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  1. Transfer Talk Topic

    This window will be more about shifting out deadwood. We have a lot to shift out. Problem is our wage structure has some of this deadwood on high wages for their ability. This is another reason why I would have been against signing Ronaldo as he would up our wage structure. People might not see wage structure as a big deal but its the same reason why players like Drinkwater, Kepa and Barkley have been so hard to shift. As for the bids we have made so far, why did we put in a late bid for Richarlison? If he is a serious target why put in a last min bid when Tottenham are in an advanced position in the deal. Similar thing with Raphina. If these are serious targets then we should be putting ourselves in an advantage position especially against the likes of Arsenal and Tottenham. Those lot shouldn’t be beating us to targets. Are we just targeting these players so that our rivals won’t get them or are they really a serious targets? Anyway it looks like we are going to miss out on Richarlison, Dembele and Raphina. I wasn’t big on any of them, hopefully we can go for someone like Gerard Bowen. We will still need another no.9 though.
  2. Transfer Talk Topic

    Even though I am not a big fan of Richarlison I have a strange feeling he could be quite good here. Out of all our targets so far he suits what TT would like. Dembele would struggle with the amount of running needed in this league. He would be more injured than Pulisic. Having three injury prone wingers in CHO, Pulisic and Dembele would be a bit silly. Sterling, Richarlison and Raphina who we are linked with are all very good athletes with PL experience and complete a lot of sprints per game with a good injury record. I wouldn’t say any of them are technically amazing with Raphina being the best in that department but to me it looks like TT wants attackers that can do a lot of running. Slightly disappointed we haven’t gone in for Bowen as I think he’s the best wide attacker outside of the top six.
  3. Transfer Talk Topic

    It’s not only set pieces where it matters. 50/50 aerial duels/physical duels come into play a lot in this league. If you are weak at those in the midfield and defence then teams can go direct against you and get at you easily. He was crucial to our last two PL titles. Kind of says a lot that we haven’t come close to a PL title since he left and we still haven’t replaced him five years on. I would take a prime Matic right now.
  4. Transfer Talk Topic

    We need more height in this team. De Ligt, Koulibaly, Bremer and Webster we have been linked to. If it’s possible to get two of those players along with a tall physical DM like Rice it would be be good to add some height and physical attributes to the team. We have lost Rudiger and Lukaku going to be losing Alonso. Need some height and presence.
  5. Transfer Talk Topic

    At times he was frustrating but his delivery and final ball is pretty good. Especially when you compare it to the rest of the team. Unless we are buying another very creative passer then he’s better off staying. He’s actually good in the final third and in our build up play.
  6. Transfer Talk Topic

    That’s true I guess. But to lose three in the same window is a bit risky. That could be too much change happening. Pretty good stats. Plays for a team that suits his game so well in City. I think he may struggle at Arsenal tbh, Arteta knows his game though so it could work out. Arsenal are building quite a creative team with Saka, Odergard and Veira. They are also in for Tielemans apparently. They will be quite a good passing team next season. Luckily they have a poor defence though.
  7. Transfer Talk Topic

    So it looks like Ziyech is leaving and we might be offering Werner out too? I would have been happy with just Lukaku and Pulisic leaving but Werner and Ziyech seems like a mistake imo. I would keep both of those this season. Ziyech is our second best creator which is pretty good considering his mins and in a team that doesn’t create a lot of quality chances I wouldn’t exactly be letting him go. I really hope we don’t keep Pulisic over Werner and Ziyech. They offer more than Pulisic.
  8. Transfer Talk Topic

    So it seems like TT prefers De Ligt to Kounde. I don’t think we will be getting both. The fact that Kounde has been taking forever makes me think it’s not TT first choice and might not happen after all. Reports saying we have around £200M which makes sense. TT should play it smart with Sterling and go for him in January or next year summer . Don’t pay £50M for someone who’s contract expires in 12 months especially when they are 25+. My guess is Sterling would like the idea of coming back to London, he won’t choose Arsenal or Spurs over us if he’s really serious so I think it should be a deal we can get done for a good price if we convince him. Just not for £50M.
  9. Transfer Talk Topic

    Agree, Kepa transfer has to be the most clueless and suspicious for that price. Absolutely no doubt Kepa has done more for us than Lukaku but Kepa price was insane piece of business. When you look at the striker market you can see why Lukaku costs around that price and Man U also paid a price above £80M so it shows how expensive a striker can be. But in the GK market, a keeper like Kepa you can find for £20M or even less. His 7 year deal was also madness. That’s the worst transfer imo.
  10. Transfer Talk Topic

    It’s good that we are finally moving on. It now seems that TT has more control over who comes and who goes. So now we will see the players that he wants and hopefully a attacking system with identity for the next season. He’s getting a lot of backing here.
  11. A lot of insults being thrown his way but I think Lukaku is doing us a favour by leaving and making sure it’s before pre season. I’m pretty sure there would have been some people at this club that would have still wanted this to work for next season. Forcing him to stay and telling the manager to make it work. TT doesn’t want to play in a way that suits his strengths. This whole thing has been a waste of time. Probably shows that we need more football minded people at this club so that crap like this doesn’t happen again. I have no bad feelings towards him, just disappointed he gave up so early but when you look at everything, it’s for the best that he moves on so giving up was always going to happen the moment he realised he doesn’t suit us and that he made a mistake. I still wonder if his heart was ever in this move or if he listened to those around him especially considering Inter needed the money. He still finished our top scorer btw for those who think he’s a crap player, he clearly isn’t. I’ll still say he’s top ten strikers in the world right now.
  12. Transfer Talk Topic

    Pretty much a good description of him. I said it before that he’s not good in build up play and he’s going to frustrate a lot of fans here during the build up. His running into trouble is something he has similar to our other attackers. When I think about it , Sterling is sort of a hybrid of Werner and Pulisic. I also have a feeling City will be better off without him. I just hope he can add something here if he comes.
  13. Transfer Talk Topic

    Why not choose Jesus over Sterling. That’s what I am struggling to understand. When I look at how we play Jesus just seems a better fit. Sterling is an indecisive player who shares similarities to Werner. Sterling is just better on the ball and with ball control in wide areas. Both will get into good positions and will miss a ton of chances though. Jesus is more of a complete player on the ball and has moments of flair. He’s comfortable on both feet, can head quite well. He doesn’t run head down into trouble. Can play across the front 3 comfortably. I don’t know why people say Sterling can play false 9. I haven’t seen him play well there. I’m not a big fan of either but Jesus just makes more sense. I hope our scouting team have looked closely at Sterling physical stats each year. He’s done a lot of running and covered a lot of distance since he was 18 playing for Liverpool 10 years ago. I’m expecting him to start declining in the next two years. It’s bound to take its toll on him soon.
  14. Transfer Talk Topic

    I hope they won’t fall for a price that high for a player with 1 year left. They might be desperate to give TT a good first impression. If that’s the only attacker we get this season I will be extremely disappointed.
  15. Transfer Talk Topic

    The fee definitely won’t be £35M. Jesus is being quoted at £50m . Sterling is an English player so there’s gonna be a higher value added. My guess is around £65M. What would be best is we spend the summer convincing him to come then go for him in January for a very low price or next summer for free. This isn’t really a transfer I can get behind but if it’s what TT wants then I guess he should be backed. After this window we should be getting a DOF. I think we need one.