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  1. Southampton 0 Chelsea 6

    lol, who gives a sh*t about Watford losing at home. Haven't watched MotD since highlights started going up on YouTube so soon after games. Couldn't watch today. Maybe I should make sure I'm busy on Tuesday, too.
  2. Real Madrid 2 Chelsea 3 (5 - 4 on aggregate)

    I think we'll win the game, I'll say that much.
  3. Chelsea 1 Real Madrid 3

    Agbonlahor is full of crap. Rudiger, if anything, throws himself unnecessarily 110% into challenges it would only take 90% to win. That's how he got booked in the first place. He's just messed up here, albeit nowhere near as badly as Mendy. He messed up on Saturday, too but I doubt he's contemplating a free transfer to Brentford. I agree. I just don't agree they didn't try hard. How hard they tried almost makes how crap they were worse.
  4. Chelsea 1 Real Madrid 3

    I thought they worked really bloody hard up until around the 80th minute, and that the ref (who clearly has never watched Spanish football, or maybe has watched too much of it, and might want to look into when it is he is not supposed to stop play) made some ludicrous small decisions that killed off that head of stream. There was a lack of quality and finesse, absolutely. There was no lack of effort imo. Take away the goals (lol, I know) and watch only the rest of the game and if someone asked you who won, not many people would guess Real Madrid. Unfortunately, goals matter rather a lot. At both ends. We couldn't turn huge amounts of effort into goals, Real turned half and no chances into them. Have to credit them for that, but it is infuriating.
  5. Chelsea 1 Real Madrid 3

    He was furious on the touchline virtually the whole game, more so than for any other match I've seen him at. I get why, I don't think much of what was done wrong tonight can be pinned on a coach.
  6. Chelsea 1 Real Madrid 3

    This annoyed me so much more than Saturday. At least Brentford were better than us. Real were completely bang-average and we gave them absolutely everything. Benzema's finishes were lovely but to give him those two headers was criminal, and Mendy's error was pathetic and worryingly increasingly characteristic of him. I don't actually think this tie is completely dead; we should/could have scored 4 goals in the second half. But I think there's something to play for only because we've let ourselves get rolled over by a side virtually every other team left in the competition would comfortably beat, not any great faith in us. Jorginho off for Loftus-Cheek was a real "oh, this is a dream" moment.
  7. Chelsea 1 Real Madrid 3

    A lot of the game left, but currently 2-0 down to Palace. Despite the league being their only focus. I get the worry. I'm not entirely without that worry. But being overcome by both Arsenal and Spurs is, no two ways about it, unlikely.
  8. Chelsea 1 Real Madrid 3

    Quite. I don't think anyone would assert finishing 5th is impossible, but some are understating the level of collapse in form from us and the improvement needed from two other sides for it to happen. Just check out some odds on us not making 4th; no one who isn't invested as a supporter thinks it's much of a likelihood. Real Madrid in a CL knock out will be approached in an entirely different way to a home game in a competition with not much left to strive for. Hopefully the different approach yields a different result.
  9. Chelsea 1 Real Madrid 3

    Didn't Madrid get smashed by a load of PL rejects just a few weeks ago? We've taken a battering and then pulled off convincing victories just a few days later before. I don't personally feel any more or less positive about this game as a result of yesterday's.
  10. Chelsea 1 Brentford 4

    Definitely a bad day at the office for everyone, with some of the same issues that have been problems for months, but it was those 10 minutes that turned this from a limp narrow win or disappointing draw into an absolute humbling. Rudiger, Kante and Azpi just stopped playing football in that time, inexplicable collective brainfarts that even a weak team selection and tactical set up wouldn't ordinarily produce. One of those results that makes you appreciate the odd bout of fixture congestion. Higher than 3rd was never on and lower than 3rd is also unlikely so it's easier to take this on the chin if we get a result on Wednesday. Which we're completely capable of. Rewatching?! Glutton for punishment. And Sarr didn't play, in fairness to him ...
  11. Chelsea 1 Brentford 4

    Today really was just about 10 ridiculous minutes that were a huge deviation from what we've done all seaaon. Wasn't a great performance before or after that, but not one to really draw bigger conclusions from. It's embarrassing to get thrashed, at home, by a local club much lower than us in the table, but we can survive embarrassment.
  12. Chelsea 1 Brentford 4

    To a degree just have to hold your hands up and say Brentford played really well. We did just stop defending for 10 minutes, mind. Calamity. I have no idea why Tuchel thinks Loftus-Cheek can play in a deep midfield role. Timo Werner can't even play football.
  13. Roman Abramovich and Chelsea FC : Sanctions

    Nah, I meant what I said. Funny how most people crying about being cancelled are trying to sell something fewer people than usual/expected want to buy, don't you think? I don't expect you to agree with me, and because cancel culture doesn't exist, I'm able to live with that. Bolded bit... I'm not on social media and certainly seem to spend lest time on it you than you do, based on your posts in this thread. Last line ... Maybe Google "Raab" and "news"? It's literally this government's stated aim. They just didn't use the word "cancel", because that's for communists. Maybe no one you follow tweeted about it and that's how you missed it? Anyone who would prefer Ricketts or Broughton didn't buy us is perfectly entitled to that view imo. Who is really doing the, ahem, "cancelling" if toys get thrown out of the pram about it?
  14. Chelsea Women

