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  1. I'm gutted about this, like many here the worst possible scenario was JM ending up at manure. I'm sure he will be successful there for the reasons that have been stated, money to spend, less aggro from the FA and refs etc. I'm sure he will help manure establish themselves back at the top for a while, although I do agree with those that question how long it will last, a few seasons maybe. What grates is the fact we have gifted him to them, something we will have to live with for a while, it could be painful for the next couple of seasons. There has been a great relationship between the Chelsea fans and Jose over the last decade, even when he was managing elsewhere, however if he thinks that will continue whilst at manure I think he might be surprised. We will always appreciate what he did for us at our club, but the 'he's one of us' line is going to wear thin very quickly once he is leading manure. This tarnishes the relationship for me and I'm sure others, not the achievements and what he did for us, but the special relationship we had with him. After the support the Chelsea fans showed him this season, this feels like a slap in the face for us. He is an intelligent man, he knows what this will do to us, and yes we sacked him and he is entitled to go anywhere he wants, but choosing to go there is going to hurt. I will always love Jose for what he did for us and the time he spent with Chelsea, will be interesting to see what he says in the press conference in the first game against us. It never sat well with me when he came to the Bridge with Milan saying how he was Chelsea. I always supported him when he was Chelsea manager, but now he is with a big rival, so 'one of us', not for me.
  2. Khobar's Legacy

    There did not appear to be any segregation between the rival fans in the end housing the Sevilla supporters. That bit is truly laughable, as if it's the organiser's fault for not putting segregation in an area of the ground that should only hold the supporters of one team? It's bizarre how excuses are being made for their behaviour, hopefully most people can see it for what it is. Also strange how the media have not made any correlation between last night's behaviour and Hillsborough or Heysel. Ticketless fans turning up in droves and getting into the ground by any means necessary. The silence on this is deafening?
  3. Khobar's Legacy

    I deliberately stayed clear of all football last night, avoided the news and even switched my mobile off in case I got any texts, I really didn't want to hear anything about it. I had a quick look this morning online to see the result, oh the joy of seeing that 3:1 scoreline, it brought an instant smile to my face. Love it!!
  4. John Terry

    One thing to add if it hasn't already been mentioned is the reaction of Roman on Sunday to JT's speech at the end. He looked overjoyed when JT said he wanted to stay and was smiling from ear to ear applauding. He certainly seemed happy at the prospect of JT on board for next season and he surely must have had some influence in proceedings. It does seem strange that we have had to go through all the pantomime to get to this stage but none of us know what has really gone on within the club.
  5. John Terry

    Seems strange to me that the club announce that it is a one year contract extension, whilst JT announces that it is for a different role. You would presume a contract extension is for the same role, yes or no? Whatever it is let's hope he signs and stays on. I think people are overestimating the lure of big wages abroad, he doesn't need the money, plus it's a big upheaval for his family to go abroad, he has two daughters who will be settled at school etc, they may not want to leave school, family, friends.
  6. Media / Press

    Watched motd this morning, some good goals from us especially the finishes from Willian and Pedro. What did people think of Eden's comments after the game, saying that he, the club and the fans all want Leicester to win the title and not spuds? The interviewer practically put the words in his mouth in the way he asked the question, and I think Eden just saw it as a harmless comment. Made me laugh when martin keown was frowning on the comments, as if to say he should remain impartial. This from a guy who jumps on the chance to have a go at Chelsea at every opportunity and is embarrassingly biased when commentating on our games, the fa cup game with everton springs to mind as his comments bordered on ridiculous. Oh the hipocrisy.
  7. Media / Press

    Anybody seen this tweet from BBC Sport today? Really unprofessional from them and cheap. I expect no less from them to be honest, seems we are fair game for having a cheap shot. I wonder if the scousers have had similar tweets for any of their last few seasons?
  8. Media / Press

    I'm not sure 'anti-white' is the correct term, probably more of a case of being so extremely pro-black that his agenda then undermines his arguments and points. The black manager issue is a good example, the simple facts are that on a purely success based criteria, black managers have generally either performed very averagely or not particularly well. Is there a black manager that has been as successful as a Ferguson, Mourinho, Wenger, Pochettino, Ranieri or Ancelotti in the premiership era? These are all managers that are not English, which is where the argument falls down badly, because it's not about ethnic background, it's about success. If a football club believes a manager will bring them lots of success then they would not care a bit about their race or nationality, that has been proven through successful players. The issue at the Oscars recently reminds me of this, surely awards are based on merit not ensuring there is an actor nominated from each ethnic background or sexual orientation? It makes a mockery of the whole process, unfortunately we live in a world now where people can make a living out of being offended or victimised, I'm not saying people are not allowed a voice to highlight injustice, that is incredibly important in society, but there will be some that misuse that right for their personal gain and career development. Crooks certainly has his agenda and when people can see it so blatantly then all it does is undermine him.
  9. Khobar's Legacy

