Olivier Giroud Departs

    I reckon this is a decent signing, especially for the money and a January window. He has 73 goals from 180 games in the Premier League which is a decent return. With the concerns over Morata's form and injuries I think he can do a job for us.
  5. Welcome To Chelsea FC Ross. For 15m he is a bargain, I think he can play a part in this squad. He is only 24, has loads of potential and is English. In today's market of crazy prices I really don't see how this can be a negative signing. Good luck to him.
  6. Books You've Enjoyed Or Would Recommend

    The past year or so I have been working my way through Karin Slaughter's 'Will Trent Series'. An excellent crime thriller series, very gritty, great characterisation and very well written. The first in the series 'Triptych' is especially good, they are set in Atlanta, Georgia. Also recently read 'The Exorcist' which I have been meaning to you for years, really enjoyed it.
  7. John Terry

    Good read that, really nice to read Robben looks back on his time with Chelsea with such fond memories, and that he thinks so highly of that team.
  8. Welcome to Chelsea. I don't know much about him but I was at a do last night talking to a couple of gooners and they were telling me how impressed they were with him last season. Unfortunatley we had to talk about the cup final as well!!
  9. Media / Press

    Great news for match going fans. I don't want the game on television. A Saturday 3pm kick off is exactly what I want, I'm looking forward to it.
  10. New Kits

    That's the key thing for me, there are no tacky or gimmicky add ons.
  11. John Terry

    Good luck to him, I hope he has a fantastic last few years to his career, he can still do a job at a very high level so I'm sure he will be a great success at Villa. Whats the betting we will get Villa in one of the cups.
  12. New Kits

    Actually that's a very good point, the shade of blue looks spot on. Such a simple thing but it's so important.
  13. New Kits

    Only just seen the new kit, I'm actually quite impressed. I'm not usually a big fan of Nike but they have done a very good job. I prefer simple designs and this hits the spot, no fancy nonsense or gimmicky stripes and patterns. It has a really classic Chelsea kit feel to it with a nod to the early 70s. Good stuff.
  14. New Stadium Plans

    Wasn't it also used in the movie Excalibur?
  15. Media / Press

    Going over old ground I know, however... Isn't it amazing how ryan giggs has walked away from all his sordid affairs almost like it never happened. An 8 year affair with his brothers wife, which is about as low as you can go and is wrong on just about every level. And top that up with the other affairs he was having behind his wife's back. Yet last night he is on prime time TV as an ITV pundit and footballs golden boy, even after his scumbag behaviour. I know with the media agendas and the club he is associated with makes all the difference but it still amazes me. Can you imagine the reaction if JT was used as a tournament pundit.
  16. Media / Press

    What was the kick off time for Friday night games last season, 7.45pm or 8.00pm? It won't make much difference, just curious. Getting to the game could well be tight if working that day, however a Friday night does allow a bit more flexibility for a drink after the game. Still prefer a Saturday though.
  17. Media / Press

    I'm more annoyed at how our fixtures have been messed about for TV. Our very first game of the season moved to a Monday night? So no game at the weekend and for match goers we now have to find our way to the Bridge on a Monday night instead, I hate the fact that match going fans are the lowest priority now. This also means we are playing catch up immediately. Swansea also moved to a Sunday 4pm, again this makes it such a pain for us that intend on going. Not sure about the Friday night game with the bin dippers, that may actually work out quite well although I would still prefer a Saturday kick off.
  18. Welcome to Chelsea FC. I look forward to seeing him play, just what we need a young hungry striker rather than the loans we had last season.
  19. Having just seen the interview he did with ITV his line 'I would like to forget the last 3 years and concentrate on the future' was the one point I really took note of. The last 3 years obviously means his time at Chelsea, he wants to forget it and move on and concentrate on his new job. No problem with that, fair enough. We should be doing exactly the same though, Jose is nothing to do with us now, let's concentrate on us not him. I never liked the way he had some hold over us when he left the first time. I really hope that's not the case second time around, it could be even harder with him in the same league. I knew certain fans who were still pining after him years after he left, hopefully they have learned not to do that a second time. If I'm watching him on tv and he says things I find irritating I will just switch him off, like I used to with fergie or brenda (or basically anybody connected to the scousers lol). Best to ignore it sometimes. Up the Chels...
  20. Yes this is what I'm waiting to see, I think it may depend on when we play them. If they come to us later in the season, depending on how the season has gone for both sides and how jose has behaved at utd will have an impact on the reception he gets I think.
  21. Actually adding to the above, let's hope we have a good song for Conte by the time we play them at the Bridge. And sing that song as loud as possible throughout the game, after all he is our manager now. I'm already getting sick of hearing about jose and utd. I couldn't care less what jose says whilst at utd, unless it's about us. All I'm interested in is what Conte has to say. Up the Chels...
  22. Agree there should be no booing and I will be very disappointed if I hear any, classless and childish move. However, a standing ovation for his return to the Bridge or singing his name at the Bridge again. No thanks, not for me.
  23. I'm sure you knew what I meant. By the way you don't both have to be successful to be rivals, ask Sunderland and Newcastle, or the two Sheffield clubs. However, your mediocrisy comment is worryingly accurate, arguably the two best English sides of the last decade and both doing a very good job of being a shadow of their former selves. And that's the issue, with Jose in charge they have a very good chance of coming back strong next season, that's not to say we won't although it's less likely imho.
  24. I do actually believe he wanted to come back to Chelsea above manure, I also believe he wanted to stay with us for a long time and build something. It didn't work out that way. However, we are Chelsea FC supporters and all the 'one of us' rubbish has to stop right now. He has chosen to go to a direct rival, his decision, he is not hard up for offers. That takes the shine off the relationship we have had with him for me, it will never be the same. I'm very grateful for what Jose did for us as a club and he was a legend whilst he was here. That time is over, its just a memory, he will be the manure manager now, do I wish him success there, of course not, I hope they win nothing. Nothing against Jose, I just hate manure. It's all about Chelsea for me. Up the Chels...