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  1. Chelsea 4 Juventus 0

    I may be misremembering but I think he did make a few seemingly sly digs about being happy to be somewhere he was loved or appreciated when he moved on. Nothing drastic, but revealing of his personality imo. I'm not usually one to criticise our players or former players on a personal level, but I think he's a big baby. And while I'm no fan of a macho, real-men type of football culture, I can't stand players who point the finger elsewhere. But booing is for morons, so not up for that either!
  2. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    Who finished the season as the champions of Europe? United are a mess. Their squad and club hierarchy are well behind ours and it will take years to catch up. Assuming they make the right moves to start doing that. Which we shouldn't assume they'll do.
  3. Leicester City 0 Chelsea 3

    Read as much as the first four words and then stopped bothering. Which, it seems, is four more words than you've read in any of my posts you've replied to. For what it's worth, I'm fine with Lukaku scoring 6 goals if we win the league. Anyone who isn't is watching the wrong sport.
  4. Leicester City 0 Chelsea 3

    So you ignored it to pursue a counter-argument against an argument no one is really making, I.e. 10 goals is okay from a £97m striker. Chelsea's m.o. right now is to win major titles. If Lukaku contributes to that happening, he'll have done what he's been brought here to do. Even if his individual output isn't what was hoped for. The same would be true of any player or signing. BTW, I haven't said anything about what I'd "accept" or Lukaku's size.
  5. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    This Man Utd are not the Man Utd of, what, 2013? And that Man Utd are not the Man Utd of the late 2000s. Every Utd fan I know would tell you they are run to generate clicks and money, not to succeed at football. And from what I have seen in the last 3 or 4 years as an outsider, I'd agree.
  6. Leicester City 0 Chelsea 3

    Why did you ignore the bit about that being satisfactory if we win the league? I mean, I know why. Just be good if you'd account for it yourself. You do realise what the point of being in the Premier League is, yes?
  7. Chelsea vs Manchester United

    I thought they'd sack him after our game, was really confident of it. But I'd made a really stupid, obvious mistake. I'd been thinking as if anyone at United had any clue what they are doing. They are an exquisitely badly run football club. New manager, new CM and new full back in the summer and they'd really have been on to something. But they aren't run to win things, they're run to generate money.
  8. Leicester City 0 Chelsea 3

    Just a shame it finished 0-0 after you factor in the goals not scored by a striker. We are absolutely bloody brilliant.
  9. Leicester City 0 Chelsea 3

    All scored by defenders though, so they don't count.
  10. Media / Press

    Are pictures to accompany articles somehow automatically added based on tagging or metadata or something? Struggling with the idea of a human being being this stupid (although lots unfortunately are).
  11. Media / Press

    The John Terry anecdote is news to me, and I'm curious about the source of it. But yes, I always understood it to come from the "we'll just call you Dave" chant and to be a joke at Chelsea supporters expense that we weren't clever or sophisticated enough to pronounce Azpilcueta. If Azpi is put out by it, I'd expect us as a fanbase to instantly respect that. I doubt he really cares. It's really, really obviously not comparable to calling everyone of colour Kevin. The intention and the impact are both drastically different.
  12. Billy Gilmour

    I think you'd stick with Farke for that. I think they've no hope of staying up, but that is what they'll be aspiring to. If Gilmour can't get into the Norwich team, that really does suggest work to do for Gilmour imo. And that's fine, he's a kid with time very much on his side.
  13. Official: Chelsea Sign Christian Pulisic

    How many minutes has Pulisic played for us?
  14. Billy Gilmour

    Farke sacked by Norwich, wonder what if any impact that will have on Gilmour?
  15. Chelsea 1 Burnley 1

    Lots of people will have liked what they saw, because it was a real "Roy of the Rovers" type of performance. In isolation, keeping hold of the ball while dribbling forward and holding off challenges from 2 or 3 players is impressive, tbf. The issue is ... He didn't need to and shouldn't have done that, and missed simple early passes that would have been far more helpful in opening Burnley up. We all know Tuchel isn't going to pick Barkley if and when he has other players back, so should really be considering that alongside any praise Tuchel offers him. Tuchel seems particularly good at keeping the fringe players motivated and part of a collective, but he's still going to pick from a core of 15 or so of them when he can.