    With us and everton winning tonight we have leapfrogged the scum into the top half of the table whilst pushing them down into the bottom half of the table. Not something we would have hoped to be happy about at the start of the season but desperate times and all that!!
  10. Khobar's Legacy

    Yep that's the best bit, we have been spared the media purring over a scum cup win, it would have probably gone on for the rest of the season. Just need the mancs to knock them out the Europa now, you know if they win it the reaction will be totally different to when we won it.
  11. Khobar's Legacy

    Just seen the news that the scum lost a penalty shootout in a final, fantastic stuff. Must be the first time is it? I read an article once where it said that they had managed to win everything you possibly can via penalties, not only that they had never actually been in the lead in any of those finals. I might have to watch motd2 later to fully enjoy it.
  12. Khobar's Legacy

    Wow that's a really good stat, I had no idea they weighed up pretty much the same so far. I generally try to avoid anything about them online or on tv unless I find out they have lost, so have seen very little of them other than the game at the Bridge. My bin dipper mate reckons they have been awful lately?
  13. Khobar's Legacy

    Mmm yes that did cross my mind!!
  14. Khobar's Legacy

    Well there is nothing that lifts the spirits quite like the bin dippers getting a pasting. Also amusing was the fact that when I text my mate to tell him the good news, my phones autocorrect changed the word scousers to avoiders. Very apt I thought.
  15. I'm interested to know what the atmosphere will be like on Saturday, I'm going to the game and I really don't know what to expect?
  16. Club statement: Chelsea Football Club and Jose Mourinho have today parted company by mutual consent. All at Chelsea thank Jose for his immense contribution since he returned as manager in the summer of 2013. His three league titles, FA Cup, Community Shield and three League Cup wins over two spells make him the most successful manager in our 110-year history. But both Jose and the board agreed results have not been good enough this season and believe it is in the best interests of both parties to go our separate ways. The club wishes to make clear Jose leaves us on good terms and will always remain a much-loved, respected and significant figure at Chelsea. His legacy at Stamford Bridge and in England has long been guaranteed and he will always be warmly welcomed back to Stamford Bridge. The club’s focus is now on ensuring our talented squad reaches its potential. There will be no further comment until a new appointment is made.
  17. I'm gutted about this I really am. I would have stuck with him for the season, I think he deserved that at least. Top 4 has gone so did it really matter if we finished 8th, 10th or 15th. Even though we were just above relegation I don't believe we would have been in that position come May. The rest of the Premiership will be laughing the ***s off at this news, happy in the knowledge he has gone. You watch him go to manure now, I'm dreading the prospect of that.
  18. I think you are dreaming, do you honestly believe any manager of Chelsea FC is ever going to be Mr Popular with the media or other fans? I should add the caveat 'whilst we are successful', as it's easy to like somebody when they are no threat. I think the last manager we had who was well liked was probably Ranieri, interestingly just before we became serial winners and a threat to the established order of clubs.
  19. Media / Press

    I don't ever read the BBC sports website now days so had not seen this. I am shocked by that, I can't believe the BBC would allow something of that nature, it's literally an article taking the absolute p*ss out of a specific football club. How can they justify that? Can you imagine a similar article written about the scousers when they blew their shot at the premiership a couple of years back, with quotes from fans mocking them? It would never happen. That's really low of the BBC.
  20. Yeah I agree, it's not great but we have had plenty of tough games this season where it would be common to not win. I would add the Swansea home game to the two you mentioned as we really should have won that, more so than saints or palace, I'm guessing you left it out as we got a point. All if's and but's, however if we had got a couple more results which we probably deserved against palace and swansea, there's 5 points right there, then things wouldn't look half as bad.
  21. Yes there are, some great away trips in the Championship next season, bring it on!!
  22. I like the fact Jose has stated he will never resign, good on him. He is also correct in saying now is the time to stick together and unite, when things are tough and not going well. It's easy to support a team when they are winning things but now is the time they need our support more than ever. I'm 100% behind Jose and feel we should stick with him throughout this season, I also believe him when he says he will get us into the top 4 by the end of the season. We will come good again. Sounds like RLC will be starting the next game, let's hope he can make an impact. Any fan that was screaming for Jose to come back to Chelsea and now wants him out should be ashamed of themselves, where is their loyalty? If we have a poor season with Jose then so be it, so what, you can't win every year. I would rather have Jose in charge then somebody else coming in.
  23. Absolutely, how does Jose claim that nobody is untouchable yet Bran plays every game? Surely he needs to change up the defense at some point if this continues? He was being skinned time and time again tonight. We should have kept hold of Bertrand and played him along with Dave.
  24. Frank Lampard: Legend.

    Yeah very depressing. How I wish we had the likes of Lampard, Ballack and Essien in their prime!!