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  1. VAR and Chelsea

    Can the backlash be worse than now. After every match they are being slated. We are angry with the ref and VAR but if the ref could demonstrate he had no choice because some poor advisor in the VAR studio told him to give it we may feel differently or that anonymous advisor may think twice
  2. To be fair Kepa as turned his show around. I feel a lot less scared when he is there. Perhaps he as learnt from Cech and Mendy or he doesnt have to suffer behind a Cristensen and Zouma defence. Dont feel Lukaku has it in him to turn it around. Shame as e is a Chelsea supporter if its to be believed
  3. VAR and Chelsea

    Refs are to some extent accountable for their decisions in that they are surrounded by players and crowd. VAR is not so they can do and say what they like from their cosy studio, they can hang a ref out to dry whenever they want. Either VAR has to be dumped or there has to be an open micas in other sports for clarification. For some reason refs dont want that.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    WE can take Chiesa off our wish list he is out for a long time
  5. No tammy is doing now what lukaku did for the last few years he is benefitting from a poor league
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    No need, I am defending him in general. But to answer your question yes I think he still is for his attacking skills but not in flat back 4 as his defending is now hit or miss
  7. Would have wasted less and at less risk to give Banford a look until a bigger investment came along
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    Ridiculous, I dont get the Alonso bashing, he has served us well, been part of a very successful era at the club and never causes trouble. Yes he is heading for the end but I am not rushing him out the door. His goals have served us well, sure he had made mistakes but then who hasnt
  9. VAR and Chelsea

    unless they are doing it against us. Dave was rugby tackled by 2 spurs players and nothing given
  10. VAR and Chelsea

    Rugby tackle on Azpi, given as a free kick the other way. No review, no surprise
  11. VAR and Chelsea

    Jotas pen and Dohertys challenge today on Sarr (not even a yellow) VAR is embarrasing
  12. Chelsea's forward issues

    They are encouraged to keep ball, play around the box and not to take the man on but wait for a moment to pounce, a moment which often gets lost. For me they just need to be more direct sometimes. How many passes go from the oppos corner flag backwards and backwards until its in our own half and often back with the keeper. Just quickly get it in the box once in a while, before they have time to regroup with 10 men behind the ball. Surprise them and create panic to see what happens.
  13. The basics were terrible against BHA. I know we seem to love side-way passes but way too many back passes. Players, even Kante, were losing the ball. How did CHO survive the 90 mins. If TT is so sure its tiredness and he can't resolve that then rest Ziyech and Lukaku and play rested Kai and Werner. It was BHA maybe Hall could have had some time.
  14. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    Subs way to late
  15. Brighton 1 Chelsea 1

    Even Kante is losing the ball