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  1. 19 minutes ago, Ham said:

    How they managed the lines on this one I don't know. He's onside. Look at the feet and they're both leaning forward. 

    The other one is difficult to show but they paused the footage before the cross came in. A split second later the defender ran back. 


    Mmm so yet more examples of var decisions going against us when playing them.

    Have we actually had one close var decision go our way when playing them?

    They set the tone when they disallowed that Mount goal a couple of years back, rewinding the play 5 minutes to find a foul lol

    I can’t this nonsense seriously anymore, ruining the enjoyment of the game.


  2. 12 minutes ago, Mark Kelly said:

    Well , other than the Ukraine business which apparently is entirely down to Roman , the match day team is , Kenny Dagleish's daughter , Ex Liverpool captain Jamie Carragher  and Ex Liverpool midfielder Jamie Redknapp and as a sot to us Jimmy-Floyd Hasselbaink.

    So it started with high fiving the Liverpool players as they were walking around the pitch , condemnation of the club over the statement , not showing proper VAR assessment proving two of our goals were onside and yucking it up about the Liverpool victory 

    They neglected to mention the Liverpool supporters booing the national anthem or setting off flares so all in all it had all the tropes of a Chelsea versus anyone game , they despise us and make no attempt to disguise the fact .

    Sounds about right.

    I wonder if fans of other clubs notice the bias like we do?

    It’s probably more noticeable to us as it’s often so blatantly anti Chels so we spot it more easily.

    But surely fans of other clubs must see it as well? How can it be right to have such a heavily one sided set up for a final?

    Having said that I don’t watch sly sports anymore as I can’t stomach it lol

  3. 3 minutes ago, Ham said:

    Played excellently for 75% of that game. We got better and better after their spell in the first half. 

    We've outplayed then every time we've played them whilst 11 players were on the pitch. 

    Quite proud of the players.

    Two incorrect offside decisions against us in my opinion. The first clear. The second was frozen at the wrong moment. 


    I’ve not seen them properly on tv yet, so they were close then? So could have gone either way?

  4. My three main observations from that game:

    1. Lukaku looks so heavy and slow, with very little awareness.

    2. Werner looked even worse when he came on!! Although at least was a bit more lively.

    3. How is it not a penalty when Kai is clearly pulled back? Seriously? How can VAR review that and see on video a defender reach out and clearly pull him back yet it’s not a penalty? We see so many weak penalties given to the ‘red’ teams which are justified by the fact there was the slightest of touches, yet something that blatant is not a penalty? Different teams, different rules.


  5. My dad was a decent defender and actually had trials for Chelsea in the early 70s, he got invited back but didn’t make selection, he still has the letter from Chelsea asking him to the trials. I’m sure he said a young Ian Britton was there at the trials.

    As for me I played right wing and was once involved in a 33-0 win!! It was the same weekend that united beat Crystal Palace 9-0 so we made the Sun paper as a little sideline story lol


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  6. 50 minutes ago, bert19 said:

    You can actually buy a month of BT Sport for £25. They don’t particularly publicise it, but I did it a couple of times at the end of last season. Their sign-up & cancellation process is a bit more formal than NowTV though. And you have to physically cancel it or it rolls over & charges you again.
    So it isn’t bad value if there are a couple of games you want to watch over the next couple of weeks.  

    Ah good to know, I’ll look at that now...

  7. 37 minutes ago, NoblyBobly said:

    Wish I could have been  watching it anywhere else than where I was. My plan was to watch it alone at home so I could concentrate , swear and scratch my nuts if I wanted. Mrs N would be in the background, wandering in and out, feeding me beer and making the appropriate noises when something happened. But oh no. 15 minutes before the game its announced that "Sally and Andy are coming round to watch because they are too tight to pay for BT sport". Sally is a 'rugby girl'. She spent the whole game telling me what wooses football players are compared to rugby players, and asking why a player who had just got a yellow card hasn't gone to the sin bin. Andy knows fec all about anything but claimed to be a neutral hoping for a good game. I suspect Andy was secretly hoping for a City win because as he sat on my sofa eating my snacks and drinking my beer, he was making all the noises of someone rooting for the opposition. 

    I was fairly restrained during the game but when the final whistle went I  exploded. The beer and snacks went all over the place, the language was appalling, I was shaking my fist at the TV. I let them know what football means to a true supporter.

    Sally and Andy wondered off down the garden path looking a bit shell shocked. Good. Fec off and don't come back.  

    😂😂😂 This made me laugh!!

  8. 5 hours ago, thevelourfog said:

    I think it's an outrageous suggestion. It will not finish the PL season; it will tack an altogether different competition onto it. If you have to resort to such a significant change to the format (and this is, decades of evidence on home advantage really means there isn't an argument), you should really be questioning what the point is.

    That's not a partisan thing. For one, we've generally been sh*te at home imo anyway! But the small details make the difference to the teams in and around the relegation spots, and it's a significant disadvantage to those who had more home games, and especially home games against direct rivals, to play. Others have those results in the bank.

    Money is the only reason to go on now. There's no public health argument, and the horse has already bolted on the integrity argument. I'm not buying this 'lift the public mood' nonsense; fine, bung a load of teams in the hotels around Wembley and stick a cobbled together cup on the TV. But don't pretend that's the PL.

    Clock is ticking now. Still think it's okay for the clubs to be nodding along, but really we are now only a few weeks away from a final decision having to be made. 

    This is the best summary I’ve seen so far to discredit the idea of forcing an end to the season, that line in bold sums it up very nicely.

  9. 1 hour ago, blue moon said:

    Still feel vaguely sorry for them - after 30 years, they finally have a fighting chance only for covid to blow it. Doesn't stop me bursting out laughing every time I see my scouse mate, though. Don't confuse my natural decency (I am a Chelsea supporter, after all) with my deep, deep loathing of Dippers, Jonny: I feel sorry for sheep, pigs and cows having to die so I can eat 'em, but I still love a good bit of meat, whether it be mutton stew, coddle or a nice juicy steak. 

    Lol fair enough, each to their own.

    I work with a couple of particularly unbearable dipper fans, just the thought of them winning anything makes me shudder!!


  10. 6 hours ago, blue moon said:

    In truth, I do pity the Liverpool faithful: such a hollow victory. Almost as bad as winning on penalties - and yes I did just say that: Munich it was a great night, but to me a true victory is always won within 90 minutes of open play. Next time we murder the opposition. And next time I’ll get a ticket.

    Really? Why?

    Awful club, awful fan base (especially in the south of England) and awful media bias towards them.

    Then add the VAR bias to that.

    Nothing to like or feel any empathy towards for me.