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  1. Frank Lampard: Legend.

    All very true, unfortunately players of Frank's quality come along very rarely. Best English midfielder of all time for me, nobody comes close. So unlikely we will be able to find anybody to replace what he did for us.
  2. I'm actually quite confident of getting top four regardless of the poor start and the current issues. Although we haven't played that well yet I also agree with Jose in that we have been quite unfortunate in most games where things just haven't gone our way. It's not an excuse but just a fact of football, sometimes things just don't go for you and it costs, on another day we get a bit of luck and win, at the moment we are not playing well but also nothing is going our way. I think today we were beaten by a very good Everton side who just happened to put in their best performance for a long time. However, we should never have lost against Palace, they played well but they really did ride their luck, I lost count of the times the ball played pinball in their area only to roll to safety or into their keepers hands. We played with 10 men against both West Brom and Swansea, the sending off totally changed the Swansea game. Against City we were well beaten first half but much improved second half. We haven't been at our best but we have had a very tough run of fixtures, Everton and city away are two of the toughest fixtures in the season, plus we have caught Swansea and palace at the very top of their game, Swansea beat manure and palace were seconds away from drawing with city. Fact is other than City I don't see anybody not losing multiple times, the likes of manure, bin dippers, spuds and gooners will all drop points all over the place, as I'm sure we may well do, but I think we are more than capable of putting together a couple of decent runs to get us into the top four. Long long way to go...
  3. Come on mate, you say he has only made it this far into the season because of the clubs desire for stability. We are only 5 games into the season? November is only 6 games away, we could win 4 of those and still find ourselves in 7th or 8th spot. So let's hope your prediction is not proved to be true. So many years we have complained of no stability and the constant changing of managers, I for one hope Jose gets the whole season to try and get things back on the right track. Things are pretty bad at the moment but if we can't stick with a manager for once I will be very disappointed, and let's not forget this is Jose the man that has done so much for this club, a proven winner that won the premiership just a few months ago. If we can't stick with a manager now of all times then it stinks. I know Jose isn't to some fans taste and he is an easy target at the moment but we need to support him now more than ever, let's get through this poor start. I hate switching managers every couple of seasons and if sticking with a manager for once means the odd bad season then so be it. We have become spoilt and it's as if a poor run, however poor, is the end of the world and fans start dropping names of other managers, it really annoys me. I should be clear I'm not putting you in this category James as you seem to want Jose to pull through this and are just highlighting the possibilities, but you know some fans out there will be hunting for his scalp now if not in another couple of games if we don't win. I am not making excuses for Jose, there are plenty of things I would like to see him change at the moment but I think he deserves the time and support to get things sorted.
  4. Official: Pedro Signs For Chelsea

    I thought he looked great today, what a debut. Direct, pacey, works hard and most refreshingly can put in a decent cross. His goal looked quality, although it was down the other end of the pitch so was difficult to see from the Chels end, will take a look on TV later. I liked the fact he was direct and just ran at them and had a go, asked questions of them, rather than pulling up and passing sideways. Great stuff, long may it continue.
  5. New Kits

    Ha ha really, I could have sworn it was black and white, shows what I know.
  6. New Kits

    Oh right, has it changed to navy blue recently or am I going mad? I always think of West Brom in black and white stripes?
  7. Official: Pedro Signs For Chelsea

    The more I have thought about this signing the more excited I am that this could be a great signing for the squad as a whole. On top of what he can offer the team, pace, quality, goals etc, the introduction of a player like him will be a big psychological boost to the players. It was interesting to note that Jose mentioned that he was the type of player that wants to play every game, I would imagine that is true of all players but for Jose to mention it I wonder if he already has him down as a regular starter?
  8. New Kits

    I like the look of the third kit, have always liked the black kits. Need to see it in the flesh though as I'm not sure about the strips across the front. It says the team will be wearing it this Sunday at West Brom, surely that will clash with their black and white kit?
  9. New Kits

    I'm not that keen on the away strip, it just doesn't look like a Chelsea kit to me. Home kit is okay, nothing more.
  10. Media / Press

