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  1. CFCnet 21/22 Awards

    The one category I could win and it's not included!
  2. CFCnet 21/22 Awards

    Really difficult to answer the one about how our season went ... Obviously worse than I anticipated, but then I could not have anticipated some pretty big factors influencing it!
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    Agree with the numbers and positions (never like to guess on the specific players, mind) but would add Kepa out and a new reserve keeper in as more of a certainty. Don't think either the club or player can really afford to keep him as 2nd choice for a 3rd season and anticipate a loan he never really comes back from, unless Newcastle genuinely are chucking money about. Also think Lukaku is going nowhere. His deal is too big and there's simply too many other things to deal with. My current guess on Broja is that he comes into the squad or is sold; he's done a year as a PL back-up getting decent game time so what benefit is there to him or us on another one?
  4. I wonder how quickly we'll see season ticket renewals open, new shirts released, new sponsors announced etc ... To what degree have those things been basically sorted already?
  5. Government licence to sell granted, then. Looks like this could well happen today.
  6. Chelsea 2 Watford 1

    The idea that any manager here would pathologically refused to play those two in those circumstances and with so few alternative options is and always has been completely bizarre. Why make up hypotheticals about other non-existent managers to praise Lampard? How so? Since leaving (and by leaving I mean "bring poached by, at that specific time, the better team") he's won Serie A with a team that has completely collapsed since then and taken Lazio to a respectable 5th, which seems about their level, if not a little more (they finished above Roma). He's been at par, if not better. If you start with the opinion he's an idiot, seemingly on the basis he didn't pick player he did not have available to pick and had no say in the whereabouts of, then I suppose you'll see everything he does as evidence of idiocy. This isn't even about defending Sarri. I don't think I even have a strong opinion on him, was one of few here who didn't want him appointed. But that this nonsense about him has so long outlived his actual time here is properly odd.
  7. Chelsea 2 Watford 1

    I don't know about anyone else, but I'm really relieved this season is over. I'm knackered, God only knows how the players and staff feel.
  8. Chelsea 1 Leicester City 1

    Made up nonsense that literally did not happen. Lampard dropped him straight off the bat and the club were trying to move Rudiger on before the summer window even finished.
  9. Chelsea 1 Leicester City 1

    Said it at the time and think it's completely indisputable now ... Lampard's exiling of Rudiger was one of the stupidest things I've ever known a manager to do. Fair play to him. Always given it his all, has one last big contract in him, why not go to Spain when you've done the other three big leagues? He'll be very difficult to replace as a player, and even more so as a character.
  10. Andreas Christensen

    Someone basically did it a few pages ago, didn't feel worth engaging with.
  11. Andreas Christensen

    Funny how only the quotes that can be framed that way seem to have made their way into mainstream coverage. The much more understanding, humane ones haven't.
  12. Chelsea 1 Leicester City 1

    Me too, if only so that early season prediction of 85 points doesn't seem quite so ridiculous!
  13. Chelsea 0 Liverpool 0 (5 - 6 on penalties)

    I've just watched the clip from the interview, and he neither defends it or says they wouldn't have booed without a "good reason for it", as you later claim. He says he didn't enjoy it, he doesn't really understand the reasons for it, and to understand the reason Liverpool supporters booed you would have to ask them. It's really diplomatic, uncontroversial stuff from someone clearly toeing the line between not throwing his supporters under the bus and not being the foreigner (a German, no less!) giving the big thumbs up to bashing the monarchy. I absolutely hate Liverpool FC and have no particular love for Klopp, but I do think we have a tendency here to obsess and project a bit more about them than is strictly healthy. It's what they want and think is the way the world should be, focused on them, and I choose to not play into that. I can't say I cared too much about them booing. I'm no fan of the monarchy or any reverence for them and personally chose to sit and not sing along rather than boo when the anthem comes on, but who am I to tell people what they should or shouldn't believe in any more than they are to tell me and what damage does booing really do to anyone?
  14. Roman Abramovich and Chelsea FC : Sanctions

    It really is incredible how uncritically so many mainstream media outlets that have (quite rightly) attacked this government on its complete lack of integrity in every other regards will parrot their completely see-through briefings. This is just positioning. They will be responsible, not Abramovich, if they can't make a payment structure work. Why on Earth would he happily lose everything? It's nonsense that doesn't stand up to even mild scrutiny.
  15. Chelsea 0 Liverpool 0 (5 - 6 on penalties)

    Christensen was going to start, I'd happily wager Havertz would have, too.
  16. Chelsea 0 Liverpool 0 (5 - 6 on penalties)

    Don't know whether to laugh or despair ... One bloke shouting "come here" while visibly himself stepping back, the other waiting until the doors are safely shut to yell abuse. Not that I especially want to see violence, but running your mouth when the cheques will bounce is just pathetic. The Liverpool fan I briefly chatted to on the way home was infuriatingly magnanimous.
  17. Transfer Talk Topic

    As you say, different things could be going on that we don't know about. That this is not the first time he's been known to have pulled out of games without physical injury makes me less inclined to think it's about a possible move (after all, it's not a new behaviour specific to his circumstances and Tuchel has effectively confirmed he is moving on) but I can't say for certain. And the contract thing can be read as messing the club around, but can also be read as someone genuinely just not knowing what they want to do. What to do with players who have (or may have) mental health difficulties is a tough dilemma. On the one hand, as you allude to, they're here to do a job and not much good to us if they can't do it. On the other, surely we have some duty of care to our players and staff and helping them through these things benefits us long term. I just have a feeling Christensen is in some way troubled more so than being a snake. But it's just a gut instinct, and the outcome is probably the same either way.
  18. Transfer Talk Topic

    Yep, I would not be surprised if he struggles with his mental health. Players usually desperately want to be picked for the biggest games, I doubt you withdraw from a FA Cup final just for the sake of it.
  19. Chelsea 0 Liverpool 0 (5 - 6 on penalties)

    lol, "jumped on". Does being fairly politely asked to post elsewhere if you're going to call our players oxygen thieves count as being "jumped on"? Obviously not.
  20. Official: Chelsea Sign Christian Pulisic

    Go to another forum if this is how you want to talk about Chelsea players. I'm not a Pulisic fan, wouldn't mind at all if he left, but we should not be talking about our players this way.
  21. Chelsea Women

    Odd game in that City created chance after chance and looked like beating those in the nominal FB position and making something every time they cut inside, but we made things out of almost nothing; a cross going in, a long range screamer, chasing down a hoofed clearance. Almost the opposite of what the men do. A fitting end to the season, though. The women's team have a ruthless pragmatism and self belief that we could do with on the other side of Cobham.
  22. Chelsea 1 Leicester City 1

    Hadn't clocked this is Thursday, thought it was Wednesday. So I can't go, nor can I make the Watford game (but I've known that for months). So yesterday was my last Abramovich game. I've missed two home league games this season. We won both of them. We'll be fine.
  23. Transfer Talk Topic

    Hasn't he recently gone about 6 months without a league goal? For City? Perhaps that misrepresents him.
  24. Can you imagine if we somehow didn't go into next season with him? Would be a disaster. He is a top 5 in the world coach, can only speculate but I'm confident we'd have completely imploded without his leadership from February.
  25. Roman Abramovich and Chelsea FC : Sanctions

    My uncharitable reading was less avoiding a penalty, more not wanting to be injured for a move. He said he was injured before kick off, after all. But that is me being a cynic.