    I know ... Was just chipping in with what good value a season ticket is given the pricing for one game.
  15. Chelsea Women

    My season ticket was £45, and includes home cup games.
  16. Roman Abramovich and Chelsea FC : Sanctions

    lol, thinking there is a problem with racism, the death penalty, rape ... Is holier than thou? I get that some people aren't going to have a strong opinion on the ethics of who owns us, and I get why. How thin-skinned do you have to be, though, to have a problem with people who do care. Come on, you didn't go through a stage in your 20s where you financially backed and profited from a repressive military regime? We've all been there. An aside but I'm leaning into it because it is coming up so often in this thread. Cancel culture is complete and utter nonsense. It doesn't exist. At least not in the way it originally meant (for example, in the Jon Ronson book). What does happen is that individuals are able to make decisions about what they buy or consume from a much broader range of options than at any previous point in human history, and with a far greater amount of information available to them about who they are buying or consuming from. Bizarrely, this is what the free market idealists who make up much of the most public and high-profile "resistance" to cancel culture claim to aspire to, choice itself regulating consumption. This is why you have a political and journalistic class who pretend cancel culture is a thing and push the idea to the public; they have never had to deal with competition before, and can't understand losing out to competition (e.g. people with less sh*tty ideas than them) as their product being unattractive and can only understand it as injustice, perpetrated by loony lefties. It resonates with lots of other people because they don't want to feel bad about choices they have made, despite it being rare that anyone really cares enough about their choices to go after them anyway. The absolute irony of a world in which we try to cancel "wokery" ... I'd have said you couldn't make it up, but you can. Any billionaire buyer will have got their money in morally dubious ways, but it's fine to think "hmm, don't like the sound of what Broughton has been involved in".
  17. Roman Abramovich and Chelsea FC : Sanctions

    And powerless people with no influence regularly have the respect of states. Sure. I'll leave people to have their cake and eat it on this.
  18. Roman Abramovich and Chelsea FC : Sanctions

    The part in bold, no, I don't. I tend to think, and have from the off, that he is playing a role. It is interesting to me that those briefing that this story is manufactured as those who benefit from the idea of it being manufactured*. I'm making a much more simple point, one that it honestly is bizarre anyone would not get or disagree with; you need to hold power and influence with the involved parties to be involved in peace talks. As for the rest, I don't disagree with any of it but I don't understand why it's being framed as in opposition to what I said. Obviously I do not want our owner poisoned, and I've repeatedly criticised figures in England who have demanded Abramovich publicly denounce Putin. *Edit: that both the White House and Kremlin are briefing the story is disinformation is mildly amusing.
  19. Roman Abramovich and Chelsea FC : Sanctions

    Putin already has a method for getting the Ukraine to agree to his demands. Fine, though. We're all happy to believe Abramovich is helping broker peace, but from a position of absolutely no influence or power over the key player. Makes complete sense.
  20. Roman Abramovich and Chelsea FC : Sanctions

    I don't think we can get round the fact that peace talks have to involve people with connections and influence over both sets of people involved in the peace talks. I'm sure you are right that Abramovich's connections with the west make him attractive to a Ukrainian official hoping to broker peace, but those connections are pretty useless without similar connections to Russia. I'm at risk here of seeming pro-sanctions (I'm not, they are an obvious nonsense that do not achieve anything like their stated outcome), I just don't see this information changes anything about those sanctions or our sale. They just make a mockery of a lot of people who have talked an awful lot of nonsense about Abramovich.
  21. Roman Abramovich and Chelsea FC : Sanctions

    I'm genuinely not following your point, here. Why else would Roman be involved with peace talks if he didn't bold influence over Russia? We're not disagreeing that lots of arseholes talked a load of sh*t about Abramovich.
  22. Roman Abramovich and Chelsea FC : Sanctions

    Worth remembering that Abramovich put us up for sale before being sanctioned. They are not why we are being sold. I think the bigger issue is going to be that it will become, more generally, untenable for him to own and finance Chelsea FC. We are not going back to the European-Russian political and economic relations of up-to February 2022 when this war ends, or likely ever again. Abramovich being involved with peace negotiations is admirable, but would be the strongest actual evidence anyone has yet offered that he is "close" or "has links" to Putin. He would not be involved in those talks unless he had influence. This really obviously is not going to be a successful basis to argue for sanctions to be removed. What it does, for the little it is worth, is show how moronic and contemptible anyone who demanded he and the club vocally condemn Putin is.
  23. Roman Abramovich and Chelsea FC : Sanctions

    It really depends what those different opinions are.
  24. Roman Abramovich and Chelsea FC : Sanctions

    It seems mental to me that any kind of contract like that could stick, though. Once one of them owns the club, surely they just own the club and can do what they want? I suppose none of us have a frame of reference for this kind of dealing, mind. I'll personally not feel particularly comfortable until we're a few years into a new owner without them being a sh*t show.
  25. Tammy Abraham

    I'm doing literally the opposite. You're welcome to have whatever made up argument it is you want with yourself. Like the the one where you imagine (and imagine really is the key word) that Abraham would be banging in goals in the PL at a different PL club. What is it about "Abraham wanted to play every weekend so left to do that" that seems so controversial to people?!