    Lol what a load of nonsense. It says they 'calculated' Chelsea fans were the least passionate? How exactly would they calculate that, by the fact we don't act like a bunch of spoilt brats online? Being the bottom of that particular list is surely something to be happy about. Like you say just another stick to beat us with.
  11. Khobar's Legacy

    Can't believe he has responded like that, like you say what a tosser. Zero class. I was shocked when he got a standing ovation as he left the pitch, it really was full on as well, all four stands and at least 3/4 of the Chelsea fans on their feet applauding him. I took no part in it, sat down and kept quiet, got no time for him or that club. I'm glad I did now after reading that. Still, at least we got straight into a full on version of the 'slipped on his ****ing ar*e...' song the moment he left the pitch to put things back in perspective.
  12. 14/15 Premiership Champions

    Yeah I think you are right with that, I remember the trophy being at the Bridge as we were most likely winners. What a day that was Stamford Bridge went crazy that day, in and outside the ground. what a win to clinch a title, can't see anybody repeating that. I'm quite happy the trophy is being presented on the last day for selfish reasons, yesterday was the only home game I couldn't make it to so will now get to see us crowned Champions. Still gutted I couldn't be there yesterday though.
  13. 14/15 Premiership Champions

    Chelsea Champions!! Well done to the manager, players and all the back room staff. Well deserved, the best team in the prem by a mile over the course of the season. Will the trophy be presented next week?
  14. Leicester City 1 Chelsea 3

    Cracking atmosphere at the game last night from start to finish. I love the new Fabregas song, it got rinsed last night. Was great at the final whistle when the players came over to us and Fab acknowledged it. Great that he has his own song but due to the lyrics I'm not sure it has much longevity, although we can revive it in 12 months time ;-) I thought it was an entertaining game to watch, open and plenty of chances. Other than their goal and the pinball moment in our box I never really felt we they troubled us too much. They were so open at the back that with a quicker striker up front we could of grabbed a bunch of goals. It was painful watching Drogba in the first half, it looked like he was really struggling and nothing came off for him, glad he got the goal and it improved him a bit but if we are honest his playing career at this level is at an end. An absolute Chelsea legend but it's all over as a player I reckon. Looking forward to Sunday and if all goes well we can relax and enjoy the last few games, especially taking the p*ss against the scousers for 90 minutes. Like others I'm really hoping we get to see the likes of Ake, Solanke, Loftus Cheek etc, even Cuadrado who desperately needs some game time.
  15. Media / Press

    I was watching sky sports news this morning, they commented on the irony of the leicester fans singing 'boring boring Chelsea' as Ramires slammed in that stunning third goal. It was actually the Chelsea fans singing 'boring boring Chelsea' which we had been doing since the second goal, the leicester fans were pretty much silent after the second goal and many were leaving during the last 10 minutes. Makes me wonder sometimes if sky get these things wrong deliberately, if they had a reporter in the ground it would have been quite obvious where the noise was coming from.
  16. Chelsea 1 Manchester United 0

    Great post and spot on. It was a fantastic atmosphere at the Bridge yesterday, especially throughout the second half. And as the game went on the crowd, noise, singing and mood just built up until that final release at the final whistle. Even outside the ground after the game and in the pubs it was superb. Really enjoyed yesterday it was a great day. Like I said in an earlier post if you can't enjoy days like yesterday then what is the point.
  17. 14/15 Premiership Champions

    Very true. It's crazy how all of a sudden they are a quality side just because they have strung 4 or 5 decent performances together for the first time this season, significantly against a p1ss poor man citeh side who were not up for the fight and a ten man scouse side for 45 minutes. It must annoy the hell out of them that we brought a sudden end to their mighty comeback.
  18. Media / Press

    Ah good, at least he is getting some stick then. It was a shameful dive and he should be embarrassed. It's one thing going over easily in the penalty area, but when players deliberately move their leg to wrap it around the defenders leg and make contact, its the very worst type of dive that can never be defended and should be punished.
  19. Chelsea 1 Manchester United 0

    I was at the game yesterday. The reaction in the pub afterwards was so different to what I have just read here. Brilliant party atmosphere, loads of singing and everybody enjoying the fact we had just beaten manure and gone 10 points clear in the league. If we can't enjoy moments like this then what's the point?
  20. Media / Press

    Just watched the motd highlights for a second time this morning, my word I was thankful that Robbie Savage was on there to fight our corner, not often I would say that but fair play to him for sticking up for us and basically saying it as it is without bias. we would have been slaughtered otherwise. phil neville and his sour grapes attitude was laughable and pathetic. Why do the bbc and sky insist on employing these biased pundits with their one sided views, its so unprofessional and worthless. neville complaining that manure didn't get a penalty that he himself admits wasn't a penalty and a great call by the referee? So what is he actually complaining about? What makes it worse is he openly admits he jumped out his chair and was screaming for a penalty when watching, not even subtle about the bias. No talk about how herrera had blatantly cheated and tried to con the referee, Savage was spot on when he said if that was a Chelsea player they would be getting slated right now. He then has the nerve to complain about how Chelsea will end up winning the league with their "style" of football. How he has been brought up at manure and they were taught how to win in style, trying to extend that myth of how manure do everything the right way. I think we can all remember plenty of games where manure have ground out spawny wins when playing badly, that's how championships are won let's not pretend we are the only team that have had to grind out a few wins to win the Prem. Then talking about the possession stats and using that against us, it's not the way to win the title? How about taking a look at the other 31 games we have played this season not just one game? Our possession stats have been healthy enough in plenty of the games we have played, using just yesterdays game as the benchmark is just ridiculous and so short sighted. It's as if just because manure have managed to string together a handful of good performances in the last month they are the benchmark that we should all aspire to, convieniently forgetting they were shockingly bad for the first half of the season when we were playing far better stuff than them. The one stat he didn't focus on was that both teams only had two shots on target and we scored with one of ours. Apparantly manure won all the duals on the pitch as well, obviously not the one were they had to score against our defence? The analysis is then focused on how manure can make the next step to seriously challenge for the title, looking at their play in the game and the chances they created, mainly shots from outside the box. No look at the fact we were incredibly close to scoring a second with Drogba and Hazard, a goal which would have basically finished manure off in the game, how do they not take a second look at that incident? Not sure what I think of van gaal, his mannerisms and voice make him look like he is a resident of Sesame Street. I do enjoy his interviews though, makes me laugh when he is so blunt with TV interviewers and makes them feel uncomfortable. Again fair play to Savage for saying it how it is, 3 points is what mattered and we won and as he said the best team this season should win the league. How did sky react to the penalty incident, did herrera get slated for diving or not?
  21. 14/15 Premiership Champions

    The next home game after winning it at Bolton was Charlton, it was when Maka had the penalty. To be honest I can't remember if they clapped us out. However the game after that was manure away and they did clap us out, think that was the game when Tiago scored a screamer, we won 3-1.
  22. Khobar's Legacy

    Yep totally agree, to go there with a weakened team, between the two CL semi finals, everybody expecting us to get slaughtered. They wheel out all the old faces at scamfield for their big day and we ruin the party. Stuff of legend.
  23. Khobar's Legacy

    And that's why it will always be one of my favourite moments in premiership history. If you could have asked any Chelsea fan to write the script for that game, barring the obvious scenario of us winning 5 or 6 nil, it would have been a struggle to come up with anything so perfect.
  24. Khobar's Legacy

    He has a shocking list of big mistakes in big games that have cost his team the game, I don't think any other player comes close do they? Add to your list... England v France 2004 Euros - Dreadful back pass to Henry that caused James to concede a late penalty, Zidane scored and it lost England the opening game 2-1. Arsenal v scousers - Another awful back pass to Henry, Henry scores and arsenal win the game 2-1. England v Uruguay 2014 World Cup - That ridiculous back header to suarez that effectively put England out. I took another look on YouTube at the back passes to Henry, they are just awful, unbelievably bad. I wonder if Sky or BBC put together a compilation of his biggest **** ups to see him off at the end of the season?
  25. Chelsea 1 Southampton 1

    Exactly, the point some of us are trying to make is the difference in decision making from the refs. For me both their penalty and the Costa penalty shout looked similar in real time at the game. I was right in front of both incidents, it was difficult to tell if either were or were not penalties, but like I said Dean wasted no time in giving their penalty, he didn't even wait to discuss with the linesman. In my opinion that same penalty doesn't get given to us based on his decision with the Costa incident later.